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Gaza Christians protest 'forcible conversions'
Associated Press
Published: 17.07.12, 00:52
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1. Presbyterians must have presbycusis!
zelig ,   memphis u.s.a.   (07.17.12)
Where is the Presbyterian Church,U.S.A ? How come they don't lift a finger to help one of their fellow Christians who may indeed have been forced to accept the religion of the threat of physical harm,no doubt.Where? They are busy thinking about their next anti Israel agenda.Thank G-d for the Baptists! I'll bet one of them will open his or her mouth ; )
2. Is Anglican Church sending obervers?Are Methodists for BDS ?
Is Tutu going to write some letters? Is the UNHRC going to hold an emergency meeting? On past performance they will look elsewhere.
3. The anti-Israel National Council of
Reuven   (07.17.12)
Churches should be made aware of this! So should the Presbyteruians, Anglicans, and United Methodists.
4. "Unheard of in Gaza before."
NYC Girl   (07.17.12)
There are a lot of things that are unheard of in Gaza. That doesn't mean they aren't happening. The problem is the penalty for speaking out can often be very unpleasant.
5. Concessions Hillary ?
Roland Seener ,   London England   (07.17.12)
6. The Simple Answer
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (07.17.12)
The solution is so easy I am surprised no one has thought of it. Simply put ship ALL Palestinian Muslims to Gaza and the Gaza Christians to the West Bank. Middle East problem over...peace may reign.
7. another crime
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (07.17.12)
The Sharon gang and the rest of the Kadima Junta are directly responsible for the ethnic cleansing of Gaza in service of Islam. Israel should immediately offer these 1500 victims shelter in Israel, with an option of Israeli or foreign citizenship.
8. i agree with#7
monk ,   herzliya   (07.17.12)
these people have absolutly nothing to do with jihadists and if there were more of them maybe the strict muslim mentality would change. I dont think that christian arabs should be catogorized in the same boat as muslim arabs as they really act differently and live by 2 totally different standards. The christians are more europeanized as the muslems are more i guess ghetto i dont know how to word it exactly, but i do think that if a another major religious war broke out in this region we will see that the christian arabs will side with the jews because there is no way they can live a muslim life style
9. Where is the useless UN in all of this?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (07.17.12)
10. u r so smart
bar ,   tel aviv   (07.17.12)
and put all secular jews in tel aviv and send all the religious to Bne brak . Jerusalem is for the red heeds or people with blue eyes. the north for arabs and the south for Beduins. and peace shall remain forever
11. #4 - this has actually happened many times before in Gaza
William ,   Israel   (07.17.12)
It was reported right here in Ynet back in 2009. So were targeted killings of Christians in Gaza and attacks on Christian book stores and schools.
12. Poor Gaza
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (07.19.12)
While the Christian world supports the poor Gazans and attacks Israel, the poor Christians in Gaza continue to be persecuted. The same applies to the West Bank
13. Reply to 2 Aussie
Joseph ,   London UK   (07.19.12)
It seems the Anglicans et al are too 'occupied' with Israel to notice much else in the Middle East!
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