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Clinton meets Egypt generals after urging transition
Published: 15.07.12, 14:57
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1. Stop Giving US Tax Dollars To Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood!
Linda Rivera ,   New York, USA   (07.15.12)
America is broke. We have very severe financial problems. Not one more dollar to the Muslim Brotherhood!
2. Third-rated lawyer Sec of State
How it may happen? She was a very bad lawyer. Before there were experts ( bad or good, like Kissinger or Heig, or Shultz). Now, some wife appointed Sec. of State.
3. The Lines of Comunication
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (07.15.12)
Muhammad Badie is the head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Mohammed Morsi is the newly elected President and is obviously a prominent member of the MB. Secretary of State Clinton's proposal is sound. Egypt's Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa actually visited the Temple Mount/Noble Sanctuary on April 19th this year. So there are some lines of communication open between the leaders in the Holy Land and the Land of the Pharoahs.
4. #1 Linda Here Here I Second That But
American Tax Dollars SHOULD NEVER GO lebanon, pakistan, afganistan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mubarak Was Old School and kept Order, m.b. Say one thing but mean another? We will see how this plays out? שלום
5. Muhamed 'the prophet' said "War is deceit"
David ,   Hartford USA   (07.15.12)
That's the one thing the west can bank on. When an Islamist promises the west anything, the promise is meaningless. The 'moderate' PA promised to renounce terrorism and stop hate-mongering. They didn't. Hamas promised to stop shooting rockets at us. They haven't stopped. The PA to this very day teaches hate for Israel and Jews and indoctrinates 5 year olds to WANT to die as a martyr! What kind of sociopathic organization is Islam? Hillary is a useful idiot to Morsi. The USA will dump millions of dollars into his MB coffers- to be used against Israel- the one purpose that the MB was created for. Tax dollars down the drain. Sharia isn't creeping into daily life in Egypt- it's sprinting. It will be another Iran in just a few months. Poor Egyptians- they'll have another revolution in a little while. And Egyptian citizens will be killed with American weapons. Hillary - please- go home and stay there. Let the MB President play his first hand and then see what the USA should do.
6. US Aid equals $500 per Israeli per year, $16 per Egyptian
COLBERT ,   Treadmill, ISS   (07.15.12)
7. no 6
Israeli population is 6-7 millions while Egyptians are 80 millions
8. Clinton talks of democracy
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (07.15.12)
Clinton well knows who and what the Muslim Brotherhood really are, and what they advocate: the shariah and the destruction of Israel. Those goals are clear, in Mursi's Arabic language pronouncements. His English language pronouncements are simply to make it more comfortable for the Obama Administration to continue supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. The US Government and the mainstream media don't make the Arabic pronouncements available to the US public, so that there will be no public outcry. That must be why they call us infidels.
9. Clinton/Generals
Enoch ,   Toronto   (07.15.12)
All that Obama & Clinton will achieve is replacing a semi secular half modern dictatorship with theocratic backward dictatorship. It may replace cold peace with war.
10. To #6: the aid is used to buy American waepons
David ,   Hartford USA   (07.15.12)
It's not being skimmed by the likes of Abbas, Haniyeh, and soon Mursi. American aid to Israel keeps American arms manufacturers working. American aid to Islamic countries is just protection money to keep the oil flowing, nothing more. Nobody really thinks the Arabs will ever amount to anything more than highly paid gas station attendants...
11. 'Protection of religious minorities'
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (07.15.12)
Clinton's call for the protection of religious minorities is a point that Morsi can go along with. After all,the Jews were shifted out of Egypt decades ago,so no problem. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
12. Come on Generals ...Help smooth the
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (07.15.12)
transition to Democracy for a moment or two......before they put in place a Religious Theocracy.....with the tool of Democracy. These Generals must have laughed out loud and threw darts at this mad cows ideas about Democracy. Hitler was voted into Power with Democracy. Hillary the Air Head is perpetuating the same thing by pushing the only ones with a lick of sense ....The relinqish their power and allow a Totalitarian Religious Theocracy to be established in Egypt. Clinton and Obama's coups in the Middle East and North Africa...have destabilized both continents. Obama is worse than Jimmy Carter.
13. #2
sealift67 ,   northern calif   (07.15.12)
"Some wife" was a partner in a major law firm, was considered thorough and very bright, developed the basis for healthcare reform in US, served a US senator from NY. Are you being a bit sexist? Don't you realize the Egyptian military, honest or dishonest, trustworthy or otherwise, has served as the sole buffer from keeping the more organized and well armed Islamists from seizing full power. That the Egyptian military trains with western allies and shares intelligence? Or are you just ill informed.
14. #9
sealift67 ,   northern calif   (07.15.12)
Enoch please share your geo-political basis as to how Obama "is replacing" one government with another in Egypt. That's quite a bit of power, almost as much as George Bush changing regimes so successfully in Iraq and Afganistan. Are you arguing the US state department should have used force to support Mubarak? Khaddafi? The Shah? Great strategy , maybe you should ask the Canadian army for help in keeping the dying regimes you support.
15. If AIPAC is in control of our
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (07.16.12)
congress, why are we still sending billions in aid to Egypt? To keep the "Peace Treaty" with Israel? I don't think so and we will soon enough know what Egypt's intentions are with their newly elected President.
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