Gaza Church claims Christians kidnapped, forced to convert
Elior Levy
Published: 17.07.12, 23:51
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1. WHAT!? You mean the "suffering" Gazans are:
forcing Christians to convert to Islam? and where does that leave the European Ultra-Leftists? Does that mean they will HAVE TO convert to Islam too?
2. It is intriquing.
Gabriel ,   Leiden, Netherlands   (07.18.12)
Christian demographics all over the Middle-East, with one notable exception, have a peculiar trait: they tend to plummit. How could this possibly be?
3. The Pope to the rescue !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (07.18.12)
4. Answer is obvious! Send more Anglican observers to --Israel
5. After 64 Years Still Not A Jewish Problem
Baruch ,   Israel/Houston   (07.18.12)
After all this time I do not understand how this appeal to Israel makes any sense at all. Israel seeks to build a nation founded on justice and enterprise. Sometimes those are more benifecent than benevolent and in this instance it is just not our interest. Perhaps you should seek out one of the organizations that thrive on manufacturing victims of Jewish existence, particulaly in Israel. Call NPR, Lourdes Garcia-Navarro will come running. Perhaps the Presbyterian Church, USA can help, they certainly have been witholding aid in their own country. Frankly after 64 years of your slander, rockets, raising your children to hate us, and manipulating the world press; all of this while submitting to the enormous corruption that you now claim victimizes you, the claim is suspicious. Seriously, call Garcia-Navarro, if your will blame the Jews, she will make you famous.
6. A lil weary of launching rockets I suppose
Cameron ,   USA   (07.18.12)
Even fanatics need a change of pace now & again.
7. where are the saviors?
mike north ,   karmiel israel   (07.18.12)
The massacres in Syria and now forced conversions on vulnerable Christians.So now the haters of Israel are silent. Archbishops and all you associated brethren-why do you not cry out now at the cruelty of those you support?
8. Converting to Islam
Before it was the Jews who were forced to convert to Islam or be killed, now is the turn of the Christians. Next to be forced to convert to Islam who knows. Religion of not peace but VIOLENCE.
9. Where is the Pope ?
AlbertoGA ,   St. George, USA   (07.18.12)
In Rome Haverim . . .and he is having a Major SIESTA ! In the good old Days...he would mount a first class Crusade to save his people in the land of the Bible etc, etc. Do you remember ? Ayayay Miseria.
10. Report Misleading!!
Eric ,   JHB SA   (07.18.12)
These people WILLINGLY converted to Islam!!! So what is the problem??? Why doesn't Ynetnews interview these people who converted to Islam instead of publishing misleading stories. Everyone has the right to choose which religion to follow!!!
11. Christians and who should care
moi   (07.18.12)
it is not the special responsibility of Western Christians rather than anyone else to speak out for Christians being persecuted by Muslims. Christianity is a religion, not a tribal group where each Christian looks out for fellow Christians. Therefore it is up to everybody in the West , not just Christians, to speak up. This does not happen because the Western media constantly downplays and ignores persecution of Christians by Muslims.
12. to #10 no ynet or jews can enter gaza
ghostq   (07.18.12)
even journalists, they would be taken hotage for prisoners exchange deals, as for the victims, you have to understand that victims will claim it was willingly otherwise Hamas members know where they live and will deal with them if they won't obay as they r instructed to say. that is the pali way.
13. to #10 almost forgot
ghostq   (07.18.12)
minors can't make that decision. they shouldn't make that decision. yet in this case they were forced. you need to reexamine your values.
14. Where are all the chirping crickets?
Carl ,   USA   (07.18.12)
"Human rights" groups, UN, Europe, churches, Pope, etc. are all silent as they have been over the Islamization of Bethlehem. Even Palestinian Christians will stand up and reflexively blame the Jews instead of confronting their real oppressors.
15. To N 7, Mike
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (07.18.12)
Dear Mike. There are many true Christians, like me, that support and admire Israel, and do repudiate the shameful crimes committed against your people in the name of Jesus. Those bad clerics don't represent us. God bless all Abraham's Sons and Daughters.
16. Reward for BDS
emanon ,   USA   (07.18.12)
17. #10 - you take Islamists word for it
William ,   Israel   (07.18.12)
It was Muslim groups who made the claim these people converted willingly. How are their words more credible than the family members of the converted? Muslims in Egypt claimed the same thing when Copts were forcibly converted. It didn't make it true, did it? Do you enjoy being a troll?
18. Western Media
Christian Schiffer ,   Sandefjord, Norway   (08.29.12)
I would suggest to you that Western media do not write about this because they hate both Christians and Jews alike. This because the Atheist press worships the sung-d just as the Mohammedans do, their g-d is the moong-d with is the same, the flip side of the sung-d. Therefor they have no problems with each other, just with us who worship the G-D of Yisrael. Atheists worship the sung-d through Darwinism, the Big Bang religion. Because the Big Bang as the creator can be likened to the Sun as the Big Bang like the sun is a thermonuclear explosion. They claim nothing exploded in a gigantic thermonuclear explosion and this nothing thereby created everything. If that's not a religion, what is? Off course many Christians also worship Je-us, but I don't think that matters to the other sung-d worshipers, as long as one worships G-D of Israel one is their enemy.
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