Daphni Leef seeks supporters in Bnei Brak
Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 12.07.12, 22:33
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1. Cottage cheese
joan ,   ramat aviv   (07.12.12)
Who started the social protests...2 religious men protesting the price of cottage cheese!
2. Seems like Daffy is not affected by the high cost of living.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (07.12.12)
She now looks positively fat in the picture. Maybe she is eating well, sleeping well and enjoying the good life...not a worry in the world except to get up and go and protest for a few hours :-)
3. Daphni wake up!
Ze'ev ,   Nbg, germany   (07.12.12)
a reason for the social issues in Israel ARE the haredim and thier way of life. They recive tons of money and do nothing to help!
4. her tactic get out anybody who is poor to join the Leef army
zionist forever   (07.13.12)
Alot of the haredi of Bnei Brak are poor but thats either because they don't work or because they have very large families and looking after 10 children is harder than looking after 2. Its not the fault of the state but she is trying to convince them it is and if there was only some social justice in the country they would have no economic worries. I imagine next stop she will be going after the foreign migrant workers legal and illegal because non of them have well paying jobs. Get them to join in the protests. Anybody who is not well off is a potential Leef recruit. The women is looking to create some kind of social justice army with her as the general. I am sick of this woman now because she is trying to recruit people to come out and protest but if this cause actually meant enough to them to come protest they would't need her.
5. #4 Z.F., You didn't curse Leftists today. Why, yom shishi?
Michael ,   California, USA   (07.13.12)
6. 3
zionist forever   (07.13.12)
The haredim like everybody else receive child benefits but they have large families so they obviously get more of it that others. What Leef is doing is actually pretty smart, she knows alot of the haredi have financial problems largely to their big families so she is trying to sell them the idea they would all be much better off if they joined her cause. Also she is being nice to the haredi and saying secular & haredim refuse to be enemies and right now the rest of the secular population prefer Hamas to Haredi so she is reaching out to them. She is trying to artificially recreate what happened last year spontaniously. The woman wants to have hundreds of thousands out in the streets every week partly because of her ego in wanting to be a national hero.
7. The only demos in BB should be...
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (07.15.12)
...ones against the monies that the Yeshiva boys are getting that students at the university are unable to get. These are people who are poor by choice. Let them live as they want to live. They decide to have more children than they can feed, and more than the taxpayer can feed.
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