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More haredim to study in academia
Tomer Velmer
Published: 18.07.12, 08:24
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1. by 2017? your nuts
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (07.18.12)
The Charadim studying in academia will double in two-three years. In five years will probably quadruple.
2. #1, they can't double if there is no Haredi-safe places..
Katamon ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.18.12)
Look, they are only willing to attend places which correspond to their standards of modesty. So, the limitation here will be on the speed at which new institutions will open up spaces that are a fit for the Haredim
3. Now it is the Secular Jews turn...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.18.12)
to make steps towards the Golden Middle way and learn Tora with genuine Rabbis.
4. 2 Katamon, to get this Tora student...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.18.12)
many of them are absolutely brilliant,they should do their outmost best to open the needed institutions, speedily.
5. Torah im Derech Eretz
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (07.18.12)
In the 19th Century the German Haredi Rabbonim of the Hirschian school raised the funds to set up Haredi schools in Palestine that included secular studies in a Torah framework similar to Frankfurt's Samson Raphael Hirsch Realschul. The Rabbonim in Eretz Yisrael at that time did not support the project and the money was used instead for the traditional Chadorim. Today there are many more Haredim and many more opportunities for making an income. This time the academic option should be a success. Here in London some of our Haredi [non-Hasidic] schools come very high in national league tables and the Hirschian Haredi Kehilloh includes doctors, barristers, judges, professors, nurses, teachers, company directors etc.
6. Haredim and secular studies
Joseph ,   London UK   (07.18.12)
The origin of the 19th Century Jerusalem ban on secular studies in the Haredi schools was the lack of Haredi teachers and the hostile attitude of many secular Jewish teachers. Today's large and vibrant Haredi sector has the benefit of Orthodox teachers for many subjects and these new courses should be a success. The Haredi fear of disappearing is no longer a problem, and IDF service, once seen as a force for secularisation, should be accepted with certain Hesder style adjustments.
7. Wonderful to hear
Tim ,   Brighton   (07.18.12)
8. Haredim need to get past obsession with "modesty"
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (07.18.12)
Even if they can get through an education in banking, engineering, optometry with total gender separation, what will they do when they get out and work? Do they seriously think they'll be able to avoid interaction with bosses, colleagues and customers of the opposite sex?
9. I've been in the technology game for over 30 years
Al   (07.18.12)
I can count on the fingers of half a hand how many frum Jews I met who actually work and make a living from the trade. In order to make it in this field you have to work like the dickens. Shabbos yom tov, shabbos yom tov..Channuka Purim blah blah. Never ending excuses not to show up and do some work. You cant compete if you dont work. Kissing mezuzahs and praying 24/7 doesnt fill your plate. I have yet to meet anyone who had a plate of food land in his kitchen from the heavens. When the frum decide they need to work to buy the fancy shmattes and the double kitchens then I will believe it.
10. 8 Raymond, years ago feminine ..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.18.12)
employees dressed modestly in business places.That way,Haredi men wouldn t have any problem .
11. 9 Com on Al,even non religious ...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.18.12)
people rest one day a week. They want apart from making a living also have a life. I know many frum rich people.
12. Al , 9
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (07.18.12)
At the urgent health care , that receives sick people , there was a religious doctor working on Shabbat . Not urgent surgery , but a family doctor wearing a kippa , doing his job as in any other day .
13. to 10 . Ora , YEARS AGO !!!!
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (07.18.12)
Men had to wear a suit then too . Now they come in jeans and Tshirts at the same banks .
14. Joseph , not completely true
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (07.18.12)
I knew a very old Jerusalmite lady , some years ago . She told me that it was seen as a shame that girls then , should learn Hebrew , the Lashon Kodesh . It was A "shande in a bishe" ! But her parents saw it differently , and she learned Hebrew . So it was not a lack of teachers but an opposition to progress .
15. #9 I am haredi and I work
Babishka ,   USA/Mea Shearim   (07.18.12)
I am a haredi woman with a mathematics degree and I have worked for 25 years in the automotive industry. I have never had any problems in leaving work early on Friday afternoons in the winter, or taking time off to observe Yom Tov. The only problems I have had with work is unemployment due to the economic situation, B"H that has changed. OPEN YOUR EYES.
16. haredim & technology
ken ,   Monsey, NY   (07.18.12)
Guess what, buddy? This hareidi was a programmer, consultant and software company owner (with 40 employees - and the women had to dress modestly, Jewish or not) for 23 years on Wall St. and made millions selling my software to the likes to Deustche Bank, HSBC and JP Morgan. Put that in your marijuana pipe and smoke it!!!
17. Israeli academia is still loaded with
Reuven   (07.19.12)
anti-Zionists and remnants of the so-1990's post-Zionists. I hope the Haredim don't study under Neve Gordon, Jeff Halper, et al.
18. Al - ever heard of 24/6?
Shalom Hartman   (07.19.12)
Hareidi workers are as consciencious (if not more so) than any other workers. If you claim that you HAVE to work Shabbat/Chagim/vacations - then you have your priorities wrong - Listen Al - sorry to tell you but NO-ONE is indispensable - wake up and smell the coffee or one day you may realise the truth in my words
19. al , to work 7/7 - 365/365 ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (07.19.12)
I knew someone who was working every day , friday till Shabbat , and at the end of Shabbat , again working . At the end of his life he said to me : Charles , you were right , we don't live to work , but work to live . Years earlier he told me : what do you earn with your hobby , it takes your work time . I know someone here , in the Hi Tec , who's working 3.5 days a week . Earns more than enough to live , and has time left for the children .
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