Abbas seeks urgent aid on Saudi visit
Published: 14.07.12, 08:27
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1. How about some working?
David M.   (07.14.12)
Have Palestinians ever heard of the word "working"? If they worked for the living they would feel much better and would have less time to invent false accusations against Israel every few days.
2. Schnorrers
PaulZion ,   Israel   (07.14.12)
Zero income from an economy where nearly 75% of the budget is dependent on donations. They really are experts at playing the sympathy and guilt cards. Now...consider what might have been if these bloodthirsty, rejectionist imbeciles had upheld the peace process with Israel, and desisted from their murderous terrorist activities: Less money for arms, more money for welfare and development. Almost unlimited employment opportunities in Israel, which means less money for welfare as well as a huge injection into their economy and growth of their GNP. Therefore, more money from taxes - and there you have it - money to pay for public servants. Now, if only Abbas and his cronies would siphon off just 50% of the money they have whittled away over the years into their own personal bank accounts in Geneva and return it to the public coffers, and they're in the black.
3. Someone please hand me a tissue
Devorah   (07.14.12)
Just kidding.
4. Abbas Has the Money!
Herut ,   USA   (07.14.12)
Let Abbas pay his minions with the royalties from his Holocaust denial book! (YNet should mention that piece of this anti-Semite's c.v. every time his name is published!)
5. Lady Ashton will be happy to oblige! What a bunch of usless,
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.14.12)
murdering morons. All they can achieve in life, is to butcher other poeople, preferably Jews.
6. tha arab countries knows they have the money
Stu   (07.14.12)
hidden in private accounts around the world and wont pay up or put up with there begging anymore. You can be damn sure the PA leadership wont suffer during ramadan while exploiting there peoples misery yet again
7. Poor, pathetic Abbas
A ,   Belgium   (07.14.12)
Now he has to crawl on his knees begging for baksheesh from Saudi. Hasn't he and his fatah/hamas cronies stolen enough yet? Maybe Suha would be kind enough to donate a few mil of what her bastard husband stole? Or maybe even the arab countries have finally figured out what a losing investment the "palestinians" are. I'm sure that will make a great impression on the UN next time he goes and proclaims a "palsetinian" state, or probably they will just overlook the fact.
8. Arafats billions?Their own corruption?Only the West is naive
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (07.14.12)
enough to keep handing over millions and many more millions comes through EU govt funded NGOs. Some of that ends up being spent on Pal propoganda and political manouvering while people starve to death in Africa
9. PA should dismantle and palestinian seek equal rights.
X   (07.15.12)
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