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PA: Arafat's body can be exhumed over poison claim
Elior Levy, Reuters
Published: 04.07.12, 14:14
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1. Waste of Time!
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (07.04.12)
What a waste of time and money. We already know the results of any exhumation. of course they will find "proof" that Israel killed him. After all, the Palys and the PA have never let truth interfere with anything they say or do. Has anyone ever heard the concept that evidence has to be a under someone's control--a chain of evidence if you will. The clothes Suha provided--why now??? Where have they been and what about all the articles re: 1/2 lifes of them. IF there is radioactive material who knows where it came from? This whole thing is a joke!
2. As reported by Reuters: "“But he stressed that clinical...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (07.04.12)
... symptoms described in Arafat’s medical reports were not consistent with polonium-210 and that conclusions could not be drawn as to whether the Palestinian leader was poisoned or not”. Despite this learned observation, some have already concluded, based on non-facts, that Israel is behind his death, and will attempt to retaliate, e.g. blow up a bus full of Jewish children in the streets of Jerusalem, or a coffee shop on the Med. Sea shore in Tel-Aviv, full of patrons... Sadly, this is how some "communicate" in the Med. East...
3. Interesting...
PaulZion ,   Israel   (07.04.12)
& 7 years after he dies, they find polonium in his clothes. I bet his clothes were kept in a sterile environment for 7 years and protocol for chain of evidence was observed at all times. Yeah, Right! Obviously there is no way that the polonium was planted after his death. I mean, 7 years is not enough time to do something like that. Interesting that the hospital could not identify radioactive poisoning, even though the case of Litvinenko was known to all.
4. this might end up hurting the PA
zionist forever   (07.04.12)
If the body is exhumed and no signs of poison are found there will be conspiracy theories and Abbas probably accused of hiding the truth at the request of the Israelis & Americans. If the body is exhumed and poison is found in the system then of course Israel will be blamed which will probably lead to terror attacks and if there are terror attacks Israel will respond with force. The PA top brass will of course also be accused of knowing the truth all along and trying to cover it up for 8 years. Abbas should have tried to just brush off these latest claims made excuses like we will not desecrate Arafat's body something like that and told Suha if she wants to continue to receive her $1 million a year pension paid by western taxpayers then she will openly support his position. The man has been dead for nearly 8 years now all Abbas needed to do was try ride out the current demands for the body to be dug up and everybody would have got over it.
5. If he was poisoned it was most likely
Eli ,   Jerusalem   (07.04.12)
a bad falafel! Cleanliness is next to Godliness and the PA was just too far from God!
6. Arafat
Miriam ,   Miami   (07.04.12)
ex-guerrilla? How about ex-Terrorist
7. arafat death
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (07.04.12)
8. top terrorist categorized as top leader what a farce
moti ,   usa   (07.04.12)
9. AIDS killed arafat
Harry ,   America, USA   (07.04.12)
it is widely known that AIDS killed the terrorist arafat. Any other proposed cause of death is wishful thinking.
10. Does anyone actually care?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.04.12)
11. Anti Israel histery at any price
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (07.04.12)
Since last autumn, after Abbas failed in the UN recognition, a few month of tranquility happened. It was actual for the arabs to create a new scandal at any prices, no problem how ridicolous is it. Next accusations will be a misterious israel made illness among palestinian camels.
12. 10-No, I've a dental appointment.
Ypip ,   Canada   (07.04.12)
13. How Many People Did He Murder?
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (07.04.12)
How many people died because of this hateful evil man? Let his soul burn in Hell.
14. Po 210
Ali Clark ,   Scot   (07.04.12)
Breaks down to Po 206 by releasing an alpha particle(a helium ion) .I'd bet my last quid that any scientist worth his salt could work out how long ago and how much po 210(also purity indicating where it may have come from), was used.I'd also like to say being rude and disrespectful of the dead is disgusting and contemptible.I hope for the talk backers that are full of ridicule no Po 210 is found because its not something that is easily obtainable and an Israeli has already had Po 210 on his hands.
15. ewwww gross
Simon   (07.04.12)
16. Still Hope It Was AIDS.
David H ,   Marietta US   (07.04.12)
If ever there was a more deserving character it was the late YA. At least we know it was a long, slow, horrible demise.
17. Arafat Palonium 210
EAM ,   Israel   (07.04.12)
Let the sleeping dog lie (pun intended)!!!!
18. 14#..Arafat had a lot of chemical residue from
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (07.04.12)
spent terrorist bombings...that killed thousands of Jews. I love spitting in a disgusting dead murderers face myself....I feel its only appropriate for his crimes against innocent Jews. With Gutless scum like Arafat around...someone has to have the guts to tell the put a piece of trash where it belongs. Arafat was dumpster child from birth.
19. When they find out it is AIDS, they will lie.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (07.04.12)
20. Arafat' and polonium-210
ltrail ,   United States   (07.04.12)
The use of POL-210 is the modus operandi (signiature) of Russian agents. If Arafat was indeed poisioned, it well could have been a plot by Russia to start another war in Israel. Russia would use any and every method to continue hostilities against Israel. Perhaps Russia had hoped that the POL-210 would have been discovered at the time it affected Arafat; but was not discovered.
21. Poor Yassir.
nibor ,   israel   (07.04.12)
How many innocent men, women and children's deaths can he take responsibility for. I am sure he wasn't assassinated, and it is remarkable he made it to 75, considering who he was. He was an obstacle to peace!
22. Deserved to Die.
Genesis ,   South Africa   (07.04.12)
Arafat deserved to die for all the hundreds of murders he committed where not only Jews died. I am glad he died, I would be happier to know he was murdered (as he did to others) and I would be overjoyed if it actually was the Mossad or Shin Bet who did it ! Whatever the outcome you can be sure they will lie about it. This action is all about taking the focus off their other problems !!!! As always......AM YISRAEL CHAI !!!!!
23. If it was polonium ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.04.12)
.... then why did he still have a beard? Remember what Litvinenko looked like? The first thing that goes as a result of high-dose radioactive poisoning is hair. That said -- who cares how or at whose hands that monster died? He's dead. The world is thus a far better place. That is all that matters.
24. No. 18 Steve Wilson
NYC Girl   (07.04.12)
While, obviously, the overwhelming majority of Arafat's victims were Israelis, he was also behind the death of Cleo Noel, the American charge d'affaires in Khartoum, who, at the time, was the highest-ranking African American official in the State Department.
25. No. 14 Ali Clark
NYC Girl   (07.04.12)
Does your rule about not speaking ill of the dead extend to every murderous bastard who dies...or do you happen to have a special fondness for the malevolent Yasser Arafat?
26. Mr. Clark # 14
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (07.04.12)
Do you think that the world should stop being rude and disrespectful of Adolph Hitler just because he is dead? Neither Hitler or Arafat is worthy of respect.
27. The gold digger is back!
Cynthia ,   USA   (07.04.12)
But Suha was the last person alone with Arafat. She refused an autopsy and would not let PA officials see Arafat. She stayed long enough to squeeze a 22 million per year allowance out of the PA. Suha also refused to make the hospital findings public. If the hospital associated cause of death to poisoning, they would have been required to open a criminal investigation and this was not a factor. Suha is no doubt on a quest for cash and publicity.
28. #27. You are correct. Suha controlled EVERYTHING connected
Harry Wright ,   UK   (07.04.12)
with Arafat's last days to his funeral. SHE has an agenda for sure...coming with this story after 8 years when she had everything at her disposal all that time. So what she wants now, more money when the PA is screaming broke?
29. the earth has been rotting long enough, get it out of there
nahum514 ,   eilat israel israel   (07.05.12)
cannot afford to pay wages but have an expense account for this hahahahahahashahahahahahaha
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (07.06.12)
the heck out of Plais and Abu Mazen. My guess is that they will start suing Shusa for all the money she is keeping. It was a well paid jobs for years.
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