Ethiopian shares story of racist assault on Facebook
Ahiya Raved
Published: 08.07.12, 12:50
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1. Racist Assault
sara   (07.08.12)
Blame Bibi and the rest of the government for this rise in racism. We are flooded with illegals who bring crime and fear to our streets. Now people are afraid of anyone with dark skin~this is a horror! Israel is a Jewish state, demand our government act accordingly or resign. When Jews are assaulted because the government has no ba!!$ it is a clear sign to take action at the voting box.
2. the police
nadav ,   tlv   (07.08.12)
this is outrageous! i am speechless... I hope they find the cops that did this and fire them and/or put them in jail!
3. ethiopian racist assult.
Brett Levene ,   London   (07.08.12)
the israeli policeman should be brought to question, this racist abuse is unacceptable and unwelcome in israel.
4. Another bs story is making the news...
Frank ,   USA   (07.08.12)
5. To No1
Bertram ,   London, UK   (07.08.12)
Your argument appears to go something like this: 1. There are many illegal immigrants in Israel. 2. They come from Africa and are dark-skinned. 2. Some of them commit crimes and people are afraid of them.. 3. Israeli Jews of Ethiopian descent are also dark-skinned. 4. Therefore we cannot be surprised if police assault Ethiopian Israeli Jews. 5. Rather, the blame lies with the government for not stopping illegal immigration. Have I got this right?
6. The fruit of Kadima
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (07.08.12)
During Sharon's violent ethnic cleansing and Olmert's Amona action, the government, the courts, the Attorney General and Police investigation all applauded illegal police behavior including violence against innocent women and children. Thanks to the Kadima junta, the police became a violent gang that attacks anyone who is not a Leftist or European foreigner. Criminals, Haredi, Zionists, Arabs, poor people and of course Ethiopian Jews, are all potential victims.
7. Racist attacks unacceptable but...
Ivan ,   South Africa   (07.08.12)
befor we judge lets hear both sides of this story.
8. A Jew does this to another Jew?
Jonathan ,   Indonesia   (07.08.12)
I am sick to the stomach that an Israeli policeman tells a fellow Jew to "go home to Africa..." Words fail me...... I pray their is forgiveness in the heart of this man and all perpertrators of intolerance are both punished and educated into why Jews make Aliya
9. Bimero, you're not alone, we support you
Yossef   (07.08.12)
Racism in Israel is the worst plague we have to deal with. My brother, don't give up, were are the same family, but there are people in our family who still need to be educated or sent to jail, it depends. I always enjoy the variety of skin colors in our people, but I have to say that pink/white is the worse ;-)
10.  brutal police in every society but Israel better than most
Richard ,   Atlanta, USA   (07.08.12)
11. If true, fire the officer and prosecute him
David N. ,   Haifa, ISRAEL   (07.08.12)
I hope that it is noticed, and noticed well, that most public comment in Israel is sympathetic to the Israeli from the Ethiopian community. No society can rid itself of all bigots and bastards, but how a society deals with such incidents as this is critically important. Almost every comment I have heard privately and out and about where I live is condemning of the policeman involved. The officer should be given a fair hearing, but if found guilty, he should be fired AND prosecuted!
12. D &D?
Joe ,   New York, USA   (07.08.12)
I don't doubt Mr. Bimero's account and it was courageous of him to go public with his accusations. Still, my experience has been that most people who leave a pub at 5 a.m. are stoned.
13. 'Arab' & 'Russian' not races
David N. ,   Haifa, ISRAEL   (07.08.12)
I noticed a list in the artice: "Arabs, Sudanese, Russians or Ethiopians." Prejudice against Sudanese, or Israelis from Ethiopia, might be colour-oriented. But Arabs are not a race. As for the term "Russian," what is meant? Jews from mostly the Ukraine, not Russia, who are Israelis? Or the various Slavic relatives, only some of whom are ethnic Russians, of Jews from the former Soviet Union who were entitled to immigrate to Israel with their Jewish husbands, wives, parents, etc,? If you mean "Russian-Speakers," then say so! Perhaps you mean "culturalism" or "ethnocentricism" but not racism? In any case, Bimero was treated cruelly and inhumanly by a brutish thug who probably mistreats all kinds of people.
14. here we go!!
Eritrean ,   Eritrea   (07.08.12)
it sounds as a prove of israel only for the white Jews, not for the rest colors, Jews multi-culturalism openly failed! may be we are heading to hear Israel only for white Jews, like of the ministry interior man who considered him self as white man while he is an arab man, as he said Israel is a white mans land and forgot the word Jews and proved his color dispute!! poor Israel i wonder to whom may belong!! i wonder who is a Jew or its a myth??
15. It's ironic to watch
common_sense   (07.08.12)
how talkbackers and facebookers accept this story on face value. Where is your critical thinking? What if the dude is [gasp] lying or not telling the whole truth, what if in fact they were not acting like sober. law-abiding citizens while leaving a nightclub at 5 am in the morning in the middle of a scuffle? Is it so far-fetched to allege?
16. Re: # 1
G ,   New York, USA   (07.08.12)
To "Sara": Wow, your idiocy astounds me. I'm genuinely glad that more people don't share your dangerously stupid, and extremely misinformed views.
17. Too often...
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.08.12)
I'm glad that this particular attack made the major news media. It is not, by any stretch of the imagination, the only case it point. That Ethiopian Jews are attacked regularly is a fact. Rarely do we hear about it in public. It is about time! Thank you Jajao Bimaro for publicizing this.
18. The real problem
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (07.08.12)
Is that we have a Judicial Dictatorship. The police and the judges have created an environment where the actions of the police are never questioned, nor are the police accountable. They are encouraged to assault Haredim and take away their basic civil rights and the worst that ever happens is a slap on the wrist and told that they are bad boys. This is a total outrage and unacceptable and again nothing will be done to the police and their criminal activities. They should be arrested and held for assault and spend a long time in jail for their crimes.
19. Ethiopian Jews...
Lenya ,   Australia   (07.08.12)
enlist in Israel's armed forces while many Israelis from other nations....are doing everything to dodge their responsibilities. Why is it wrong for a black Jew to be out and about at any hour of the day and Israel a democratic country? The color of ones skin shouldn't be a cause for police brutallity.
20. :^(
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.08.12)
21. There's always two sides to every story...
Malone ,   Hfx   (07.08.12)
..instead of reacting so strongly to his story,why not wait for the whole story? He could be lying.
22. #21
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (07.08.12)
I believe Mr. Bimero because of the facts of Amona. At Amona, police brutalized tens if not hundreds of peaceful protesters under orders of PM Olmert. Despite the whole incident being filmed, the courts, the Attorney General and the internal police investigation found no evidence of wrong-doing. In a few cases, the police did not manage to steal the recordings from the protesters and the recordings showed police faces. In these cases, the police were forced to pay civil damages.
23. no way he is lying
Ilana   (07.08.12)
no one from the unit he served in would lie like that... We are all disgusted at the plocemen's behavior. We are all with you J.B.
24. Disappointed that the acts thenselves aren't conndemmed.
Mark   (07.08.12)
The only outrage is that it happen to a jew.
25. suspicious
bill lewis ,   ponchatoula, usa   (07.08.12)
it is a ilittle suspicious leaving a nite club in a scuffle on Passover..I dont know where you could find the truth
26. Hummm
Jack Danials ,   Moore County USA   (07.08.12)
If one was at a night club until 5: 00 AM one would more than likely be drunk, and breach of public order, loud, using profane language. I would like to hear the policemen's side of the incident! in question,,,,,, before throwing them to the dogs. One uses the race card much to often these days, I see it everday working in the justice system.
27. the police
Elaine Rice ,   Ft Myers   (07.08.12)
Above all else the police promise to serve and protect - it is scary when one would not approach the law for fear of oneself- however the author of our faith is never asleep
28. @13
ZT ,   Madison, Wisconsin   (07.08.12)
Try telling a racist who hates Arabs or Russians that those aren't "technically" racists. See if it changes their opinion.
29. There aren't "two sides" here.
ZT ,   Madison, Wisconsin   (07.08.12)
If the police officer had a legitimate reason to use his stun gun, he would have reported the incident and explained himself like the law requires to. Instead, he chose to run. That's the "other side" of the story.
30. #29..ZT
Malone ,   Hfx   (07.08.12)
You know all this because you were there at 5am...right?? Right.You saw the policeman run,right?Right. Why did it take this guy several days to report this? And of course he's playing that ever popular race card.
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