Rights groups: Spike in Israeli settler violence
Associated Press
Published: 11.07.12, 22:30
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1. How idiotic are these "reports"!
Keren ,   IL-BR   (07.11.12)
Israel is not supposed to protect " palestinians" from Jew´s "attacks". Israel is supposed TO PROTECT HIS PEOPLE wherever they are in Israel,OUR LAND ,giving them confidence that we are ONE.It´s HERE that Israel´s leaders have failed,and not the opposite. You ,B'Tselem,UNHRC and "palestinians"can go to explode yourselves in Arabia and let us alone. B'Tselem and UNHRC tricks to pervert our reality is just filthy.
2. There's also been a spike in leftist idiocy
Jordan Ispalestine ,   Los Angeles, CA   (07.11.12)
There is likely a direct correlation between settler violence and the rise of extremist groups like B'Tselem. My guess is that when B'Tselem goes away, so will settler violence.
3. Idon't recall so called human rights groups
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (07.11.12)
Every saying a damn thing when Jew, Israeli's are terrorize, maimed and murdered
4. Payback's a bitch.
Bad Ased Jew ,   United States   (07.11.12)
The pals have nothing to complain about... All they've ever done is to commit acts of terror against unarmed Israeli Jews.. Wait until ALL Israeli's come to watch the pals move or, to move them.
5. Destroying the Zionist enterprise
Avramele   (07.11.12)
Yes to the security fence; yes to negotiatiating permanent Israeli control of the near territories and yes to a creative arrangement as proposed by Clinton and Olmert in regard to Jerusalem. No to these outer settlements and their thuggish messianic leaders who would trade 100 years of Zionism for a bunch of rocks. I think it's time for these folks to make Aliyah and help settle the Negev and Gallil.
6. Spike in "Settler" violence
HZ ,   USA   (07.11.12)
Perhaps there's also a spike in the Israeli government's policy of destroying home of honest Jews living in Yehuda and Shomron. No, violence is NOT an acceptable response, but it is an understandable one as Jews are barred from praying on Har Habayit, from free access to Kever Yosaif, etc. etc. etc., as illegal Arab building is tolerated and legal Jewish building is destroyed. I'm sure that if the rights of Jews would be defended by the authorities, this private violence would cease. And why does an Israeli newspaper use the racist, antisemitic term "settlers" when referring to brave, idealistic and selfless Jews who live in our historic heartland?
7. anarchy in Israel
yoni the Jew ,   Jewish homeland   (07.11.12)
Israel has no direction and vision and is therefore always in a state of confusion and anarchy in many areas. Judea and Samaria (not the west bank of Jordan) is lawless toward arabs in every way. There are no zoning laws, no laws to protect the resources of the land from stone quarrying and pollution of water sources. There are no regular police to deal with theft and violence. It is an area under army rule only. The only ones who the police are not afraid of dealing with are the Jewish residents. While they do not dare give a demolition order to any arab they take pictures of every foundation laid and issue orders of demolition on each Jewish home. They have repeatedly kicked out tens of residents with no trial and no reason other than suspicion. Israel must aspire to be a Jewish state and live up to its goal. It is a state that is owned by the Jewish nation collectively and we must care for and protect our land and our nation.
8. Settler violence?
Jerry ,   Shomron   (07.11.12)
But we are not settlers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9. B'Tzelem? honest facts? come on now
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (07.11.12)
oh yeah, like we really trust T'zlem to report honest facts. Like, they are known to favor the Arabs and try to put the Jews in the worst light. B'telem, come on, they forgot what honesty is. No one believes them any more.
10. Only a fool would deny the facts: Yes
there is plenty of attacks against the Palestinians.
11. Settlers feel brave under the wing of secular IDF.
Michael ,   California, USA   (07.11.12)
12. B'Tselem lies again about Israel
Ed Frias   (07.12.12)
Nine times more Jewish civilians have been murdered by Palestinians in the West Bank than Palestinians murdered by Jews in the West Bank. During the past 11 years, out of 50 Arabs killed by Jewish civilians, 27 were self-evident cases of self-defense against armed Palestinian assailants By contrast, the 215 Jews murdered in the West Bank (254 if Gaza is included) involved almost without exception clear-cut circumstances in which Palestinian assailants targeted their victims, often in home invasions involving the slaughter of entire families like the Fogel Massacre, Shefi family massacre, gang assaults on hikers or attacks on civilian vehicles. Other sources, like the Israeli Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the United Nations (OCHA) confirm the relatively few murders committed by Jews and the much higher number of lethal assaults by Palestinian Arabs.
13. How about violence vs Israel & Jews!
Benny ,   Iran   (07.12.12)
Mslims & the stupid B'tselem never protect Jewish rights. WhY? We are in "OUR LAND OF ISRAEL'. This B.S. about Pal rights is ridiculous. They are all refugees from oppressive regimes. Then they come to Israel & creat violence , suicide bombs, arson of forests. These roaches have to be stopped & shipped far away from Jewish areas.
14. #5. Youve stuck a chord
Tim ,   Brighton   (07.12.12)
As more desal water will become available to the Negev Region, as commmunications and infrastructure improve the North Negev and the Beersheba Ashkelon Ashdod Traingle will be the fastest growing region of Israel. Open for business and open and welcoming to all spirited pioneering settlers and settlements We want to realise the vision for the North Negev and thats beginning to happen now Israel until now a country of two halves North and being better roads, rail (and hopefully in time a BIA Beersheba International Airport) so that Beersheba in particular can claim its rightfull place as the geographic the industrial as well as historical centre and beating heart of Israel
15. As long as Israel does not annex the
Israeli 2   (07.12.12)
so called "territories", it will remain legit for Arabs and Jews to go at each other's throats!!!! Annex Jehudah and Shomron NOW! Then, whoever is violent, may and will be persecuted...and only then you may call them vigilantes or whatever you wish. NOT BEFORE!
16. God bless the Settlers!!!
Z.Z Coltrane ,   USA   (07.12.12)
At least they're willing to fight for their God-given land. Let that be an example to you godless liberals! Be rest-assured, God is on their side; it's a shame the Israeli Government doesn't learn from and follow their lead by complete support for their actions. You fight-fire-with-fire!!! God bless. Israel!
17. Really?
jay abouaf ,   Jaffa, Israel   (07.12.12)
1. The truth of the matter is that the Jewish population in Judea and Samaria would like nothing more than to live together with the Arab population. Unfortunately, many bigots and racists speak of expelling the Jews from this area. They say the Arabs can stay. 2. Arab women and children and men can safely walk ANYWHERE in the Land of Israel and will not be killed, beaten or raped by Jews. Jews can not safely walk in many Arab cities; we will be killed. This also holds true for a couple of other Arab places: in France, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, etc. etc. It wasn't always this way, butr it is today.
18. @Jerome
ZT   (07.12.12)
Than you're being willfully ignorant, because they do.
19. Mrither B.Tselem nor the UNHJRC are
Reuven   (07.12.12)
true human rights groups. It's quite the opposite. B,Tselem members should be arrested in Israel, for encouraging violence against Jews.
20. idf does not protect
marcel   (07.12.12)
judeans and samarians do not generally have the idf on the ready to help them out. So they must defend themselves. I don't believe 2 words betselem says about original israeli homeland that the beilinist virtually deny and that the arabs lie about. You can do 2 states but palestinians will never govern themselves because they are invented and come from egypt, yemen, syria, lebaonon and saudi arabia and are there to follow the jews into jobs and then to kill them and slaughter each other while they smoke water pipes and torture their women. All jews have to protect themselves period. As for israeli courts, after the recent fiasco with judge moussia arad where they wore blinders, the court opinion has almost no value to the average israeli in the street.
marcelo tuchman ,   RIO,BRAZIL   (07.12.12)
22. violence
colin   (07.12.12)
Agagin the lies untruths and falsehoods. There is no such a thing called settlers by the underhand illitriate press We do have pioneers in Israel as years gone past
23. 'Rights' Groups
Ido ,   Yerushalayim   (07.12.12)
...the only 'Rights' the groups you just gave free publicity to in your article are interested in are the right to condemn Israel in anyway, shape or form without ever giving them a chance to answer their case; the right to ignore even outright murder when the victims are Jews, how much more so when the perpetrators are poor, victimised 'Palestinians'; and the right to twist every possible event to show that Israel is the permanent aggressor and those seeking its annihilation are the permanent victims. With that kind of agenda, I would even deem to say that those supporting them (and what better way than with the oxygen of publicity!) are simply without exaggeration accessories to terrorism
24. B'tselem has been exposed as liars many times.
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.12.12)
B'tselem has been exposed as liars many times. It deserves no credibility whatsoever. As far as B'tselem is concerned, patriotic Jews can do no right and "Palestinian" poseurs can do no wrong. It is an evil organization.
25. Please allow the UN to protect us
Baruch ,   Israel/Houston   (07.12.12)
They have done such a wonderful job in.....Hang in there I will find it somewhere....oh here it that was when they had to jail so many of them for taking bribes......ok it had to be somehwere. Maybe it was when they allowed the antisemitic lobby of the Presbyterian Church USA and Loudes Garcia-Navarro to sway them.... oh nevermind let's just go back to doing what we have done for 5772 years, take care of ourselves.
26. Lies, more lies, and what else is new in lying?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (07.12.12)
27. Questions for the posters here
David ,   San Francisco   (07.12.12)
It seems that most of you might not justify attacks on Palestinian civilians, but simply don't mind if they happen. Some people, such as #4, clearly support these attacks. My question is, since every poster here supports Israel being in the West Bank, and few it as Israeli land, what do you recommend happen to the Palestinians? They obvious won't leave, and I highly doubt that Israel will want to grant 3 million Palestinians with Israeli citizenship. So what would YOU like to see happen, that is REALISTIC to the reality on the ground?
28. Israeli settlers vs Palestinians
Zooey ,   Toledo, OH USA   (07.12.12)
Of the 352 complaints that B'Tselem submitted to Israeli police, 93% led to no charges. There were only 29 indictments and of those who knows how many convictions. Fewer than 29, I wager. This is a dismal record!.
29. The Fogel family and the Palmers weren't killed by settlers
Ilan   (07.12.12)
This is a absurd in that violence against Israelis by Palestinians is extensive and more often than not intended to maim or murder. It isn't the settlers who are immune from the law but the Palestinians who do not fear physical attack as to Israelis. This is so topsy-turvy that it can only be explained away by the anti-life and amoral stance of B'tzelem. They are truly wicked people.
30. yeah? really?
Marcelo ,   Tlv / Berlin   (07.12.12)
violence? sure, ask the Fogel family (ZL) about pali violence, you lefty jewish bashers!!
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