Israeli tourists in sights
Alex Fishman
Published: 15.07.12, 10:04
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1. Israeli tourists & Arab tourists
tiki ,   belgium   (07.15.12)
You can cut the bread from two sides and Arab tourists are so easy to reckognize.
2. Euphemisms
Victor ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.15.12)
The killed Iranians (even assuming that it was done by Mossad, or CIA, or MI6 rather than by Iranian Savak because they failed to deliver) were military engineers and calling them "scientists" is not dissimilar to calling Islamic terrorists "militants"/
3. Islamic tourists in sights
Susya Bar Dror ,   Israel   (07.15.12)
Of course we could retaliate. But remeber, we Jews are not an evil people, we are a great civilisation and we do not kill zivillians.
4. #3
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (07.15.12)
Lydda? Deir Yassin?...
5. to #4 those were not done as religion war.
ghostq   (07.15.12)
there is no such thing as holly war in Judaism, but on the other hand today there isn't any europeen country who didn't suffered from Islamic sucide bomb, all the countries in europe suffered from it, terrorists who declaired Jihad aka hollywar, jews got no holly war.
6. lie
akın ,   turkey   (07.15.12)
Turkey is in a fully lie.
7. Assassination of Iranian, or Israeli, civilians, is a crime
COLBERT ,   Treadmill, ISS   (07.15.12)
...its terrorism, period, whether they are Iranian scientists in Iran, or Israeli soldiers on holiday in Cyprus.
8. nr 4: Jews massacred by Islamists
Susya Bar Dror ,   Israel   (07.15.12)
Baghdad, Hebron, Ittamar, Jemen, Medinah, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, München.
9. #4 - Apples and Pears!
Ted ,   UK   (07.15.12)
Not only you had to go far in history to find an example, but as usually you took it out of context. Deir Yassin happened during an independence war, where atrocities happened on both sides (at least in Israel they admit it was wrong). But to compare this with a systematic targeting of civilian almost on a daily basis? it's a bit too far fetched..
10. To N 3, Susya
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (07.15.12)
Dear Susya Bar Dror. You are right. Exactly because of good principles and ideals from Jewish civilization, we, true Christians and Democrats, do love and support the State of Israel. Unhappily, you are forced to retaliate against awful enemies; but never through the ways they use to do. Military and moral strenght must be always together. Salutes.
11. Killing civilians
Victor ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.15.12)
I don't think that Israel should retaliate targeting civilians from Iran, leave alone Arab countries or Moslem countries—but IDF never deliberately targeted civilians. However the question is, are Iranian military engineers civilians? Whoever killed Gerald Bull did a service to humankind preventing Saddam from acquiring a super gun. Should Wernher von Braun while working on German V2 project a civilian? Or Josef Mengele? Don't forget that factories producing military hardware are legitimate targets during the war but it is much more humane to assassinate few key engineers than to kill hundreds of grunts.
12. Average non Israeli think Israelis and Arabs look the SAME
Bonnie   (07.16.12)
but thats beside the point.
13. Nonsense! tryin to scare Israelis from leaving. Go where..?
Yoni   (07.16.12)
Eilat? please give me a break.
14. We need an Operation Wrath of God style response
David   (07.16.12)
Just like the Mossad did in it's aggressive response to weed out and kill every person involved in the Munich massacre in the 70s , the same must be done upon Hezbollah terrorists operating throughout the world. It left the PLO hiding and fearing for their lives. Bringing them to justice in courts by bending to foreign governments further emboldens Hezbollah and Iran. The future of any arrested individual only motivates for further kidnappings and attacks to free them! Matbouh and Mughniyeh should be just names to the list of many.
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