Report: EU's boycott of settlement trade legal
Published: 09.07.12, 07:25
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1. He is a teacher, he has as much power as I have. Thanks Ynet
For making a non story a story..
2. Who paid for the brief? EU taxpayer via an NGO? Arab
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (07.09.12)
front? EU seems never short of money for "Palestine". Shame they dont ask their taxpayers The professor must have slept through UNSCR 242 and the ruling on determination of borders.
3. Barber's Boo Boo
PaulZion ,   Israel   (07.09.12)
"Every settlement weakens the hope of a Palestinian state living peacefully alongsude Israel". Problem is that the Palestinians have NEVER wanted to live peacefully alongside Israel - not in 1947, not in 1992 and not in 2000. Their rejectionism has been consistent for 65 years. What drug is he on?
4. UK And EU Boycotts Break US Law
Joe Sombrero ,   USA   (07.09.12)
If that happens the EU and the UK will breaking US anti boycott laws and those firms in the US would be targets of legal attack.
5. Bitter irony and insult to Lauterpacht
Ilan   (07.09.12)
As the head of the Lauterpacht centre for international law it is a great irony and an insult to a great jurist that James Crawford holds 180 degrees opposite of what Lauterpacht wrote and ruled on. It shows that the ideological successor to Lauterpacht is Judge Levy. Any one who has read about the mandates system knows that the terms of the mandates are not open to changes that contradict their original purposes. The purpose of the Palestine mandate (of which Judea and Samaria is part) was designated as the Jewish state. We can not be occupiers on land that is already ours by law.
6. Brit mutton is in reality from Occupied Islas Malvinas
ab   (07.09.12)
Boycott Brit foodstuffs !
7. he's right. he has every right to be a racist, anti-semite
ralph   (07.09.12)
proof positive that university professors are the worst choice for asking moral guidance. any name at random from the phone book is better.
8. It's our land
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (07.09.12)
Mark everything as Made in Israel and then they can either boycott the entire country - violating the WTO rules or choke on it. Does China mark Made in Tibet on any of their products?
9. Boycott of settlements
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (07.09.12)
Crawford's opinion is great, moral, and true. Indeed, the EU has full justification to boycott all goods and services from the state called Israel because that state itself is a gigantic illegal settlement. Yes, I know the UN authorized its eventual foundation, but its existence violates a Higher Law. Thus a total boycott is not only justified, it is required.
10. That's Ok with me
Eric ,   UK   (07.09.12)
As long as the EU also blocks products from all countries violating human rights ie. russia, china, saudi arabia, syria, egypt, etc... Otherwise its discriminatory!
11. Ban the TUC
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.09.12)
Who are these Crazies. Where do these Nutcases come from. They are like Parasites that feed off others hard work. This is what the unions in Europe have come to. I'm glad that Ronald Reagan sorted them out here in the U.S.A. We should start a campaign against Unions until they are eradicated... Maybe we could bomb them?
12. Don't get upset
Sidney ,   USA   (07.09.12)
The main effect of the BDS campaign is to upset Jews and offer a respectable outlet for closet anti-Semites. Nobody really cares about the Palestinians, just look at how Arab and Muslim countries treat Palestinians within their own borders or how Arab governments don't deliver on their pledges of financial support. As for so-called human rights organizations like Amnesty International, compare how much time and energy they spend on the poor Palestinians and how little on the slaughter in Syria.
13. Graczek,what about the total boycott of your native Poland o
ab   (07.09.12)
ver occupation of Breslau,Kolberg,Silesien-and the total expulsion of 5 million Germans,the whole indegenious population of these territories ?
14. His legal" opinion" is prejudiced garbage.Israel has a legal
right under international law to settle in the WB
15. See Real Face of Zionist Friendly PM Erdogan of Turkey
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (07.10.12)
Is there any boycott or parallel action beside EU boycott for occupied West Bank? NO, All Muslims around world know the fact that AKP and His PM Erdogan is in fact in collusion with Zionist Israel and keep all Business with Israel. There is even no proposal for such ban for Israeli products despite EU did much for Palestinian people by boycotting West Bank origin exports of Israel.
16. Boycotters should be honest
BH ,   Iowa   (07.10.12)
Mark Israel/Yesha (Jewish) products with a yellow Star of David.
17. #4 US Law pertains to Israel
Nina ,   NYC   (07.09.12)
not the occupied territories you dimwit.
18. I boycott UK products and Movies
Joe Sombrero ,   USA   (07.10.12)
I boycott UK travel and UK products and Movies any way.
19. crawford represented Palestinians in the ICJ
What   (07.09.12)
in connection to the fence in the WB. I tried to post the ICJ link verifying this fact but Ynet would not print it.
20. Picture from Sweden?
Intedi Nensak ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (07.10.12)
The sign is in Norwegian so I don't think the picture of the protest is from Sweden.
21. #4 US law is irrelevant in the EU
Intedi Nensak ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (07.10.12)
They do not apply here. If a US based subsidiary would be involved in it, then maybe they could do something, though i doubt they would. Remember that the EU is still, despite all its current problems, the largest economy in the world. Israeli settlements, which the US government isn't too happy about either, is not worth starting some sort of trade war with Europe over.
22. #8 not according to your own government
Intedi Nensak ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (07.10.12)
They've never been annexed by Israel, they're still under military occupation. If Israel were to systematically label settlement products as Made in Israel then Israel would itself violate WTO rules. Tibet was annexed by China, they're not treating it as some sort of territory they've made it into a part of China. Of course that doesn't make it more morally right, but they're not lying when marking it Made in China.
23. If the EU boycott of illegal settlement produce is legal...
Alan Smith ,   UK   (07.10.12)
Then how come the EU don't use their veto power to put sanctions on all trade with Israel until it withdraws its people from the settlements in occupied territory, given they violate article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.That would be equally in accord with International Law and give the stolen land back to its rightful Palestinian owners.
24. To #9!
Taz Man ,   USA   (07.10.12)
Like the so-called law expert, you ate ignorant of the historical, biblical facts of God's Abrahamic Covenant. Being the godless heathen you are, I wouldn't expect you to understand; however, your, apparent, anti-Semitism is all the evidence I need to tell me that Europe's last days are here; whereas. Israel's future is bright and promising, just like God's Holy Word says. Read Genesis 12:1-3 (if you can read?). You, like Europe, are heavy-laden with anti-Semitic fools! God bless, Israel and His Jerusalem!
25. I have just 2 questions
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (07.11.12)
This is for all the pro-boycott people. You claim that Israel is occupying 'Palestinian territory'. My questions are very simple that it should be a breeze for you to answer. When and how did the land become 'Palestinian territory'? Please provide a year and according to what law or treaty. Second question - According to what law or treaty was the San Remo Treaty 1920, Mandate for Palestine and Article 80 UN Charter were repealed or nullified?
26. He is right
Dan ,   KS   (07.13.12)
The West Bank is not part of Israel OR ANY OTHER COUNTRY. It was part of Jordan, and they (Jordan) found peace without it. It was part of the Palestinian mandate - but then the population rejected the division of 1947 and became part of Jordan. They are not a country ever since Jordan ejected them from the Hashimite Kingdom.
27. Unemployement
Dan` ,   KS   (07.13.12)
The problem with a boycott, is that GB is boycotting the workers at these factories, and they are locals. The unemployment will cause riots and malcontent and a third intifada. Professor - You have been warned, the next outbreak of violence in the ME will be due to you and people like you.
28. So if China does it, then its okay
Dvd ,   Ny, ny   (08.09.12)
Great rationle, china also performs forced abortions on its citizens too, I suppose your okay with that
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