The UN’s refugee machine
Yoaz Hendel
Published: 12.07.12, 10:45
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1. 'UN perpetuates refugee problem' wel.. DUH!
tf ,   herzliya il   (07.12.12)
You can gauge PA intentions and sincerity by the fact the PA still claims refugee status for people in PA territory.
2. Maybe a lot of the money went into officials
Arlene ,   Israel   (07.12.12)
bank accounts???? Can anyone name a refugee camp with and fancy new shopping mall and grade 5 hotels??? Maybe at last donators are realising where their donations are going, possible folks have woken up to them!!!
3. "Palestinian Refugees" from 1914 Turkey
Corruption ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.12.12)
I recently discovered there are Assyrian people in the Old City that fled the Turkish Armenian Assyrian Greek massacres o f 1914-1920 they fled and settled in British Mandated Palestine almost a century ago ! and are still considered refugees and in the "Palestinian" refugee count !. The original Assyrian refugees some in their 90's and all their decendants !!!!!!! They live in the tiny Assyrian enclaves of the Old City and Bethlehem despite some of their members being multi millionair souvenier shop owners in Bethlehem and they also receive money from the Catholic Caritas.
4. to #3 true, that is y palis common family name
ghostq   (07.12.12)
is Darwish, turkish name for real.
5. Sabras are also Pal refugees!
Jon ,   Baltimore   (07.12.12)
Israelis who are descended from Jews who lived in Palestine before 1948 who left their homes, in Hebron, in Jerusalem, etc are also refugees. So are their spouses, cousins, nephews and nieces! More have been uprooted since 1967, from Gaza, from Sinai etc. Unless the UN specifically bans Jews from quailifying, there are 5 million Jews too who qualify for UNRWA funds.
6. #2 it's a racket
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (07.12.12)
It is a Leftist racket. Individual countries pay massive contributions to the European government, UN, NGOs and of course "palestinians". Assorted Leftists get massive salaries for no work with no accountability. Forget the pro-Arab NGOs, look at Spain and Greek sucked dry, their people living in poverty, while "European" and UN draw enormous salaries. I feel bad for the good people of Europe, but the individual countries will keep subsidizing the Leftists until the whole thing collapses.
7. The UN thought the refugees would be temporary...
ZionistBill ,   Israel   (07.12.12)
....boy did they underestimate how stubborn a people we are! They also probably thought that we would see the light and sign peace treaties with our neighbors. Boy did they underestimate our militancy! Perhaps they even thought that we would have a problem with millions of refugees suffering in camps. Boy did they underestimate our lack of morals! But I like the main thrust of the article. Blame it on the UN! Brilliant. But do you think anyone will actually buy it? Besides all the tools who post here, that is.
8. On the other hand
Or Tror   (07.12.12)
Any refugee that receives assistance from UNRWA is exempt from 1951 refugee convention, which governs RELATIONS BETWEEN REFUGEES AND THE ASYLUM STATES. In other words: as long as UNRWA cares for a refugee, Arabs don't have to lift a finger.
9. Take responsibility Israel
Scott F. ,   Miami, US   (07.12.12)
A typical Israeli point of view. Cause the problem and blame others for nor resolving. How about you take responsibility for the refugees and solve their issues. YOU MADE THEM REFUGEES IN THE FIRST PLACE. DUH!!!
10. 5. Only stateless people are refugees
lydia ,   Brisbane   (07.12.12)
People with citizenship of any country and not languishing in refugee camps they aren't refugees
11. #5 - Ignorant to the core
Shmuel ,   Anaheim, CA, USA   (07.12.12)
Israel DID NOT cause the Arab refugee problem. The Arabs started the 1948 war when they attacked the new Jewish state in order to "drive it into the sea". I'm not even going to address the "driven out of their homes" vs "fled the hostilities at the command of their leaders" argument. This is not the issue, but rather - you start a war, you're responsible for the consequences: refugees, loss of territory, etc. The Arabs are the ones that need to take responsibility for their acts and solve the refugee problem.
12. U.N. benefits from Fictional Palestine scam.
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.12.12)
Along with P.A. officials, the U.N. are amng the key beneficiaries of the Fictional Palestine scam. This explains why they have no interest in EVER seeing the Arab refugees permanently settled. Even many decades after tens of millions of other post WW II refugees have been successfully settled. Western suckers could quickly end the scam by cutting off all funding to the U.N. and Fictional Palestine.
13. Scott # 9
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (07.12.12)
They left of their own free will because their leaders told them to get out of the way while 5 invading armies tried to push the Jews into the sea. It didn't work out for them. It will never work out for them. Israel did not make these losers do anything and Israel owes them nothing.
14. the UN
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (07.12.12)
The UN has become nothing more than the voice of the Muslim World, because of its many Muslim member countries. The hypocrisy, corruption and dysfunction of the UN are simply the symptoms of that. Liberals love the UN, because they aspire to a "One World", in which everyone loves everyone, and everyone is accepted, and they envision the UN as becoming that. But. since the Muslim character of the UN is becoming more and more pronounced, those liberals might look to see which Muslim countries fit their "One World" model, and in which Muslim countries they are accepted and not regarded as infidels.
15. # 5
Miriam ,   Miami, USA   (07.12.12)
I am a Sabra and was born in a British Refugee Camp in Atlit. I have a Palestinian birth Certificate. I would not mind some of that money from the UN.
16. the totally corrupt UNWRA
tiki ,   belgium   (07.12.12)
Should be exposed as much as & whenever possible, for the money grabbing exploiters they are! When THEY will be gone....so will the so called 'Palestinian refugee problem'.
17. # 9
Miriam ,   Miami, USA   (07.12.12)
They made them refugees, NOT THEIR ARAB BROTHERS IN EGYPT, SYRIA, LEBANON, JORDAN, IRAQ MADE THEM REFUGEES. They were told by their brothers that Israel will be wiped out and they can have everything. Guess what they lost the war, and UN stuck them all in camps instead to help them settle and provide them with education and jobs. Read the history
18. Jon no 5
What about 850,000 Jews who were kicked out from Arab Countries. What? Are they not human because they are Jews
19. no good intention
noor ,   jerusalem   (07.13.12)
but the smoke will blinded the eyes
20. the $ UN spends on these people is stolen
from taxpayers ,   around the world   (07.13.12)
they are not refugees, they are scam artists. All the other refugees from 50 years ago settled their issues and built new lives in new lands. Only one group remains like a cancer, draining the $ away yearly with no end in sight
21. Its part of the U.N. $ machine.
Ypip ,   Canada   (07.13.12)
22. Right of Return for Jews, not Arabs, that is the problem
COLBERT ,   Treadmill, ISS   (07.13.12)
23. to No 18
Jon ,   Baltimore   (07.13.12)
Yes, all the mizrahi Jews should be compensated for their eviction from Arab countries. My point is that since the UN already has a biased system in place to create artificial Palestinian refugees, then Israel should use the same UNRWA definition of a Palestinian refugee to get UN funding for sabras like Miriam of Miami.
24. You only have to look at the people who are running the show
Tim ,   Brighton   (07.15.12)
Like Chris Gunnes Want to have a laugh? Hear the guy being interviewed - usually on RT - An embarrasment to....the human race Arrogance dim wittedness buffoon - personified
25. Contrast
Danny ,   London England   (07.16.12)
We've all seen and understood this development yet the 'powers' have not stopped it. Jews pushed out of Muslim lands have been accepted into Israel, UK, France and the USA and built new lives, while 60+ years on Pals remain in refugee camps in Muslim lands.
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