Rewriting the Arafat story
Alex Fishman
Published: 05.07.12, 00:02
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1. Mossad should pay a little visit to the French hospital
Vlad   (07.05.12)
And reveal to the world that Arafat died of AIDS.
2. with all the aids med why would multi millionaire arafat
abdalla   (07.05.12)
Die? He would have the loot for treatment. But we do have motive for assanations
3. just an other pali circus.
les ,   canada   (07.05.12)
absolutely vlad. dieing of aids can not be made "dignified"! the pals would be furthere ahead by trying to get the tens of millions back from the merry widow.
4. Arafat's personal doctor statement
Joe ,   Canada   (07.05.12)
A few years back, Youtube carried a video (now seemingly withdrawn) in which Arafat's personal doctor was stating that tests in the french hospital had shown he had suffering from AIDS.
5. It's just an excuse
Barak ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.05.12)
This is just an excuse to hate us. It doesn't need to be believable, just so long as it provides then with a justification for their hate. The Vatican has said for generations that every Jew that has ever been and ever will be killed Jesus. People know the accusation is preposterous, but that didn't stop the pogroms.
6. just looking @ arafat's picture made e think
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (07.05.12)
he was really ugly even as a baby! no lie can dignify that face!
7. The chain of evidence.
Matt   (07.05.12)
Do we have to put him back.
8. What's AIDS????
Moshe ,   USA   (07.05.12)
Yasser loved his body guards and his little boys...he was the Mufti's cousin and was initiated into the homosexual coven early in life. Apparently he didn't go in for condoms when when the "going" got rough.
9. Israel killed him
X   (07.05.12)
Plo Will ask un for an international commission to investigate the killing of Arafat, as it was done for Hariri. Israel must applaud the request and participate to this investigation for the truth to be known. Will Israel do that ? Or ?
10. One does have to ponder,.......
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (07.05.12)
...if the goat has left any testament of what really occured. So what? the hiv/AIDS thingy is now open for revision? I'm telling ya'. The truth is out there. Cue: Mulder's theme music.
11. Who cares! He's been dead for 8 years.
8th Generation Sabra   (07.05.12)
12. He died of AIDS
Jewish Patriot ,   Galut   (07.05.12)
It is very obvious, that's why the so called "palestinians" are trying to re-write history once again. Like always.
13. Fishman the incompetent
Ben Alofs ,   Bangor, UK   (07.05.12)
The French physicians in whose care Yasir Arafat tried to establish the cause of his illness. Abu Ammar was tested for a number of poisons, but not for polonium-210. He was also tested for AIDS. In order to die of AIDS one needs to be HIV positive. The French medical report states explicitly that AIDS and poisoning as a cause of death was ruled out, but Fishman hasn't picked up on that. He is still selling the AIDS story without offering any proof. Fishman, it is quite easy to "resolve this radioactive mystery". Wait until the analysis on the remains of Abu Ammar have been completed. If abnormal levels of unsupported polonium-210 would be found in the remains, it would establish beyond doubt that Arafat was murdered by polonium-210. Fishman, learn from Al Jazeera. There they still practice old fashioned, dogged investigative journalism. Ynet, you really need to do something and elevate the standard of what qualifies as fit to print. There are far too many pieces that are only fit for the trash can. This is one of them.
14. Poor Palestinians
Veronique ,   Israel   (07.05.12)
The poor Palestinians haven't been in the news for a very long time. Between the Arab spring, the Iranians bomb scare, and Syria they haven't been the darlings of the press and they are quite forgotten, so this is the latest in trying to capture the minds of news readers around the world. This also focuses the minds of the Palestinian public on the supposed outrages of the Israelis instead of the incompetent management of the Palestinian economy and international affairs - like signing a Peace process (that would stop even further the pouring of money into Palestinian coffers).
15. but ofcourse..
pink elephant   (07.05.12)
they blame Israel- who else?? poor palestinians...
16. Even his brother Arabs hated him. King Hussein said there is
no bridge Arafat has not double crossed. Syria called him a dog and the son of 200 whores.The Egyptian thief was a liar, persecuted & murdered his own,robbed his alleged people blind. He played off one group against another, ran a corrupt bunch of cronies who were his administration. He admitted in a SA Mosque that he did not want peace aand had the blood of countless Israelis on his hands. The BBC's Barbra Plett wept as he left his Palace for France and the Naturei Karta prayed for him.,with equal sucess. Life President Arafat.!
17. to 4
nusa   (07.05.12)
when the woman died some of her family said it is a strage virus which destroy her vital aparatus lastly make subcutanouse bleeding as iam a CP, i astonished they mean AIDS but i know the woman and she suffred from ca, and had chemical therapy but her family kept silence about this even after her death then i asked a sr, of oncology and an expert one he said yes there is agresive chemical treatment that make loss of the imunity then any virus as that of influanza may kill the person ... god say any one tell a truth he will get his mercy - so i said
18. TO 12
SURAAAA   (07.05.12)
19. TO 16
20. Billions disappear?
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (07.05.12)
While they investigate Arafat's death, let them also demand back the five to six billion dollars Arafat allegedly stashed away in French and Swiss banks. Arafat may be buried, but the money is still there to help the Palestinian people.
21. Conspiracy theories
Danny ,   London England   (07.05.12)
The Arab media love conspiracy theories. If Israel wanted Arafat dead he would have been gone many years before that day in Paris. Whatever he died from, AIDS or anything else, it wasn't caused by Israel. Exhuming his corpse is not going to help.
22. All leaders had problems:
Lenin died of sifilis. Hitler had only one ball, etc.
23. @ 13
Shimon ,   Cincinnati, USA   (07.05.12)
An AIDS test can be negative in the advanced stages of AIDS due to the immune system being overwhelmed and the antibody producing T-cells being destroyed through viral reproduction. More specific testing has to be done as to viral load, etc. I'm sure that by now if the Mossad wanted to know what was and wasn't in his medical chart, it would have obtained that information. The man is dead. The only reason existing to know the cause of death is the Hamas/etc. disinformation campaign.
24. Learn From Al Jazeera?
Steve F ,   Bronx, NYC   (07.05.12)
Yours was one of the funniest comments I've read in a long time...Learn from Al Jazeera? Why would one need to learn such anti-Western hate mongers? I hear it every day from the likes of Iran's Achmadinijad and Hamas' Haniyah.
25. Arafat is father of murderous terror movement.
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.05.12)
Arafat is no "father of a nation". He is simply a very ugly, cowardly and sadististic father of a murderous terror movement.
26. #2 abdalla
solomon ,   bklyn   (07.05.12)
Their are medications for AIDS but no cure.
27. The UN investigate killing Arafat
Isabella ,   Tampa USA   (07.06.12)
Don't make me laugh. The UN couldn't do anything honestly. They are just as corrupt as the PA.
28. Arafat and Karma.
Aviva ,   Israel.   (07.06.12)
Even if he was poisoned for all the vile evil things he did in this life. He and his gorgeous wife. Suha stole billions of dollars. That should have gone to their own people. What goes around comes around !!
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