Lador defends Olmert case; says acquittal 'not a failure'
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 10.07.12, 18:35
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1. Lador may be asked to quit?
Huh? ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.10.12)
Any state prosecutor who is so incompetent should quit all by himself!
2. lidor stay strong we need youn
miriam ,   israel   (07.10.12)
3. The snake got away with it.
Adam Helberg ,   USA   (07.10.12)
Just because the slimy Olmert managed to beat the system with his expensive lawyers does not mean he's not guilty. He represents the worst of Israeli prime ministers, using the office for personal gain. The opposite of what the early founders of Israel stood for.
4. Lador Quitting
Adam ,   London   (07.10.12)
Seems to generally to be a lack of people who like to take responsibility for their actions in Israel and shamlessly try and hang onto their power. Israel is pathetic in this respect.
5. If Olmerts acquittal is not a failure I don't
DT ,   TA Israel   (07.10.12)
know what is. Few countries would allow the adulation that Olmert appears to be getting. He should be a banker.There is a vacancy at (UK) Barclays
6. Don't blame Lador for this!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (07.10.12)
Blame him and the judges for the disgusting plea bargains they concoct and allow murderers, rapists and the underworld when the evidence is staring them in the face!
7. My prayers are that G-d Himself will take the due care...
Keren ,   IL-BR   (07.10.12)
...of Olmert and his likes. I hope to watch their fall soon.
8.  State Prosecutors Office needs to be cleaned up
Spencer ,   Israel   (07.10.12)
Lador must go and all files opened against Lieberman must be closed. We have had enough of politically motivated prosecutions/
9. Does this mean Olmert does not go to jail?
10. veredict
11. ohlmert
sad ,   israel   (07.10.12)
is corrupt.. maybe he did not receive envelopes with $$$$ but I was asked to deliver to him envelops with watchs....... his american friend in NYC joe E. is more corrupt than anyone else. he is israeli, american and british. He dares not return to israel as he knows he will be arrested. He wines and dines family ohlmert during every visit to the USA. he also gave ohlmert MUCH MORE money than reported in the news. our political system and judges in court are not being honest or fair. everyone knows that ohlmert is a THIEF. I really hope he sits behind bars - with his wife too. and i hope he does not return to politics. once he is a thief, once he brides - it's in his blood and he will do it again and again
12. Ehud Olmert is lucky his name is not Arye Deri
David   (07.10.12)
He would have had to sit 10 times the amount Deri sat.
13. Honest prosecutor in a corrupt court.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (07.10.12)
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