Netanyahu promises universal draft
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 04.07.12, 22:57
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1. Will Egged be the first to feel the boycott?
Or will it be resort areas, pools and attractions for the summer run by chilonim?
2. Charedim don’t dodge the draft,
Milhouse   (07.04.12)
and most chilonim who want out don’t dodge it either; they get out legally. The fact is that the number of chilonim who avoid conscription is equal to or greater than the number of Bnei Torah who do so. Why is he choosing to apply the law of criminal files only against the chareidim? shouldn’t this law apply to chiloni who get out "legally"?
3. Just what we don't need: Israeli Arabs
Reuven   (07.04.12)
with guns!
4. Nobody
Dan   (07.04.12)
still believes BIBI
5. Those learning Torah full-time are not only ‘serving’
Ido   (07.04.12)
Those learning Torah full-time are not only ‘serving’ but keeping the entire world in existence!! The idea of getting them to stop learning in order to join the IDF is as absurd as wanting to remove your head from your neck and transplant it to the end of your arm in order to help out your hands
6. 3500 years ago all tribe participated in securing the land..
Roy Galutia ,   Selah   (07.04.12)
under Joshua ALL tribes participated in securing the land of milk and honey.... today should be no different !
7. They can clean the streets and plant trees
AMERICAN HINDU ,   USA   (07.05.12)
No reason why the Hassidic Jews cannot do social work along with the Arabs if for some reason they cannot take up a gun and fight. They can pick the garbage, plants forests and help the agricultural sector that seems to lack unskilled laborers.
8. #6 3500 years ago all Jews were shomer shabbat
Y Friend   (07.05.12)
all Jews kept all mitzvot. Now that's the difference! Secular Zionist are not even aware that Jews have mitzvot other than settling the land of Israel.
9. No brainer
PK ,   Northern Israel   (07.05.12)
The haredim are more interested in defending god's laws than in defending Israel's borders and her citizens. Willingly putting guns into the hands of religious fanatics (whatever their faith) would simply be a recipe for disaster. On the other hand I can see no reason whatsoever why the haredim cannot perform national services in their own communities, and then hopefully further afield. The same applies to arab citizens of Israel. As part of the social contract between this state and her citizens, all able-bodied and able-minded adults are required to donate a portion of their time and effort to the well-being of their shared country. All of Israel's citizens are destined to share the same collective future, security and (hopefully) happiness, so they must all therefore share the same responsibility in achieving this. Whether through military service or through national service, the target is the same: to make this place the best place it can be. And who can possibly argue with that? One country, one law, no exemptions.
10. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
Haim ,   TA   (07.05.12)
We heard it all before BB lacks the balls to stand up to the right wing religious extremists, well if he the people will.
11. to milhouse 2 and ido 5
l ,   israel   (07.05.12)
to milhouse # 2: your facts are incorrect. the number of chilonim who don't serve is not equal to or great to the number of charedim who don't serve. it is much less. moreover, the chilonim who don't serve do not to so legally, they do so ILLEGALLY and that is the point. they face jail time for doing so unless they circumvent conscription with medical documents testifying to their impaired psychiatric state or they can do like bar rafaeli and get married (applied only to females)..and while rafaeli did indeed marry just to dodge, and subsequently divorced, that is different. on the one hand the law ALLOWS charedim to learn instead whereas in rafaeli's case the law DOES NOT ALLOW it, so she had to go to the trouble of lying and marrying and divorcing. the chilonim who lie to avoid conscription are despicable, but the charedim are different as in their case the government is complicit (and they are despicable too). to ido #5: the existence of people like you in this world truly saddens me. i can only hope that you please refrain from calling the police or the army or an ambulance if your home/wife/family is ever attacked, just save us the trouble and call your local rabbi to pray for you and learn torah instead. in sum, if you two are so intent of the charedim NOT serving, then so be it, let them not serve, let them read books all day. the army doesn't need them and i'm glad for them to read all day. just one thing though, please pay for them to do so and to not work and to sustain their yeshivot. because the country DOES need the millions of shekels which it disperses to the yeshivot in order to sustain a people who don't serve or work. so no service = no government funding. doesn't get more simple than that.
12. Bibi promises
Observer ,   Tel-Aviv, Israel   (07.05.12)
But he NEVER promises to keep his promises.
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