Marzel to Arabs: Join national service
Itamar Fleishman
Published: 13.07.12, 00:12
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1. merzel has chutzpah!
meyer ,   bat ayin   (07.13.12)
2. All arab-Israelis never sonsider themselves Israelis!
mary_of_bethany ,   singapore   (07.13.12)
in their mindset, they are not Israelis, but in Arabs trapped in Occupied Palesine, waiting for the Occupiers to leave, they never considered themselves to be a Citizens of Israel. you can tell when they keep complaining to tourists in Israel about the IDF and Jewish neighbours and apartheid.... the arabs within Israel are not threatening Israel less than the arabs in Gaza. in fact they are more harmful than gaza arabs, as they became the "eye-witness and victims of Israelis apartheid" to foreign media.
3. Makes sense
Jerry ,   New York   (07.13.12)
Fairness trumps "being provocative". Live in the country... you should do national service. Don't like it, go to jail and ride a bicycle to create electricity. I only wish we did that here in the US.
4. arabs in national service
jennifer ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.13.12)
Everyone who wants to live in Israel must serve Israel! There are plenty of jobs to give arabs to do in THEIR OWN neighborhoods as their service in the Israeli army! They can work in maintenance, construction, sanitation! If they don't want to, then their rights to live in Israel re rescinded and they are to be deported! at their own expense!
5. Law against harassment using a telecommunication device
SNS   (07.13.12)
Section 30 of the Israeli Communication Law includes a law against harassment using a telecommunication device. I would encourage all of those who received such a phone call to contact their local police station and submit a report. An offender can receive up to 3 years being convicted of such an offense. 3 X 10000, that's a lot of years
6. BTW
SNS   (07.13.12)
By the way, I support the idea that all citizens of Israel should serve the country. But I don't support harassing them.
7. Can't win, if they say they dont want Arabs t
then its "apartheid "! No pleasing some, whatever you do, unless you lie down and let people walk all over you.
8. Marzel for PM ! You have surely my vote.
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (07.13.12)
9. Baruch Marzel is great!
E. ,   Eretz Israel   (07.13.12)
We need more people like him who fight for eretz Israel, instead of those leftist who are trying to destroy it!
10. One sided arguments always make sence!!!
Moshe   (07.13.12)
11. Marzel
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (07.13.12)
B"H - Marzel shouldn't push for "equal burden" for Arabs, that is NOT the concept of Judaism on the Land of Israel.
12. #4
Kobi ,   Jerusalem   (07.13.12)
Jennifer, are you suggesting forced labor?
13. I cant find anything strange!
Yael Schlichting ,   Qiryat Motzkin   (07.13.12)
Merzel just says what is sensible! I am much more amazed, that the state of Israel doesn't enforce a general duty to serve. There probably are enough unarmed services inside or close to IDF, that would allow to get some Arabs to defend their country.
14. Marzel is 100% right !
Ezra ,   Canada   (07.13.12)
15. the arabs are the key to tal law reform
zionist forever   (07.13.12)
If Bibi can force the arabs to do civilian national service then there is no way even the most radical haredi group can say we should not do military or civilian service. The big problem on Tal Law reform was because of public pressure the whole thing was rushed from the start and a mess made of the whole thing. Bibi should have created a special civilian national service plan for the haredi and arabs because for alot of them the army is not the ideal lifestyle and the army itself doesn't need thousands of new recruits because they have the manpower they needs.
16. Would like to see Marzel address Obama, the U.N., E.U. etc..
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.13.12)
There are plenty of smart Israelis with cojones. However, the political system is set up so that it is very hard for them to make it to national leadership. The welcome mat is out for leftist sycophants. Not patriots. Marzel is one of the very few Israeli leaders with cojones. This is the type of individual Israel needs for P.M. I'd like to see Marzel address Obama, the U.N. the E.U. etc. The world respects those who respect themselves.
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