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MI6 chief: Iran could go nuclear in 2 years
Published: 13.07.12, 07:27
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1. Cold War? Somewhat of an Understatement
Edward ,   New York USA   (07.13.12)
Iran has already threatened the US, Britain, and Israel with annihilation. They may appear to be logical, but so did Adolf Hitler. They have stated their intentions and are moving toward the capabilities to execute them. No amount of deterrence will dissuade those who believe that they need to create a waist deep river of blood to bring about the return of the twelfth Mahdi. Where are the Winston Churchill's and the Ronald Reagan's? Waiting for Obama to act is a disaterourous miscalculation.
2. Good Always Triumphs Over Evil
Cheryl ,   Chicagi, USA   (07.13.12)
G-d knows everything about Iran. Good always triumphs over evil. G-d's power and might will triumph. He will protect us. Trust in Hashem.
3. All US Sunni Allies would be under threat by Shiite Martyr
PETER SM ,   melbourne australia   (07.13.12)
wannabee lunatics. Only global Caliphate Shia style & their useful idiot allies see this as a good thing. If Iran declares war by blocking the Straits,it should be treated as a war against the Mullah rulers who need to be removed just as Hitler did.
4. The Mullah apologists keep claiming Iran is not seeking nuke
Weapons. The best laugh comes when they quote the Mullahs saying it is "unIslamic". The really toxic ones actually want these Islamofascists to be nuclear armed.
5. Nuclear Iran ... if any one believes Israel
Adam ,   London   (07.13.12)
will tolerate a nuclear Iran , they must have their head up there arse. Iran faces annihilation through their actions.
6. Trouble 2 years from now?
Tim ,   Brighton   (07.13.12)
Its here... The regime is gasping for breath from the choking sanctions...and are DESPERATE to do something now before it collapses and disintegrates Hence the frenzied military activity, almost paranoid internal security actions, cancellation of leave and sudden cessation of the bombastic rhetoric The regime are after leverage to apply against the sanctions and their 'method of least risk and resistance' is contriving to drive up the price of oil to up to $250pb by stopping all shipping through the Hormuz and only permitting resumption once ALL sanctions have been lifted, there is NO FURTHER ACTION on their Nuclear Wepaons Programme and ownership of the Gulf, Straits and Bahrein are settled to its satisfaction (Thats for starters) Is it one miscalculation too far or a masterstroke of military timing? Thats probably irrelevant..because the feeling from many observers in Iran is that the die has already been cast . Theres a sense of anticipation of foreboding in Iran...especially amongst the military With the worlds attention on Syria and the Olympics and the regimes belief that they are in PEAK MILITARY READINESS this may well be their best chance to go for broke It could well be tor the regime..and the region and the world...there is now NO TURNING BACK
7. Timelines
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (07.13.12)
Yes, things are getting interesting. Britain can help with the peacemaking process in the Middle East. There are many timetables. Jewish - 5772; Christian/Gregorian - 2012; Muslim - 1432; Iranian nuclear enrichment Red Line - Soon ? The divine timetable will trump all others. We are at a critical juncture in world history. There are a number of possible scenarios that can play out. G-d prefers some other others. Napoleon said "Strategy is the art of using time and space well !" Take note all... G-d is a master stategist.
8. New cold war? Only if you're stupid enough to let them get
Steven Gilbert ,   Teaneck   (07.13.12)
the bomb. stop them from enriching either thru negotiations or force and you put this issue to rest.
9. Good news if true
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (07.13.12)
Iran need nukes to defend against the US so they can project their power into Saudi Arabia. The US will attack Iran far sooner than two years time. If they need two years, Iran has probably lost. If they make an explosion within 6 months, Iran has probably won.
10. Erm....2 years from now????
Israeli   (07.13.12)
They said that 2 YEARS AGO!!!!!
11. Rubbish, they probably already has nukes, just ....
Iranian Hunter   (07.13.12)
need the delivery system. WHen you see Saudi ARabia, Qatar helping Israel, YOU KNOW THINGS ARE REALLY BAD. Make no mistake, the Iranians wanted to have a share on Medina and Mecca. Afterall, the Fatimid Shia caliphates used to rule those two, and Iran wants it back from the sunni arabs. You can already see Saudi family members dead one by one like flies. And you can see Yemen, Bahrain, Al-Qatif in chaos by the help of the "invisible Iranian Mahdi hand" if you get my meaning. Get ready for a shia caliphate folks, or sunni caliphate. Either way, whoever wins, we lose.
12. Like Bush said about Global Warming, "We'll get used to it"
COLBERT ,   Treadmill, ISS   (07.13.12)
And so will the World "get used to" a nuclear Iran.
13. #2 cheryl
solomon ,   bklyn   (07.13.12)
As a Christian clergyman said during the attack on Pearl Harbor: pray to G-d and pass the ammunition. Yes, we should trust in G-d. But we also should not sit on our hands and wait for miracles. The miracle of the ’67 war would not have happened if not for the IDF. And let us not forget the dead and injured that was the result of this miracle. G-d aids a moving vessel.
14. Perhaps you forgot
Larry ,   California, USA   (07.13.12)
I think you forgot to take into account a 'little' computer worm called 'Stuxnet', which set back Iranian uranium enriching at least a couple of years. It also damaged many centrifuges as part of it's task. Then came the recently discovered 'Flame' virus. This virus is 'Stuxnet''s much bigger and more powerful brother, and is certain to set Iran's plans back even further. The total extent of the damage caused by the latter will not even be known for several years. Looks like Iran is way over it's head at the moment. But beware, an injured animal is the most dangerous kind.
15. I am already packing...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.13.12)
Because our leaders are wimps, its best to seek safety in the U.S. It seems that Netenyahu lacks the strategic b@lls to attack Iran. He should move over and let some one else deal with Iran...
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