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Pentagon bolsters deployment in Gulf
Published: 17.07.12, 10:24
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1. Will they...Wont they
Tim ,   Brighton   (07.17.12)
Are the IR of Iran Regime ready to close the Hormuz? Almost every indication suggests its IMMINENT Whilst the worlds attention is on civil war in Syria..and further fixated on Syria with Iran sponsored direct Hezbollah intervention together with the Olympics..'wake up one morning and you find that Iran are now in charge' Put yourself in their shoes..With oil overflowing in storage tankers, a desperate shortage of materials, huge transfers of money abroad and inflation out of control....they have no choice. Either negotiate of break the sanctions by force What with naval leave cancelled, the usual bellicose rhetoric - absent, and the 'official' warnings about Hormuz the Arabian Gulf and Bahrein..surely there must be little doubt about their intentions Whats more the Military are now in a super confident mood...whilst there seems to be an air of forboding amongst ordinary soldiers and sailors the Generals feel almost invincible Will they..Wont they...Will they..Wont they...Will they..Wont they...Will they..Wont they...Will they..Wont they... Perhaps Persian Cat has the answers?
2. OH BOY! I feel bad for my own countrymen
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (07.17.12)
but what is the alternative choice? These mullahs will not give up until it is too late. Bunch of innocent people are going to get killed until these idiots run away to the mountain in Afghanistan. Would that be nice!!
3. Its always interesting to hear Ali Fadavi
Tim ,   Brighton   (07.17.12)
With the perfectly apt Title of Rear Admiral... The Rear Admiral Macho Man with the amazing ability to speak three languages - out of his rear! Nevertheless..was it him who blurted out a few days ago regarding Hormuz..Its not if but when...We are just waiting for the orders to recapture what is rightfully ours Like some rattled snake clearly they are hissing and frothing at the mouth to strike...with absolute belief in their invincibility
4. #1, #3 tim
solomon ,   bklyn   (07.17.12)
Iran has also been known to bluff and bluster...and back down when pressed. (And sorry, but I can’t take seriously your request to Persian Cat for the answers. He is also full of bluff and bluster.)
5. The Enterprise, the Lincoln, and the Eisenhower are
Rivkah   (07.21.12)
mentioned in an ELS Scripture code matrix on war with Iran. When one aspect of the matrix is changed, that can delay or avert the ELS Scripture code prophecy. Praise to HaShem that the Lincoln left last Monday and is being replaced with the USS John C. Stennis. Praise Yahweh/Yeshua and the Ruach HaKodesh! Mercy is His name. Mercy and salvation and goodness!
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