Social protest marks one year anniversary
Boaz Fyler
Published: 14.07.12, 22:00
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1. Has it been a year already?
William ,   Israel   (07.14.12)
Time sure flies by when you're an unemployed tool of the Leftist parties with little direction for a faux movement except where to place tents for the monthly "love-in" protests.
2. Cake Walk
Sarah Booblestein ,   USA / Israel   (07.14.12)
Reminds me of a cake walk I noce took part in many years ago. Involved bringing very gooey cake to a protest and then walking with it on a paper plate. It was a lovely day out for all concerned especially the cakeorgy that we had at the end of it.
3. Nonsense..obviously these bozos havent got a clue as to
Al   (07.14.12)
whats going in the rest of the west. Israel looks pretty darn good in comparison to Europe and the once great USA. Looks more like a bitch fest than anything else. Must be the summer heat and the fact they dont have money to travel to some shit hole in South America or SE Asia.
4. I would walk too
grodd ,   USA   (07.14.12)
If I was being paid to do it. How much does the New Israel Fund pay to each walker?
5. All dressed up and no place to go....
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.14.12)
6. without democracy they can never have their social justice
zionist forever   (07.15.12)
This thing can never sucseed because there is no official leadership with a right to make and accept demands or democracy. Leef has appointed herself a kind of unofficial leader but the rest of the mob didn''t accept her as leader through an election. Shr can make demand A and if the government agree say ok parties over folks we got what we want but somebody else might say unless demand B is also met there is no social justice and we got to keep coming out. Social justice means different things to different people, when it was discovered Struass were selling chocolate bars cheaper in the US than Israel there were some people out there protesting social justice because of that. The price of chocolate bars is hardly an issue of sociaal justice to most people but to some it is. This is why mob law never worked and why we have elected governments. They can come out and party every week shouting social justice but they will never get it because its not an organised democratic system.
7. If you can't get justice in Israel
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.15.12)
leave the country. Then the government and business people will start listening.
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