Opinion  Attila Somfalvi
Olmert deserves second chance
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 11.07.12, 00:46
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1. Great argument for return to politics only a little corrupt
tf ,   herzliya il   (07.11.12)
Can the bar be set any lower than not enuff evidence to convict? And apparently never mind Olmert's abysmal failure as PM and the disastrous Lebanon debacle.
2. The Livni acolyte is at it again...
Tom W ,   USA   (07.11.12)
Amazing the tenacity by which Attila Somfalvi is rooting for failed, discredited leftist politicians. Olmert offered the Palestinians a large chunk of Israel proper - including Jerusalem East among other... Google keyword: and cringe...
3. Court corupt
Jeff ,   England   (07.11.12)
Thr court is corupt for this. As they needed a leftist politician to prop up. Of cource he is guilty.
4. Olmert the criminal
PJ ,   USA   (07.11.12)
Olmert was convicted of breach of trust(first time of any prime minister),not some minor conviction,as this writer suggests. The reason he wasn't convicted for bribery and fraud was due to so called"reasonable doubt",by his corrupt judges.Olmert is still a sleazy,corrupt criminal,who as a politician made millions due to influence peddaling.The writer ,Attila Somfalvi,perpatuates and justifies corruption by Israeli politicians.
5.  Israelis like to bring back crocks
JJJ   (07.11.12)
He should thank his lucky star he is not going to jail, but again he will be one of the corrupt politicians in Israel. Israelis like to bring back crocks
6. Wow...
Aharon ,   Holon, Israel   (07.11.12)
Comrad Somfalvi has his head so far up Olmert's butt, that in two weeks it will become a diamond.
7. Indeed:nothing's as sexy as success and this is a typical,
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.11.12)
Israeli kind. I guess we deserve him once again! Attila, are you hopping mad??!!!!
8. This is a joke - Somfalvi is most biased reporter @YNET
Ron M ,   South TA / Zion   (07.11.12)
Olmert resigned when his coalition broke down, in a free for all at the knesset where in one day billions of shekels were 'spent' in 1st read bills by 'coalition' partners rebelling against the coalition. After his Gaza farce, and his Lebanon farce Olmert was dead in the water + resigned. The Olmert we read about here is a fantasy created in Somfalvi's mind. "Tornado" - LOL. Olmert can't get 50 votes in Israel, I am willing to bet on it. Wait until people are reminded that we failed in Lebanon under Olmert, Shalit was abducted under Olmert, Hamas fired missile after missile w/ no respopnse under Olmert, UN resolution 1701 in Lebanon was a joke created by Olmert, our Veterans were paradropped into Lebanon w/ no weapons, food or water under Olmert hours before a limp ceasefire was signed. These Livni, Olmert Kadima fanatasy articles Somfalvi writes incessantly are seriously, one man's deluded fiction. The left wants to give away Jerusalem + sack Netanyahu, but really they need deoderant because they REEK of desperation.
9. olmert op-ed
steve   (07.11.12)
Or, the judges were as politically motivated as this op-ed writer. There was plenty of evidence in the record to show Olmert is unethical. The prosecutor simply didn't meet the burden of proof. Holyland remains and we'll see, but Olmert was willng to sacrifice his country for that capitulation to the Palestinians (fortunately Abbas laughed him off) and was willing to give the Old City and Kotel away. For the latter alone, he is finished in politics....unless the writer and his ilk want to give it away.
10. :-)
J.Gedalov ,   Israel   (07.11.12)
"....a real candidate that possesses what the others dont....." hmmmmm Somfalvi Somfalvi...thats a very provocative comment!
11. No to Olmert.
Israelit ,   Israel   (07.11.12)
Even if he wasn't convicted, he's a political snake. Just because dirt doesn't stick to Teflon doesn't make it clean.
12. Ehud Olmert, I RESPECT YOU and mainly your WIFE ALIZA! there
hot snow ,   tlv   (07.11.12)
is DIGNITY in you , LONG LIFE 2 borth of U. Thanks.
13. #8
J.Gedalov ,   joyadoar@aol.com   (07.11.12)
"Olmert can't get 50 votes in Israel, I am willing to bet on it. " well, he can became the President LOL
14. #8. Ron: Very well put it
Tom W ,   USA   (07.11.12)
Nothing can be added to your succinct post.
15. No 2nd chance for Olmert!
Dave ,   Petach Tikva, ISRAEL   (07.11.12)
I've never heard of Attila Somfalvi, but s/he couldn't be more wrong. To claim that breach of trust is a "minor violation" exposes contempt for the rule of law. Why should we tolerate and even encourage politicians who prove unworthy of our trust and confidence?? Olmert's horrendous generosity toward our Muslim enemies makes him better than Netanyahu?? Is the writer serious? Have we all forgotten that, thank heaven, his "offer" was rejected? Is our collective memory that dangerously short? I am thoroughly nauseated by this columnist's disgusting drivel.
16. He was a deeply unpopular pm
Danny   (07.11.12)
Who held on by his nails for years after people wanted to kick him out
17. Olmert's aide Zaken was convicted of fraud
Ilan   (07.11.12)
Zaken took orders from Olmert and was convicted of fraud in the Rishon Tours case. She wouldn't cooperate or give evidence. That she is going to jail for Olmert doesn't make Olmert innocent.
18. Read:Olmert to repeat his offer of "right of return" to pals
ab   (07.11.12)
19. Sure, as long as it is in Ramallah!
steve ,   haifa   (07.11.12)
20. # 1
Anon ,   Israel   (07.11.12)
A little corrupt, just like a little pregnant !!!
21. ohlmert
sad ,   israel   (07.11.12)
he should NOT be allowed to return to politics. the man is corrupt (I know exactly how much $$$$$$$ he got from his wealthy friends in NYC). he is a liar and dishonest. he is lucky that he is at home and not in jail - but to see him in the knesset..............it will be disgusting.
22. Are you forgetting that he was convicted of breach of trust?
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.11.12)
It is a relief to know that a former Prime Minister of Israel will probably not be going to jail. But it is also not pleasant to know a former Prime Minister was convicted of breach- of- trust. Let others come, young and as yet uncorrupted by power and become leaders in Israel.
23. # Zaken Kept her mouth shut: How much
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (07.11.12)
did Olmertpay her for taking the fall? How stupid are the judges, blinded by the Shohad of politics There should be a judicial enquiry if there is such a thing in this third world country.
24. Olmert
David Beneli ,   Ramat Hasharon   (07.11.12)
This is the messiah I've been expecting, to save us from the insanity of Bibi. Long live the messiah!
25. Olmert
David Beneli ,   Ramat Hasharon   (07.11.12)
Can anyone point out at a politician who is not corrupt, starting from Bibi himself (bibitours) through Lieberman, Eli Ishai etc.m the list is long. Some of them are in prison serving sentences, strange enough, from Likud or ex Likud, need not name them
26. You have got to be kidding- he is corrupt the court is corup
elianna ,   Jerusalem   (07.11.12)
27. Ask a Jerusalemite and they'll tell you...
D. R. C. ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.11.12)
... that Olmert cannot be trusted. He promised he would do things for the city, and did nothing but pander to his coalition, and ruin its landscape. And by the way, being convicted of breach of trust is not a minor conviction by a long shot.
28. and so says Olmerts new campaign manager
zionist forever   (07.11.12)
Lets assume for a moment Olmert was the only man who could defeat Bibi & Likud why does that mean he must be given a second chance? I thought in a democracy the public voted for who they wanted because they could deliver the goods. If Bibi doessn't deliver Olmert or no Olmert he will be out of office. This article sounds like it was written by a campaign manager whose job it is to revive Olmert's career.
29. Olmert is not innocent.
Noel Nesor ,   Israel   (07.11.12)
Wake up ,Israel - Olmert was found guilty of breach of trust. Not exactly the best background or basis for a public leader. He is a criminal and this was the judgement of the court.
30. Olmert.
harry ,   netanya   (07.11.12)
Attila is een optimist. Olmert has not one case but a few more. If everytig was clean for the full 100% then I would like to know why it took hem such a long time to prove that he did not need a shower.
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