Mofaz to 'give PM more time' to resolve draft crisis
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 05.07.12, 09:19
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1. Mofaz is a child with a big ego -
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (07.05.12)
"will not carry out his threat to quit the coalition following Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's decision to dissolve Plesner Committee". Excuse me, but a real man wouldn't threat or quit until due process (that means seeing the results). Also what is this talk of quitting when you only just got into this position - did Mofaz think he had that much power from this position - he needs to think again.
2. all the tel avivi's
su ,   jerusalem   (07.05.12)
i am haredi. 2 of my sons went into fighting units of the army. they spoke to me how very few tel aviv residents serve in fighting units. most came from outlying cities and "yishuvim"-something going on here. check it out.
3. Barak & Mofaz 2 losers doing the dirty job for Bibi
Chaim   (07.05.12)
Barak to destroy Jewish homes Mofaz to destroy Judaism altogether
4. So, wo is gong to sell out first?
David ,   Karml, Israel   (07.05.12)
Will Bibi sell out to the Hardim or will Mofaz sell hi soul to Bibi or will Liebeman conveniently "forget" that he gave written support to the Miluimnikim Protest? Whatever the outcome one thing is certain. Bibi "Zigag" Netayahu (ZigiBibi) will do ANYTHING to ensure that he remains Prime Minister and what ever "deal" he makes, it will cost the people of Israel dearly!
5. who believed that Mofaz would quit the coaltion
laurence bentolila ,   Israel   (07.05.12)
He is so full of himself and so greedy for power that he would never quit the coalition and the unique opportunity to be vice-prime...He and his party are nothing without Bibi, so he will make a lot of noise and do nothing. Typical , no ?
6. Pray for Israel with leaders like Bibi, Barak and Mofaz
Rachel ,   US   (07.05.12)
Can you find anyone more useless?
7. #6. Israel's "leaders" scare me more than her enemies.
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.05.12)
#6 Rachel. You are, unfortunately, right on target. Right now, Israel doesn't have a single leader with the guts to clearly and unequivocally say "NO" to even the most destructive demand. Most of the destruction, Israel has suffered in recent years, was inflicted by Israel's leaders. Not her enemies. This includes Israel's lunatic retreats from South Lebanon, Gaza, Oslo, Disengagement, freeing terrorists and on and on. Israel's "leaders" scare me more than her enemies.
8. Mofaz is a wimp
Janet Saucer   (07.05.12)
Mofaz is a wimp and would never leave the seat once he got it. Everything else is deception; it's the seat dummy.
9. Mother was right
Steve Harrington ,   Teaneck   (07.05.12)
When I was a kid, and talking big, my mother put me in my place, "Those that talk don't do, those that do don't talk." Lesson learned. Mofaz talks...
10. Mofaz and More Time
Lynn ,   Knoxville USA   (07.05.12)
More time? And what other options does this so-called leader of an imploding party have? Mofaz will be like Livni, a footnote of Israeli political history, although Livni might possibly be politically resuscitated by another loser with a big ego, Ramon. Losers of the "left."
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