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Jewish Museum to host medieval manuscripts from Bodleian Library
Published: 24.07.12, 15:15
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1. Lovely. And where is this Jewish Museum?
Jake   (07.24.12)
2. #1 - 92nd Street and Fifth in Manhattan.
Henry from New York ,   Currently in Israel   (07.24.12)
I'm definitely going to see that!
3. #2 Thanks
Jake   (07.25.12)
4.  I d love to see this exposition...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.25.12)
in Jerusalem too. Is there any chance?
5. Israeli TV almost devoid of Jewish news
EducateThePeople ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.25.12)
If only Israel tv nightly on its news programs would devote 2 or 3 minutes to events like this and othes in the rich Jewish world .Most secular Israelis have no connection to the rest of the Jewish world .Israeli Arab tv news always devote some portion to Arab culture and civilization why do we not ?
6. How do you know it will be in NYC...
math ,   USA   (07.26.12)
Philadelphia has the National Jewish Museum. So much for good reporting. Make it vague and all is true. Could Ynet please verify.
7. #6, Actually it says "Jewish Museum" as a proper noun
Henry from New York ,   Currently in Israel   (07.26.12)
So it's specifically referring to the Jewish Museum in New York City.
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