UNHRC to probe Israeli settlements
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Published: 06.07.12, 23:15
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1. Pakistan? The country that gave refuge to Bin Laden?
Cynic ,   USA   (07.06.12)
2. Delegates
Belinda ,   Texas, USA   (07.06.12)
I'm SO sick of this crap! Who gave ANYONE the right to decide how Israel affects people in their OWN country! How about rest of the world go see how Pakistan, Iran, Jordan, Egypt & the rest of the middle east treats FOREIGNERS in their countries!
3. Oh, hell no!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.06.12)
With Jews being persecuted in France, and given the particularly vile and disgusting "human rights" practices in Islamist Pakistan -- not to mention that well-known bastion of freedom and democracy, Botswana (LOL!) -- the UNHRC can go fly a proverbial kite (I could have used saltier language; in fact I was sorely tempted to do so, but I am determined to excercise restraint). Israel is a sovereign state, and doesn't have to allow entrance to anyone deemed undesirable, and the UNHRC is a priori undesirable.
4. Probe THIS!!!
NYC Girl   (07.06.12)
Why the hell aren't these people in Syria probing? Their hypocrisy is astounding.
5. Give them an Israeli answer
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (07.06.12)
Bar them from any part of Israel.
6. How about appointing a delegate from Iran also?
jack ,   San Diego, USA   (07.06.12)
7. a panel for israel only????
but not for syria after assad tortured and murdered 14,000 people in cold blood? interesting considering that syria has not even been mentioned for probing by this un body. my god, but we live in orwellian world here. by the way, syria just applied for the position of sitting on the human rights counsel in 2013. they will also get it. amazing, isn't it????
8. I would not welcome them to Israel.
Israeli 2   (07.06.12)
They have the audacity to even announce in advance their intentions. Kick them back to where they came from.
max ,   washington dc   (07.06.12)
The United nations "UN"- Humanrights Council, composed of many countries that are killing and repressing the Human Rights of their own citizens should be granted a Visa to visit Israel after they first visit countries like Syria, Iran, Iraq, Saudia Arabia and the others that treat women as cattle.
10. About that UNHRC probe,.....
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (07.06.12)
...may I suggest a fitting pl ace for a probe for those worthies? Their well known proclivities for "alternative" outlets for affection indicates that a really BIG probe should be selected. If, IF the UNHRC plans on investigating the Israeli settlements, it is firstly imperative that they tune their radios to the FM channel. Yes yelidim. FM. EFF EM!!!! And the diseased gamelim they rode in on.
11. Scandal
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (07.06.12)
Are not millions starving in the world ? Has the UN not enough real problems to cope with ? Syria, Iran, Turkey, China, Somalia ? So much money has the UN, paid by the member countries taxpayers, that can pay these three persons for their absolute unnecessary activities ?
jerry1800 ,   s`Gravenhage   (07.06.12)
donĀ“t let them in am yisrael chai
13. Another UN lynch-mob
Jane ,   UK   (07.06.12)
The history and known anti-Israeli stance of all members of this UN commission shows that the result is predetermined, as with all issues pertaining to Israel. The mandate's failure to address any violations by the Palestinian side speaks volumes. The only victims it contemplates are Palestinians, the only perpetrator, Israel. It is another anti-Israel, UN lynch-mob. The entire agenda is based upon a resolution co-sponsored by the Arab and Islamic groups, that omits any reference to Arab terrorism against Israeli civilians, including the hundreds of rockets fired recently from Gaza and Sinai into Israeli towns and villages.
14. Send Bashar al Assad ...
GZLives   (07.06.12)
Silly UN that's become an international upside down toilet of hypocrisy. You can take your resolutions and wipe your international diplomatic butts
15. I believe
Daniela ,   Panama   (07.06.12)
Israel has the right to refuse the Un investigation. The problem is that we,Jews,try to be more politically correct than anybody else, and we try to please everybody. Well, it is time we do what is on our best interest and forget all those that judge us without having themselves the same values they want to apply when judging us. Good shabes
16. Re: My post at No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.06.12)
First paragraph, penultimate word: should be "exercise." Apologies to all.
17. Serve U.N. with legal proof Judea/Samaria are ours.
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.06.12)
We've long had incontrovertible legal proof Judea and Samaria belong to Israel. From some of the finest international law experts. Yet Israel's government keeps it in the dark. We could end this sick charade, but Israel's government allows our enemies to continue it. There is no sane reason. Nothing could be simpler than serving the U.N., E.U., all world governments, media and religious body with proof Judea and Samaria are ours. We wouldn't win over Jew haters, of course. However, we would enormously improve our position, stengthen our self respect, encourage our friends and expose our enemies for the hateful racists they are.
18. A joke
Beary White ,   Norway   (07.06.12)
It is time for the islamic UN to appoint some delegations to go to the strip and see how the islamic terror-cult hamass make life a hell for non-islamic believers in special. Then UN should delegations should go to islamic countries in Africa with sharial-laws and make some reports... UN should take a piss and dissolve itself. It is completely biased with leftist and islamic supporters..And Israel will always be the scapegoat, forever..
19. for israel only
observer ,   Egypt   (07.06.12)
because Israel acts uniquely in this aspect.
20. more absurd than a monty python skit
Barney ,   USA   (07.06.12)
but not funny. up is down and down is up. it must be the apathy of sane people vs the fanaticism of fanatics that allows this kind of stuff to go on.
21. Why bother? The results will be the same anti semitic
Bad Ased Jew ,   United States   (07.06.12)
crap they always manage to 'find'. Meanwhile as millions of muslims murder other muslims, all these idiots can focus on is Israel? HIlarious, in a oft repeated sick fashion.
22. UNHRW has discredited itself on more than one occasion.
leo ,   usa   (07.06.12)
Why Israel is still dealing with them cannot be understood by any rational logic.
23. UN Human sh't Council
Michael ,   Toronto.Canada   (07.06.12)
Where rep . from Iran,Syria and N.Korea?Without these Reps don't let them in.
24. UNHRC should probe
David ,   On this planet   (07.06.12)
The Palestinian authority, what are they doing with the money they receive from the world to take care of their people. Israel is not responsible for the people who are supported by the EU, the UN, the Arab world and the rest of the anti Jewish crowd
25. 3 UN "experrts": one French anti-semite, a Pakistani and....
Anyone surprised? ,   NO   (07.06.12)
and Mustafa from Uraguay.. Don't ya love the UN?
26. People, you didn't get it yet
tiki ,   belgium   (07.06.12)
The UN and all it's affiliates work only for the ''Palestinians'' and its cause. That's their job. UN special meetings, UN special sessions, UN urgent sessions, UN special investigation teams, UNHRC, UNWRA, UNESCO, UN special urgent international delegations...., ALL busy with the 'special needs of the precious "Palestinians". Now, do we understand why the UN can't be bothered to worry about anythingthing else in this world? They just don't have the time.
27. ***Sarah***at 3, That was a good one, but
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (07.06.12)
I personally prefer your saltier ones ! As you might say...oh well...
28. #11 istvan - agreed
solomon ,   bklyn   (07.06.12)
They should write the report without going. It will be the exact same garbage as if they went, but would save money, time and trouble.
29. Why not also a turkish humanrightnik?
Raphael ,   Netanya   (07.07.12)
They are the most experienced government in ME concerning human rights violations: Armenian genocide, kurdish massacres, ethnic cleansing of North Cyprus, etc...No UNHCR commission did ever investigate these crimes.
30. Wont cooperate
Art ,   Australia   (07.07.12)
Why would you not want the world to see that you are treating the Palestinians humanely? Or are you hiding something?
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