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Red Cross: Syria conflict is civil war
Associated Press
Published: 15.07.12, 18:03
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1. A real honest to goodness Civil War
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (07.15.12)
Sort of reminds me of Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, brothers killing one another at the drop of a kefiyah
2. why do we need an official ICRC definition
zionist forever   (07.15.12)
All we know is there is alot of killing and round 17,000 are dead so far does it matter if its now officially defined as a civlil war rather than some kind of local conflict? It doesn't change whats going on or bring back the dead. Its also always been obvious that when this is all over if Assad can't find a country to give him sanctuary and he fees Syria he will find himself on front of some international court. Whilst everybody feels so sorry for the Syrians or what will happen to Assad when its all over nobody wants to intervene. Reminds of of WW2, the allies knew what was going on at Aushwitz but they were not willing to waste a couple of bombs to destroy the place so no more Jews could be brought there. Nothing changes in the world we just like to pretend we are more civilised.
3. THe sunnis are having a momentum, and dominates
Iranian Hunter   (07.15.12)
Justice and Development Party is in control in Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and soon Syria, Jordan, Iran, Iraq. Caliphate...... Yazid style !
4. How is the ICRC getting any publicity now that Israel is not
John Phee ,   Sydney AUSTRALIA   (07.16.12)
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