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Report: Mossad involved in terror suspect's arrest
Published: 14.07.12, 19:13
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1. Swedish gov must apologize ASAP !
2. #1 Nah I Think m.sulieman Owes
The Cypriot President and people an apology for lebanese Terrorists planing to Murder tourists? Maybe because The Terror group hizbullah Should Be Disarmed in Entirety and Jailed for the Shame they cause the lebanese people? שבת שלום/ברוך הא שם
3. Mossad should have disposed of him quietly.Cyps will releas
Alan ,   SA   (07.14.12)
him fast!
4. To: Alan at No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.15.12)
I don't think so. For one thing, Cyprus and Israel cooperate on a great many things, including intelligence operations. You may recall that the Cypriots siezed an arms-bearing ship destined for Lebanon at Israel's request. Cyprus is also sharing in the huge natural gas fields discovered by Israel. Most shipping companies that defy the Arab boycott of Israel simply avoid the issue of sailing to Israel by drop-shipping to Nicosia, and transferring the cargo to a ship which then sails on to Haifa or Ashdod. Cyprus is a friend. Actually, rather a good one. Besides, disposing of him quietly does nothing to embarrass Iran internationally. First, the public outing. This idiot will likely have an unfortunate accident down the road, but for now, he is needed alive, well and talking.
5. Why is it so easy for terrorists to get Swedish passports
John Phee ,   Sydney AUSTRALIA   (07.15.12)
Oh yes now I remember, Sweden is home to many Arab terrorist groups. The Swedish government protects their Arab masters & covers up the rapes of Swesish women. Wonderful people (some but not all) the Swedes.
6. #5 True thing
carl ,   EU/IL   (07.15.12)
Sweden is a paradise in Europe for both Arab/Muslim migrants as well as for criminals and terrorists. Also, you can rape whatever you want and the stupid Swedish govt will still throw a Swedish passport after you. Insane!
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