Bedouin soldiers champion universal draft
Ilana Curiel
Published: 01.07.12, 12:10
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1. But amazingly, all these anti-serve my country arabs all get
Patriotic Israeli ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (07.01.12)
bituach leumi checks. For doing nothing. Just like the people say of heredim. You want benefits? then serve! why should it be different for the arabs? LET THEM ALL DO NATIONAL SERVICE FOR THEIR OWN VILLAGES!!!
2. In the meantime
Raphael ,   Netanya   (07.01.12)
Tel Aviv night club revelers discover their sudden teshuvah, as they reach 17 1/2, hoping to dodge the draft as newborn haredim.
3. Has more right!
Z.Z. Coltrane ,   USA   (07.01.12)
These Bedouins' who proudly serve and protect Israel have more right to be in/part of the country than these, freeloading, Israelis (or Israeli Arabs) who won't serve. When the crap hits the fan, I'd want these Bedouins' watching my back, rather than the "Peace Now" trash, or any Israeli who won't sacrifice for the greater good and protection of Israel.
4. #1
Keren ,   IL-BR   (07.01.12)
In my opinion,they must do national service in Jewish towns also ,in the same way Jews must do national service in arab towns. This is also a way of ending their secretive enclaves where no Jew virtually enters.This must end. If there are arabs living and studying in towns of Jewish majority,where there is nothing to hide,so must be in these "arab"towns. I totally agree with the rest of your comment.
5. Which rights are denied?
chava ,   yerushalayim   (07.01.12)
"The government humiliates us and denies us our rights...." How? In what ways? Which rights are denied? (The government razes Jewish homes as well. Not a good thing, but not against only arabs.)
6. #3 total agreement
martin ,   uk   (07.01.12)
I served in the IDF and my "pluga" contained some Bedouin. Terrific guys and yes, we did trust each other implicitly I have been a guest with Druzim who served and Bedu, too.
7. And that includes the harideem
Haim ,   TA   (07.01.12)
Draft them or deport them
8. Draft
Edouard ,   Montreal Canada   (07.01.12)
9. #4 - YOU WIN :-) !!!
Patriotic Israeli ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (07.01.12)
10. Want = RIGHTS? Sign that you support the country and sign up
Equal Rights mean ,   EQUAL Responsibility   (07.01.12)
to serve in some capacity (ie: IDF or NATIONAL SERVICE). No SIGN? NO RIGHTS. End of discussion.
11. An addition to my #4
Keren ,   IL-BR   (07.01.12)
"This is also a way of ending their secretive enclaves where no Jew virtually enters.This must end. If there are arabs living,*WORKING* and studying in towns of Jewish majority,where there is nothing to hide,so must be in these "arab"towns. "
12. Mr Ibrahim al-Hurzeil Marmbrook Habibi
It's People Like You And The Honorable Druzes Who Should Be Sitting MK on The Knesset!!!!!!!!!!!! For You Are An example of Citizens who Honor and Respect Your Country and Government!!!! I would be proud To Dip My Bread In The Same Homus Bowl and Talk About our Familes And The Bright Future We Can Acheive Together!!! ברוך הא שם Inshallah
13. It worked for the settlers!
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.01.12)
Their houses are razed, and there are laws that discriminate against them explicitely as the state tramples over them. However, serving loyally and in the highest percentages has earned them the status and respect of the entire country and its government.
14. Correction To #12
Mr Ibrahim al-Huzeil.
15. #10
Keren ,   IL-BR   (07.01.12)
"No SIGN? NO RIGHTS" No rights to vote;no rights to be represented in the Knesset;no rights to social security;no rights to health provided by the state;no rights to free education,among other rights that Arabs have been enjoying in Israel as of now.
16. Democracy DEMANDS equal responsibility for equal rights.....
Yaacov ,   Israel   (07.01.12)
The age old way of buying votes in exchange for privileges has to stop and be replaced by a truly democratic system where the rights and responsibilities are the SAME for EVERYBODY. NOBODY should have special status just because they agreed to support someone’s coalition. This translates directly into BRIBERY and EXTORTION (for the religious) and PARASITISM (for the Arabs). ENOUGH! A true DEMOCRACY doesn't work like this. EVERYBODY (including Arabs) must serve the state in some way. Those who don't serve and give allegiance to the state cannot receive equal rights. That's not fair to everybody else.
17. Jews should know
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (07.01.12)
I support military service for arabs, as you can see, two sectors have already been serving since the country was established. They also still treated as second class citizens. Jews should know, in the same determination we fight to defent Israel from it's enemies, we will fight racist jews for our equal rights in our country.
18. Rami of Nazarath, Arabs should know.
Ben ,   Jerusalem   (07.01.12)
Rami, The day Arabs are serving equally as Jews, I will join you along with all good Jews in your struggle against Racist Jews (who have no place here!) and for equal rights. Equal Service must Equal Equal Rights!!!
19. #18
Keren ,   IL-BR   (07.01.12)
There are certain rights,innerent to a Jewish Nation-People and Land-that can not be compromised upon. Actually,the opposite is true:they must be more and more strengthened. And these aspects are related to land ,culture and religion. Israel is and always will be our land with our people ,culture and religion, more and more strengthened . This is a Principle ,and Arabs,and eventually others who have been living here,must know that and have that VERY CLEAR. Certain aspects that could be interpreted by them as rights,will never be fulfilled. Lets speak things the way they are by the start.
20. Rami #18 you know that I am no bigot
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (07.01.12)
I will defend your rights and the rights of every Israeli with my life if that what it takes. I do know that we have bigots that are Muslim, some that are Christian and many that are Jews. Why many Jews because we are the majority. That makes it my duty to stand up for the minority. I am against them all for the same reason. Denying your rights means that some day my rights might be denied as well. As for being treated as 2nd Class citizens - there I do draw the line. The government doesn't do that and we both know it. Do these proud veterans of the IDF get discriminated in the private sector? Hell yes they do and I am willing to do whatever I can to prevent that. I too want equality for all, that includes that all sectors of the population pay their taxes and do not skate either. Unfortunately that is not the case and we both know that too.
21. Hamdan - what makes it YOUR land?
William ,   Israel   (07.02.12)
As Bedouins, you move from land to land, using up its resources. That may be acceptable in the sparsely populated Ottoman Empire but not in today's environment, especially with issues of the environment and military training areas in the Negev. As Bedouin, your nomadic freedom is limited because of the tiny size of our State - a State in which you (and all people) receive equal opportunities and rights. However, just as I cannot pitch a tent in Park Tel Aviv and bring in livestock, you cannot do the same anywhere else in Israel. Bedouins in Jordan and Sinai have more flexibility but consider the conditions - harsh environments, NO access to infrastructure, and marginalized from society if not viewed as bandits or threats to the govt, as in Egypt. Cities have been built for Bedouin and even half-way negotiations to limit the areas for grazing have been offered by the govt. Sadly, it was rejected by Bedouin which shows, not so different than the Arab MKs show, that certain elements want nothing to do with Jews or Israel and forget (or ignore) the situation under Arab rulers today and yesterday. It's not a surprise that an older, wiser Bedouin, who knows the history of the State and the situation across the borders, will be for the IDF while younger ignorant, emotional Bedouins will decry the IDF.
22. #20 - you bring up a good point
William ,   Israel   (07.02.12)
There IS discrimination against those who serve the country. There are those Israeli Arabs who serve either in the IDF or National Service and receive threats or condemnation from their peers who have other agendas. Then there are those in uniform that are discriminated against in other places of society, like a Tel Aviv restaurant that refused them service, or a professor in Ben Gurion university who threw them out because "their uniform may be seen as a tool of oppression and incite violence".
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