A new era in Lebanon?
Daniel Nisman
Published: 10.07.12, 18:44
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1. The enemy of my enemy??
karmel usa   (07.10.12)
Does this bode well for Israel or would Assir's assumption or power and weapons represent the same threat that Hezbollah currently poses?
2. A pox on both their houses!
SG ,   Teaneck   (07.10.12)
3. karmel @1, that was my immediate thought too.
leo ,   usa   (07.10.12)
4. Assir is a puppet being financed by the corrupt saudis
christian arab ,   nyc   (07.10.12)
Most lebanese don't take him seriously.
5. Dont Delude Yourselves -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (07.10.12)
- this is only a Powerstruggle among the Hord of Wolves, they are all Wolves. Arn.Sweden.
6. Assir and his small band of supporters are a nut case...
Michael Dalli ,   East Beirut   (07.10.12)
Assir is a publicity seeker and will amount to nothing. Hezbollah is not a militia. It is a national resistance that we; Aoun's Christians are proud of...
7. Another Bunch of Thugs
Moshe of Rockville ,   Rockville,MD USA   (07.10.12)
Hopefully, both groups will kill each other rather than Israelis. This would be a way of promoting peace between the Jewish State and those who would do it harm.
8. Be careful what we wish for
Sarah B (no not her)   (07.10.12)
Al Qaeda is a Sunni organisation. Personally I prefer the enemy I know rather than the one I don't. But it is typical of a ruling elite to trumpet short term gains rather than looking at the longterm consequences
9. Sunni jagoffs slowly rising to take on Shiite jagoffs?
Cameron ,   USA   (07.10.12)
Hard to interpret the matter in a positive light. #2 summed it up correctly.
10. #6 - You won't be so proud ...
SE ,   Boston, USA   (07.10.12)
when Hezbollah lead to the ruin of Beirut because of the allegiance to Syria and Iran.
11. SAUDI PROXY.........................................
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (07.10.12)
Is what you witness.Saudi Wahaabis are trying their best but their success is very difficult.What makes the author of this article think that Syed Hassan Nasrullah will be worried.Day-dreaming once again!!
12. #4
Andy ,   Canada   (07.10.12)
Nasrallah is a puppet being financed by the corrupt Iranians. Most of the world world don't take him seriously.
13. #6
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (07.10.12)
Hezbolla is an authentic Lebanese force, but much of its power is dependent on Syria and Iran. If Assad goes, Saudi sponsored Sunni forces will try to exterminate the Shia and Christians in Lebanon. With all due respect to Hezbolla, like you saw in Libya, with Western airpower they don't have much of a chance.
14. Nothing but a jihadi
Spengler ,   US   (07.11.12)
There is nothing new here. Al Qaeda, Saudi funded sunni radical. This is not a new phenomena, rather, the same power play from the arab puupet master in the house of saud. If I were isreali, I wouldnt be so concerned with this supposed threat to Shia Hezbollah as I would be the long term consequences of a Sunii dominated arab world. After they would have their way with Shias they would quickly move to Christians, and then, guess who???? If the West chooses to support this angle I hope they are prepared for one of the biggest blowbacks since post colonialism.
15. I am afraid the sunnis will win and do bad things to shia
Iranian Hunter   (07.11.12)
The sunnis are having a domination effect in this arab spring. Their power is boosted after they got Egypt Libya Tunisia. These three used to be separate, but are now are technically under one rule. Muslim Brotherhood. I am afraid that fat rat in Lebanon will not be ended by Israel but by the sunnis. I am not saying i have a problem with that though. In fact, i'll open a heineken beer to cheer for that right NOW !
16. #6
Christian Leb ,   Sydney   (07.11.12)
Hezbollah is nothing but criminals & gangsters, & hassouna is nothing but the master of your master Aoun, which makes you a little "jalbout" Aoun doesn't have any Christian followers, he's winning by the shiaa votes in Keserwan/Jbeil!
17. Even fleas have fleas !
Gabe ,   Canada   (07.11.12)
18. #11 Thanks for confirming
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (07.11.12)
So what you are saying that he is just another nut case like the other monkey in Beirut? I guess this one is not your comic hero after all. What a pity! I'm sure he feels really bad that you don't like him.
19. dear #4
lebanese observer   (07.11.12)
dear #4 , you probably did not witness to the kind of treatment that the sunnis suffered at the hands of hizbollah et al . raped teen age girls taken from their homes , young men shot in the back of the neck , ....these kinds of things do not really make one popular , now does it :) ?
20. #6
lebanese patriot   (07.11.12)
i hope you are happy with the slow conversion of young pro aoun christian girls at the hand of the shia . also i hope you are proud of how shias take over christian churches and turn them into mosques ( the lassa incident ) it is amazing that the christians in lebanon can only choose between a madman ( michel aoun ) , a criminal ( samir geagea ) , and a thief ( amin gemayel ) .
21. #20
Christian Leb ,   Syd   (07.11.12)
Don't worry about our choices, make sure you make the right 1!
22. #15
Christian Leb ,   Syd   (07.11.12)
...I offer free baklava for a week!!
23. @ Cameron
DB ,   Tel-Aviv   (07.11.12)
24. #11. Not sure what your point is
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (07.11.12)
Because what Nasrallah represents is everything that Lebanese hate A proxy Militia answering to Iran inside Lebanon? With their street gangsters swaggering around openly showing off their guns, stopping and harrasing ordinary civilians and in many cases demanding money And worst they believe they have the right to start Irans wars FROM LEBANESE SOIL? Its like the IRA walking around Wembley..calling the shots(literally!) whilst your Govenment stand by impotent? Go to Lebanon sometime and FEEL THE HATRED from ALL parts of the population Sunnis AND Shia and Druze and Christians Mahmood this is not about Sunni or Shia its about a group of gangsters who have tried to take over Lebanon.. And they have lost
25. #23
Cameron ,   USA   (07.11.12)
Nay Ex-Chicago Definitely done with the Midwest though.
26. Nr 8. Yes -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (07.11.12)
-and it is much easier to have People as Hostile, openly and publicly, than as False Friends in the Lurking. Arn.Sweden.
27. #22. Lebanese Baclava?
Tim ,   Brighton   (07.11.12)
Mmmmm....Fabulous..The best! Equally good Hummus and Tahina But not impressed with Lebanese Falafel
28. In the general interest
Zeev ,   Rehovot, Israel   (07.11.12)
Sheikh demands that the army subordinating to the government, should be the only armed force in Lebanon. That there shold be no "state within a state." It is beneficial to all. Lebanon was a wealthy country, Switzerland of Middle East and could once again become. It is in the interests of all communities of Lebanon. Even the most extremist government of Lebanon, in contrast to the organization depending on foreign countries, will refrain from provocations which would be the casus belli and will destroy the economy of Lebanon.
29. #15 L'chaim
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (07.12.12)
Drink one for me too. It would be a perfect ending. I should say a "happy ending".
30. #s 9 & 25 (Cameron), 23 (DB in TA)
JB ,   SoCal, USA   (01.25.14)
That comment came straight off the streets of Pittsburgh, PA, USA: "Sunni jagoffs slowly rising to take on Shiite jagoffs?" A perfect summation of the events unfolding__Jagoffs all! [DB maybe hails from far away Mt. Lebanon?] Gracias, you two, you made my day. Shabat shalom . . .
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