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Plan aims to turn Haifa into 'the Barcelona of Israel'
Alphi Shauli
Published: 05.07.12, 10:48
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1. Why would Israel want to imitate virtually bankrupt Spain?
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.05.12)
I get the picture. We want Haifa to be a thriving world class port. But why would we want Haifa to be like Barcelona? Why would Israel want to imitate virtually bankrupt Spain? To say nothing of the leftist policies which ruined Spain's economy.
2. Barcelona, a world class city, full of class and life. Haifa
Barcelona Jew   (07.05.12)
Haifa, well.... please dont even embarrass yourselves to make such a comparison EVER again.
3. LOL number 2
Adam ,   Tell aviv Israel   (07.06.12)
that made my night
4. Very different!
Nel Sema ,   Spharad   (07.05.12)
Do you want to find differences between Barcelona and Haifa? Prepare your paper scroll: - Is the official language forbidden in Haifa? --> NO, but in Barcelona is. - Haifa is always fighting and threatening with separating from the rest of Israel? NO, but Barcelona does. - ... and many more. Please, don't seek to be like Barcelona!!
5. #2 Dont underestimate the Yehudim...30 years ago TLV was
Frank ,   USA   (07.05.12)
not much either...and look at it today. Please stay in Barcelona when you become jealous of Haifa.
6. Re: Haifa
Scarborough1414 ,   Scarborough, Ontario   (07.05.12)
When I was a kid, people said that Tel Aviv was the Israeli New York, big, bold, brash and in-your-face. The centre for commerce and publishing. Haifa was the Israeli San Francisco, a seaside town, more laid back, and very hilly (like Frisco). Now Haifa will be the Israeli Barcelona? Veddy interethting. Right-wingers, one should note, never liked Haifa, too many Arabs, and gasp! generally the two communities got along! Kol ha-kavod to Haifa! Long may its banner wave.
7. #5 No problem, I'll stay in Barcelona and you stay in the US
Barcelona Jew   (07.06.12)
8. #1 Chaim
Vlad   (07.06.12)
There is a difference between imitating architecture and city planning, and imitating economic policies.
9. Scarborough #6
Jake   (07.06.12)
"Right-wingers, one should note, never liked Haifa". Sorry, I disagree. I love it.
10. @6
Right Winger ,   Near Ontario   (07.06.12)
Excuse me, Habibi. I am a right-winger. My entire family comes from Haifa. In our houses we all have nice portraits of Menachem Begin, the "god-son" of the "god-father" Ze'ev Jabotinsky, of Israeli rightism. Please do not try to educate the world on false facts. We right wingers love Haifa. Being right wing does not mean we care if there are "too many Arabs" as you put it. So long as they live their lives in peace, and leave ours in peace. Which I can assure you for the most part does happen. As such we all coexist happily. We coexist as right wingers, left wingers, Bahai's, Arab Christians, Arab Muslims, etc... Perhaps it is you who needs a lesson in coexistence and tolerance, because your statement against right-wingers is rather divisive. Right wing can include anyone from Mofaz all the way to Baruch Marzel, and I assure the difference between these two "right-wingers" are miles apart. Even more ironic is the fact that nearly no politician in the wide spectrum of right today is anywhere near what Begin and Shamir were [a big shame], and still they're considered right, rightly [no pun intended] so. Next time you write, try to be more specific, or if you mean what you wrote, you should look in a mirror to see what intolerance looks like. Out of curiosity, do you even know what Haifa looks like? Have you ever lived in Haifa? Do you speak even wahat/ehad word in Arabic/Hebrew, or do you just spew geffah/zehvehl for fun?
11. Do it without project management
Goofy   (07.06.12)
It will save a lot of money and besides its the israeli way
12. Haifa vs Barcelona
iselin ,   Oalo, Norway   (07.07.12)
Haifa has a long way to go. We could barely eat a decent meal in Haifa (as non-meat eaters, gluten, dairy and soy intolerant)(thank you Restaurant Dolphin, our lifesaver), while we could eat well at the simplest tapas bar, and even the most expensive hotels can't compare to those in Barcelona.
13. Yes, we all know that there is not much to do in Haifa -
Elad Lending ,   Yahel, Israel   (07.07.12)
That's the reason for a DEVELOPMENT PLAN! It's really not that complicated.
14. Frank @ 6, Barcelona Jew is already jelous.
leo ,   usa   (07.07.12)
Why, do you think, is all this hissing.
15. Here is an idea.
leo ,   usa   (07.07.12)
Spain's economy is in very bad shape. To avoid any future comparison between two cities Israel should offer to buy almost all of famous buildings in Barcelona and transfer them to Haifa. Barcelona can keep "Sagrada Familia" of course. Win-win for both.
16. Barcelona Jew
Vlad   (07.09.12)
They're not talking about the Haifa of today. They're talking about the Haifa of 2017.
17. lol@Norway
me ,   thornhill   (05.16.13)
right, Haifa has a long way to go.. but there are a few people in this world who can't afford Dolphin to "save" their lives...
18. what are u all talking about?
me ,   thornhill   (05.16.13)
Haifa is a gem! i am here right now, always loved it, love it forever, looking forward to the port reconstruction.. took them decades.
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