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British PM wants 'Jerusalem' as English national anthem
Published: 15.07.12, 19:44
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1. Nice but
Nigel ,   Israel   (07.15.12)
It might sound a nice idea but you really need to listen to the words. They are in no way supportive of Jerusalem in Israel but rather a religious idea to build a godly 'kingdom' in England: Quote: Till we have built Jerusalem, In England's green & pleasant Land
2. British Israelism
Latter-Day Prophet ,   Stonehenge   (07.15.12)
Her Britannic Majesty's P.M. might be something like an Anglo-marrano or Anglo-pig , in other words, a crypto-British Israelite, so that he secretly believes he's a descendant of the Ten Lost Tribes, and the Royals, the direct descendants of King David (cp. "British Israelism").
3. Love it!!
Yoni   (07.15.12)
4. This has nothing to do with us!
Baruch ,   Israel/Houston   (07.15.12)
Blake's Jersualem is not a Jewish Jerusalem, it almost as wierd as Mitt Romney's Salt Lake City. Nothing to even note here.
5. Olympic Songs
max ,   washington dc   (07.15.12)
Please pass this song to the Olympic Committee so the World can hear the Jewish Centuries old yearning for their Capital Jerusalem which is UNITED today under Israeli Sovereignty.
6. Chariots of Fire
Sailor ,   USA   (07.15.12)
This is on of the theme songs from the movie "Chariots of Fire."
7. Blake
Sheldag ,   Los Angeles   (07.15.12)
The usual hideous (nonexistent) fact-checking/editing by your only vetted source on Mideast and worldly affairs: The Great Blake wrote the poem a few score years before 1916. As in, more than a century. The music went down more or less with the Titanic. An act which, I daresay, this ignoble rag seems hellbent on following.
8. A great Anthem.Though name shud B "Londonistan Oy Londonista
Alan ,   SA   (07.15.12)
9. Surely he meant Yerushalayim shel zahav
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (07.15.12)
with the future Queen , Kate, nee Middleton, Jewish on the dam side
10. Only for England, not the UK
deppo ,   Hamburg, Germany   (07.15.12)
Wales and Scotland have their own hymns.
11. Is he trying to tell his Muslim citizens he will help them..
Walter ,   Israel   (07.15.12)
conquor Jerusalem??? This is rediculous.
12. It's a "free tune" world. Israel's sport is still SURVIVAL.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (07.15.12)
13. popular Christian hymn
This is a popular Christian hymn sung in churches about the fact that Christians have built a Christian land in England. It is not particularly relevant to Israelis in any way although I can see why your writer mistakenly thought it was due to word ''Jerusalem''. What I like about it is that it asserts the Christian heritage of England at a time when England is being swamped by aggressive Muslim immigrants
14. Jerusalem not Al Quds,always was Jerusalemis & will be,
will be till the end of days. Historical revisionists,Arab invaders & fellow travellers spin as much as you like Jerusalem ISRAEL!!
15. Although it is definitely and English song..
Dan S.. ,   USA   (07.16.12)
It is definitely more uplifting than anything coming out of Israel. Seriously. If I were English and Christian this song would truly be fitting. This just keeps reminding me why we need to produce similarly uplifting anthems that are Jewish/Israeli and dispense with the sorrowful dirges that have their musical roots in Eastern Europe.
16. It is sung annually at the Royal Albert Hall
Bob K ,   Orlando USA   (07.16.12)
There is an annual concert with, I think, the Royal Philharmonic orchestra., 'Jerusalem' is one of the patriotic songs sung,, It was penned by the great English poet and engraver William Blake in the early 19th century about 100 years before YNET's date given. The music came later pehaps this was in 1916. It is all about the belief that Jesus came to ancient Britain: : 'And did those feet in ancient times walk upon England;s mountains green and was Jerusalem builded here , in England;s green and pleasant land.' (approx words),
17. Great idea but
Bad Ased Jew ,   United States   (07.16.12)
wont it offend the muslims who can't say the word?
18. Terrible song
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (07.16.12)
And they can't have our capital either. We got rid of them in 1948.
19. Tarbouche @9, it would've been nice.
leo ,   usa   (07.16.12)
20. It is supporting Jerusalen as the capital of israel
Keren IL-BR   (07.16.12)
Just by resorting to his song, the British are stating that they support Jerusalem as the sole and indivisible capital of Israel.
21. Jerusalem the new English anthem !
DT ,   TA Israel   (07.16.12)
Singing it is as close as the Brits will ever get . There days are gone and as a country too, but it is better than what they have
22. 13 your 100% right
pip ,   israel   (07.16.12)
23. Jerusalem is a town in Yates County, New York in the U.S.
Michael ,   California, USA   (07.16.12)
There are probably other Jerusalem names out there. There is no trademark on a city name, or a name of a person, or even a name of a day of the week. Israel can adopt a sports song and call it London, not?
24. Jerusalem
Lioness ,   Israel   (07.16.12)
Although the hymn has nothing to do with Israel I happen to like Cameron's choice. I wonder if he does have some affection for Jerusalem though.... Cameron's paternal great great grandfather was Emile Levita a German Jewish financier who was married to a descendent of the Danish Jewish Ree family, so understandably he likes this hymn.
25. #2 shut up bob
26. sing louder, can't hear you through the burqa
Arthur   (07.16.12)
An empire which self-destructed when it decided to screw over the Jews. Hey where have we heard THAT before...
27. British anthem.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (07.16.12)
Did the british government paid royalty for prussian/german authors ? The " Heil dir im Siegeskrantz" song is somehow very similar to the "God Save the Queen".
28. #11 is he??? No... But do share your ridiculous opinion
Dror   (07.16.12)
29. #13 What makes you think that? Muslims also claim it
Mark   (07.16.12)
Jerusalem is not primarily a "Christian" site. It is foremost a Jewish sacred site, later on claimed by Christians and then claimed by Muslims. You are trying to put the best face on this choice, but given the UKs current anti-Israel politics, particularly within the clergy there, this choice is charged with anti-Israel politics.
30. #20 Keren, you are full of wishful thinking
Mark   (07.16.12)
Look back to the history of England and the Jews. At no time you find any support for the reconstitution of Israel, for an independent Israel, for a Jewish Jerusalem. It's wishful thinking like yours that prevents Jews from dealing with real threats to Israel from its "allies". Have you read what the Church of England has to say about Israel and its right to the land lately?
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