Prepare for Syria chaos
Alex Fishman
Published: 17.07.12, 11:00
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1. barshar Kifuk? The Hot syrian Summer
Is Making everyone mooshnoonie? To the Butcher of syria; what goes around COMES AROUND? Watch your ass Gochba! Yella
2. keep fighting boys
real vision ,   usa   (07.17.12)
and completely destroy your country
3. demonstrations
michael north ,   karmiel israel   (07.17.12)
Why do we not hear of massive demonstrations outside Syrian embassies for the ongoing carnage in Syria? If Israel would fire on a few Palestinians the outcry would be thunderous
4. So far so good
Ariel ,   Europe   (07.17.12)
Syria will disintegrate into 4-5 impotent sectarian entities, Kurds and Druzes being Israeli satellites. Alawites will sit tight in Latakia under Russian guard, and Sunnis will learn how to spell "drone alarm" in no time.
5. The Alawites Misstake - ? -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (07.17.12)
This they should have done a long time ago - I Quote - The forecast for the day after Assad refers to the possibility of chaos and a civil war among sects. The Alawites are already starting to talk about the option of withdrawing into their own autonomous area. Comment - if it is not already to late ? As this - Another testament to this can be seen now already if we map the main combat theaters. It is no coincidence that Homs and its environs have become a brutal focal point of fighting. Alawites and Sunnis live right next to each other in the area. Homs is the gateway to Syria's Alawite region – the coastal area where the Alawites are fighting without compromise, in order to safeguard their homes. The Alawites have reached the point of forming independent militias that operate in the Alawite area in order to suppress any hint of rebellion. They don't trust the army to stand by them forever. For them, this is a war of survival. Arn.Sweden.
6. bring on that civil war ASAP
zionist forever   (07.17.12)
If they are at war with each other then they will be to busy to fight against Israel and it will keep out the Islamist government. Its also going to mean no future left wing Israeli government will be trading the Golan for a toilet paper treaty to prove to the arab world Israel wants peace. Let Syrians have a nice little civil war and the country won't have any serious weaponry left when its over which will be great. More and more arab armies crumbling Assad himself probably has until November maximum because once the US election is out the way the president will be free to play the humanitarian and launch a military operation. Right now it won't happen because even though Syria is no match for any western army compared to Libya its a superpower. It will involve the use of special forces at the very least and it will need to be a much larger campaign than Libya which scares the hell out of the Europeans who couldn't even defeat Libya without some American help. Israel though must attack Syria if Assad uses WMD against his own people because once he has shown he is ready to use them so we might be the next target so we must pre empt and launch a military operation ourselves see if we can later on get NATO to join the party.
7. Dang - totally forecasted
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (07.17.12)
I stated this would be the result over a year ago. Nice to see that the rest of the world is catching up.
8. Not 1 major Demonstration in Europe !
MurderousHypocrisy ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.17.12)
The true face of Europe and the Arab world is now shown as there has not been 1 major anti Syrian demonstration in places where hundreds of thousands weekly yearly demonstrated against IsraelLondon Paris Rome NY Athens Nearly 20,000 dead tens of thousands more wounded outright slaughter and yet it was and contnues to be Israel that is only "worthy" of demonstrating aganst.. This should be the ultimate wakeup call to the Jewish world as to world's "plans" for us . The true face of murderous hypocrisy.
9. the israelis are to blame!!
meyer ,   bat ayin   (07.17.12)
if an indpentent palistine were created we wouldn't have this problem. ya right! our mazel is that this chaos was diverted from us back to syria. BH!
10. Syria
Dik ,   Spijkenisse, Holland   (07.17.12)
whatever will happen all those groups are islam and share their hate for Israel. We we pray to God Almighty for your protection. Shalom from Holland
11. #4 a good solution, and #1
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (07.17.12)
#4: That would be a just and fair solution that would save innocent lives. In fact, if Obama offered Assad partitiion of Syria into two parts with Syrians free to choose their leader, he would accept. But Assad is not stupid. He knows that this war is about genociding all non-Sunni to cement a Suni Saudi Arab empire in the Middle East. The day he realized that it was Obama behind the revolution was the day that Assad realized that whether or not he surrendered or compromised did not matter, eventually he will be murdered. #1: I think that everyone but the press knew this would be the result.
12. The alawites will be butchered by sunnis.....
Iranian Hunter   (07.17.12)
They will chant, "destroy the shabiha", "destroy all the shabiha". I am a persian descent who knows this shia sect because i was a shia myself, but not alawite, i am jafari shia (majority shia in Iran). The alawites are not muslim at all when most sunnis knows their faith, these people worship their current government as the mahdi, which is why you can see many pictures and videos of them worshiping Assad, that is not nationalism, it is religious. The sunnis are having a momentum and dominates the middle east. The shias should be prepared for cleansing. I won't say it's bad, since i hate shia too now, both are evil. May both burns. What i am worried is the christians and other non muslims in Syria. I hope the sunnis will not kill them, although i am pessimistic. The ultra sunnis (wahhabi, salafi) are fascist.
13. Druze
Jason Alster ,   Wethersfield, CT   (07.17.12)
I think the Druze on the Golan are quiet about the civil war in Syria, not protesting against Israel this time. Maybe they are happier to be in Israel than in Syria. maybe they will join their other Druze brothers in Israel and be part of the state and keep the Golan in Israel.
14. Russia’s interest in Syria
Michael ,   Moscow, USA   (07.17.12)
Russia’s interest in Syria is very simple. With Assad or without him Russians want to preserve their permanent military presence on naval base in Tartus. The jurisdictional status of that base will be kept similarly to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. As in Cuba no matter who’s in power – Fidel Castro backed by Red China/Russia or Batista backed by Americans the military base territory remains under US Navy command. Same goes for Tartus. Obviously Russians prefer Assad to remain in power just to avoid future claims to that piece of land but they will accept any future Sunni-run government as long as it accepts Russian military presence. By the way, former Soviet republics of Georgia and Kirgizstan are having both Russian and American military bases on their soil.
15. Mikdash and damascus
leah ,   beverly hills ca   (07.18.12)
Same hebrew letters. They are on the same fucrum. Lubavitcher Rebbe speaks on collapse of damascus and the rise of the beit hamikdash, one has to fall so the other will rise, Collapse already damascus!!!!!
16. Modern Porphecy
Edward Broker ,   Phoenix U.S.A.   (07.18.12)
The prophecy of Isaiah 17:1 is about to be fulfilled.
17. syria
reuven ,   stroud. england   (07.18.12)
refugees welcomed in turkey, lebanon and jordan, israel still has the option (better late than never) to aspire to similar humanity, the annexed golan inhabitants have the right to same, as part of israel syria and the fledgling one world
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