Clinton warns Iran during Israel visit
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 16.07.12, 23:32
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1. Boundless stupidity
Curtis ,   USA   (07.16.12)
Isn't there someone in the Israeli government that can explain the facts on the ground to that dame, or is Hillary completely unteachable? Where do Israel government officials get the patience to deal with such a stupid person? She should have been run off a long time ago.
2. One has to give it to the Arabs: they have conditioned even
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.16.12)
the Americans to behave in a shameless, Levantine tradition of bargaining & lying in general: the word "hutzpa" is not translatable into Arabic (I'm sure). Now she has the gall to ask for more "gestures" from Israel?! MONICA-MONICA-MONICA...!!!!!!
they took our lands by force of invasion and we are now reclaiming what is rightfully ours. what is it in there that you cannot understand?
4. Hillary Clinton incentive to Palestinians
Floriane ,   Israel   (07.16.12)
Enough Enough Enough giving away our land, our safety for What?? So freed prisoners can multiply terrorist acts? If anything is given away I believe we will be in extreme danger at home and abroad because anyone can walk all over us and we say"amen"
5. Incentives my a**
Ber Lazarus ,   Montreal, Canada   (07.16.12)
Let the Palis offer an incentive package for once, like stopping the incitement and attacks against Jews. We've offered enough "incentives" like the whole of Judea & Samaria a few times and look where it's gotten us. Sure, now we should give them more arms and release more terrorists so that in a few months time this "gesture" will have met with the same response ie nothing and Israel will be pressured to offer still more "incentives". For what? Nothing. And she's afraid Abbas will be weakened? Ha! He's already a lame duck and would never be able to make a settlement with anyone let alone Israel without being shot. Let Clillary, the Liberal Fascist (see Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Fascists) go home and mind her own business.
6. That makes as much sense....
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (07.16.12)
as her giving an incentive package to Monica to make peace.
7. Not One Inch of Jewish Land to Barbaric, Implacable Enemies!
Linda Rivera ,   New York, USA   (07.16.12)
8. Clinton visit
Ilan ,   Be'er Sheva Israel   (07.16.12)
Give them guns? She's mad and dangerous! MONICA, MONICA!!!
9. hillary--bubba one great
arne ,   chicag usa   (07.16.12)
team--he pushed rabin on oslo (bring them home from tunis--give them arms and money) in return for peace--now she's all about the same bull-s--t. bibi will never go for it--he's no rabin (thank g-d). let her go home--get in the kitchen and boil water
10. After sending illegal arms to Mexico and getting
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (07.16.12)
border patrol agents killed with them.....Obama and Hillary Clinton want the Israelis to do the same exact the hope that they won't be used on Jews????? This woman is an idiot as well as Barack Obama. Do you give a class of retrobates that act up in that they might act a little more appropriate to their teacher and classmates???? This United States Administration is lost. They are being led by a blind man with ideas that he is an annointed King. This female court Jester he sends out as an emissary is a useless fool. They will never do anything but talk about Iran. Can you imagine these two clowns trying to manage a war against Iran. They would offer them nuclear weapons as long as they promised not to develop Uranium anymore.
11. Don't listen to Monica!
Abraham Nachmias ,   Petach Tikva IL   (07.16.12)
She is responsible for what happened in Egypt!!!
12. Sure Hillary. As soon as the USA...
Yosef ,   Boca Raton   (07.16.12)
Send guns to the Mexico drug cartels (oh i forgot that is done already) or arm the Taliban (Oh I forgot you did that already) Oh well we all know where that took us don't we? Why don't we start by releasing Pollard? Why not starting by urging Hizbollah to release Ron Arad?
13. bla bla bla
marcel   (07.16.12)
concessions are worthless incentives. Most of what she says is without any force. Israel is alone with iran and US will not take mililtary action unless iran develops icbm to launch their bombs.
14. AlQaeda was wrong!
Mira ,   Vienna   (07.16.12)
The two idiots in teh WH are not even worth three camels or turkeys!
15. Shrillary, is that all you know - BRIBERY???
Harry Wright ,   UK   (07.16.12)
Incentive packages = pure bribery. This woman is absolutely shameless and disgusting. The Obama administration is about change - so they say. Well, it is high time they change the strategy of incentives for Abbas which have not worked. Try bullying Abbas and demand that he offer incentives to Israel. Just reverse the order of things FOR A CHANGE!!!
16. First it was Peres who looked madly in love...
and now it's the turn of Netenyahu... I guess that sex
17. Bill, control your wife...
Avi ,   Israel   (07.16.12)
She is ruining the reputation of our kosher politicians...
18. Instant suicide
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.16.12)
sure, Israel is going to give free guns to the Pallies. Hillary & her muslim boss are completely deranged & dont have a clue. I guess they want us to roll over & die. November cant come soon enough.
19. Solving the Cube - Live
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (07.16.12)
All this live coverage of momentous events in the State of Israel right now by Ynet is excellent.
20. Those US Democratik Peaceniks -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (07.16.12)
- seems to be Possessed by Forcing their stupid ideas for Peace with the PA on Israel, Ideas wich have always failed. Why cant those Peaceniks hold their Peace ? Nr 1 has the point. Arn.Sweden.
21. gimme a bushel of tomatoes and some shoes
bari ,   nyc usa   (07.16.12)
monica monica monica
22. desparate attempt win point bHo re-election
Martin ,   SA   (07.16.12)
Why are the PA short of guns Perhaps the operatives sold them. We prefer the status quo. Let them live with their corruption no guns or not enough of them. Abass has never been the one to influence the outcome. We've been through that. Push come to shuv the Arab League calls the shots and Abass asks what can I do?. What ever they offer reject even Tel Aviv says the A League. A waist of time. Good try Hilarious.
23. Clinton:Life in prison for Pollard, Pali terrorists released
Tahl   (07.16.12)
In Hillary Clinton's bizarre rulebook, being a spy who helps a friendly country is a worse crime than aiding terror. Am I the first to catch her unbelievable hypocrisy here?
ZIMBI ,   NJUSA   (07.17.12)
25. Hang Em High
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (07.17.12)
To Taht: make me P.M. of Israel and there wont be too many Arab prisoners. First: make make murder (terrorism) a capital Eichmann...prosecute and sentence killers of Jewish leniency. (Give them 1 appeal). If an accomplice in any way, same verdict, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth ( as in Calif). 25 to life, no parole for 3 time offenders of other crimes..through military courts. Same applies to non-Arabs to be fair. Israel must annex part of the W.Bk..per a timeline to "talk". No talky no return of land taken in wars. Barghouti must be retried under above. The killer of Fogel family muste be resentenced. Re: the USA, and Hillary ( really Obama) is she kidding? The US is scared to death of Iran's missiles and suicide bombers..and a wider war..and will not even defend Syrians who want freedom, not even weapons or a no-fly zone. And Israel is to believe her. In 4 months she and Obama will be gone..and HOPEFULLY, John Bolton, Mitt Romney, and Condi Rice will be in the new White House. First act: move US embassy to Jerusalem. 2nd act: supply Israel with long range bombers..even B52s or Stealths. (No refueling problem).
26. When should Clinton come to Jerusalem
Ralph ,   Rishon Le Zion   (07.17.12)
Only when she brings Pollard with here. Otherwise no-one here is the slightest bit interested in what her and her Palestinians loving boss have to say.
27. Running for office
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (07.17.12)
Of course Madame Hillary is spouting inanities. She's running for US president. Haven't you a clue? She has correctly figured you have to be an idiot to win the presidential election here! After all...look who we elected president in 2008!
Baruch ,   Israel/Houston   (07.17.12)
No kidding! The antisemite Lourdes Garcis-Navarro thinks that an election year visit to Israel is all about her poor weak, helpless, feeble, and impotent Palestinians. She reported that this was a move designed to snub Palestinians. She also reports that this is the end of the peace talks, whatever they were. Her source is of course herself. If she is going to be snake tongued at least become versed in our politics and vaguely familiar with those of her own country. Good grief at least we know politcs when we see it and don't drag headless bodies through the streets of border towns. Jews have got to stop funding this nonsense. Israel needs to revoke her visa. And all Jews and Israelis need to quit taking US politics seriously--good grief they don't even have any politicians worth watching.
29. I agree with you Tahl @ #23
Israeli 2   (07.17.12)
She has the chutzpa - to come here and tell us not to expect anything about the release of Pollard. Any administration who will not release Pollard will be from now on deemed "An enemy of Israel." We must press Romney not only to commit releasing Pollard but to move the ambassadorship to Jerusalem.
30. Oh my
Monica Lewdwinski ,   USA   (07.17.12)
What was I thinking?!!!
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