Stav Shaffir: I don't want to see victims of this revolution
Boaz Fyler
Published: 15.07.12, 00:29
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1. Rubbish, she loves the headlines. And she loves it when ....
Iranian Hunter   (07.15.12)
she is portrayed as "the defender of the weak, the poor against the government" Leftist wet dream comes true. Can anyone use a lie detector on her ?
2. These leftist have nothing better to do ....
Iranian Hunter   (07.15.12)
than to create chaos, headlines, and create possible anarchy ? If you really care about the poor that much and you think the rest are being selfish, by all means.... give them your own money, this isn't communism, so shove it sister. We feel sad about that man, but your crocodile tears are fooling no one. You're just using him for your own leftist wet dream, which is to create headlines, anarchy and riots, more headlines, becomes famous, write a book / becomes a politician. Pitiful.
3. This was done for the west
steve from raleigh   (07.15.12)
And the progressive liberals who all hate Israel anyhow. The blogs here will be buzzing that this is the Jews' Arab Spring. Which of course it's not but then when it's not it will be more proof for them that Israel is evil.
4. British Education Supporters
Joe Sombrero ,   USA   (07.15.12)
Based on her wiki she attended City University in London under something called the olive tree scholerships . Here are some of the scholerships supporters. Part of her education based on the scholerships was to intern with the British Parliment. Sounds like more foreign interference in Israel's affairs again. Gillian Ashmore Asif Aziz Sue and John Bowers Sir William Castell City University London European Union HSBC Investec Irish Peace Centres The Mark Leonard Trust (Sainsbury's) MBI Foundation Kingston Quakers Oxford Quakers Derek Tullett
5. Using people!
Abraham Nachmias ,   Petach Tikva IL   (07.15.12)
This guy is clraely sick! Nothing more than sick. What she declares and what this Kadima guy declare, just show you that they are using him no matter what, Beware of broken hearts!
6. Dafna draft dodger
michael Pielet ,   Israel   (07.15.12)
When is draft dodger dafna enlisting in the IDF?
7. Stav! You injure your credibility
Baruch ,   Israel/Houston   (07.15.12)
Psychosis is not a just cause. Israelis are not dumb and gulible. If you have something to say, stick to the facts, at some point soon we will know if there is a mental health story here rather than an oppressive governement story. this is not America and we are not Presbyterians, you do not need to lie to us nor yourself.
8. #4
Belinda ,   Texas, USA   (07.15.12)
Did you say HSBC??? I thought the leftists HATED the banks? Hmmm....interesting.
9. "This revolution"? I guess urine HAS risen to her head.
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.15.12)
10. Dafne, this is on your head
Isaac ,   Haifa   (07.15.12)
Using this poor man as a scapegoat and then pour crocodile tears shows the brand of your game. You made the Jewish summer look like Indian summer.
11. Are all the talkbackers here - complete shameless idiots?
Alf Red ,   Londonistan   (07.15.12)
I am at loss! You see the huge problem forcing all these people in the streets - yet you all talk about anything BUT that very real problem! What kind of small-minded, cruel and stupid attitude is this? People badly need affordable housing, decent wages and respect - and this Govt is deaf and blind INTENTIONALLY to that. Do you like living in Latino-American banana country with small islands of huge wealth surrounded by barb-wire and machine guns? It will come to that if you continue with your glib blindness!
12. Arrest the leaders
David ,   Haifa Israel   (07.15.12)
arrest the leaders of this so called movement. hold them.... for at least being draft dodging cowards.
13. Kesef Achshav movement
E. G. Marsch ,   Nahariya, Israel   (07.15.12)
The same folks who brought you the Shalom Achshav (Peace Now) movement--leading to a horrible terror onslaught against Israeli civilians--are now bringing you the Kesef Achshav (Money Now) movement. It all started when Dafni Leef found out she had a hard time paying for an apt. in Tel Aviv. For spoiled brats, this is an outrage calling for a revolution. There is, of course, a whole other Israel out there, places like Nahariya, where housing is much, much cheaper than in central and northern Tel Aviv. It's depressing that even 10,000 are coming to such an idiotic event, though, thankfully, it's a lot less than the "protesters" want. As for the self-immolating guy, stuff is already surfacing on the net about his pathological past. The "protesters" do not understand the difference between Israel on the one hand, and Egypt and Tunisia on the other. They don't deserve to live in Israel. You visit central/nothertn Tel Aviv, the malls, cafes, beachfront--gosh, what a landscape of poverty and suffering! Kesef achshav! If I can't live in one of the most expensive apts. in the country, the govt. better damn well subsidize it for me!
14. #8 you have it wrong
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (07.15.12)
I have news for you: it's a scam. The banks fund the Leftists, giving get them publicity and disproportionate power. The Leftists use their power to force the government to increase spending that causes a deficit. The banks give loans to fund the deficit and make huge profits on interests. The Leftists' only purpose is to make working people poor by taxing them, and giving the taxes to the banks. In Hebrew we say "The public is stupid, the public will pay..."
15. To put fire on you is not really a jewish attitude
Yossef   (07.15.12)
16. Tactics are wrong, but facts are not
Ephraim ,   Jerusalem   (07.15.12)
I am as far away from the left as one could be, but the rents here are insane, and the government should have long ago made sure there would be affordable housing. Even in the capitalist capital of the word, the USA, there are government subsidized apartment buildings and rent control. The rent situation here is ridiculous, and only is getting worse. In the past, most Israelis could afford to buy a home. Now, especially with the new rules that require a 40% down-payment to receive a mortgage, no young people can afford to buy anywhere, and the problem will just keep getting worse. Rent in Jerusalem runs between 4000-6000 shekels a month for a small apartment in "cheap" neighborhoods (not including the slums). Add municipal taxes, vad bayit (monthly fee for building's expenses), electric, water, gas, cable, Internet, etc., and that adds in many cases to more than one months salary. Going back to the USA example, in America the basic rule is to rent an apartment that costs one WEEK's salary, not one MONTH'S salary. (before everyone here checks my math, in the USA hot water and heat are included in the rent, as are the municipal taxes. Here they are not, adding many thousands to yearly bills.) Even a right-wing, market economy needs to make sense. There is no sense in the real estate prices here, and this must be addressed, but inconveniencing other citizens with these annoying protests is not the way.
17. anr why shoulf i pay ( taxes) for this moron
alex   (07.15.12)
18. @11 people around the world need :
rebecca ,   Modiin   (07.15.12)
" affordable housing, decent wages and respect". We and most people around the world need : a turn around in the global economy which is not going to happen if we keep demanding governments keep spending more money than they have. It's a universal problem, brought about by the demand for individual "rights" instead of for individual responsibility.
zionist forever   (07.15.12)
This is hardly a revolution considering they are not even have an official leadership with authority to make demands. They ate also not even united on what they want from this revolution of theirs as everybody has their own definition of social justice. Revolutions usually have leaders and they know exactly what the end game is but here nobody knows a thing or how its going to be paid for. All they know is I want it so I am entitled to it be that housing or cheaper chocolate bars. Time for our heroic little revolutionaries to appoint a leader to speak for everybody and make some politically and economically realistic demands and then NEGOTIATE with the government. If they play the palestinian game of I demand and I do not compromise they will get nothing if they compromise they will get something. They also need to accept the reality that Israel is a democracy and policies will not be made by mobs in Rothschild Blvd. Oh Stav why not do us a favor and take Leef and hide away somewhere let somebody else who doesn't love the sound of their own voice take responsibility for negotiating with the government.
20. 18
zionist forever   (07.15.12)
The problem with this lot is they have no understanding of economics or how the real world works. Tel Aviv is the 17th most expensive city in the entire world but Leef & co think the government can suddenly make it an affordable place. They want affordable then move to the suburbs, Tel Aviv is well connected to the public transport system if they don't have a car they will just have to learn how to commute. There are certainly some things government can and should do but there are others which are either not practical or not financially viable. In the EU countries who are in need of bail outs, in the good times they borrowed huge sums for social welfare, Greek the olympics which cost around $20 billion etc and everybody was happy. Then it all came crashing down the countries faced huge debts which had to be repaid and now all those social welfare projects are having to be cut to pay the national dept. You can borrow to Give Leef & her pals everything they want now but one day it has to be repaid and when that happens the government will have to make all kinds of cuts in public services so one step forward two steps backward. The protestors need to ELECT a representative whose job it is to decide what are reasonable demands and then negotiate a solution but whilst big protests might get Leef in the media and she can sell herself as some kind of champion of the people it won't solve any of the problems.
21. Government does not have to pay, just to be smart
Ephraim ,   Jerusalem   (07.15.12)
The government does not need to pay for people's rent, they just need to create an atmosphere that entice builders to build rental apartments. This should have been done years ago, but as usual, the government only cares about it's survival NOW, they never think about the future. That is the same reason urban planners here did not do their jobs and think ahead, and therefore we have all the traffic jams you see daily. Contractors and builders should receive incentives to build apartment buildings, and rent controls need to be implemented. It is ridiculous that my family needs to move almost every year because our landlords see they can get more from a new tenant each years. It used to be good for landlords to sign someone to a multi-year rental contract, but now all landlords want only one year. Next year they can charge you more, or throw you out and bring in someone willing to pay more. The renters/consumers are forced to pay these higher rents, or live in the street. The answer is not to tell people to go live in the desert for cheaper rents. The answer is having rents that have some relationship with people's earnings. We make barely enough to cover the rent, but we also would like to eat sometimes as well. This is a big shame for our country. if the governments in the past built rental properties, or helped builders to build, we would not be in this situation today. As for the protesters, they have a point, they just need to find a better way to express themselves. Shutting down roads and annoying everyone is not the answer. I don't have to be late to work so you can scream and yell and be on television. I did not cause this situation, so don't ruin my day, or my business, or my job. Go stand in front of the Knesset, not in the streets and junctions. This ploy has never worked for any cause, it only get people angry and makes you more enemies.
22. Iranian Hunter, You have some things right....
IA ,   NY, TA   (07.15.12)
1. Yes, some of the social protesters are looking for a handout. 2. However, I want to make you aware of something, and it seems the most anti social movement are the rightest and mostly american oleem. I have a business in Israel as well as the states. I export autos to Israel and other countries. There is some validation in their protest in Israel, a normal citizen, oleem or small business cannot import an auto and re sell it. IS THAT FREE MARKET, HOW ABOUT THE FACT WE NEED PERMISSION, OH I FORGOT UP UNTIL APRIL 1, YOU COULD ONLY IMPORT A VEHICLE FROM THE MANUFACTURING COUNTRY, THEY CHANGED THE LAW BUT THERE WAS SOME SMALL PRINT AT THE BOTTOM. THE LAWS FO COMMERCE IN ISRAEL WERE CARVED OUT 60 YEARS AGO BY A SELECT FEW. I deal in a lot of countries and the only reson I deal in Israel is the slight connection I have with my home no other reason. They should open up Israels economy allow people to comeit fairly, the dont need a 113 % tax on vehicles, it kills the business.
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