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7 killed in terror attack on Israeli tourists in Bulgaria
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 19.07.12, 01:56
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1. Only Ynet is reporting this, so it is hopefully not that ser
3. Its a nice holiday resort, but guess Bulgaria will
Arlene ,   Israel   (07.18.12)
now suffer tourism falling. Israelis...its time to holiday at home and to the hotels, lower prices so we are not tempted to go abroad. Sympathies with the families if there are fatalities and those hurt, a speedy recovery.
4. Gregg from Haifa
David ,   Haifa Israel   (07.18.12)
you are a racisit and non Jew... so leave OUR home. You hate us so much... cheer for dead Jews then get out. We no want you here.
5. Israeli tourists
David ,   NY   (07.18.12)
Time for Israelis to stop spending money overseas and travel in Israel. What is there to see in Bulgaria anyway?
6. No evidence of TERRORISM. Ynet is gutter tabloids.
Jackson   (07.18.12)
making and assuming, I hope one day you are sued.
7. welll said #2
8. What happens in Israel, does not stay in Israel
COLBERT ,   Treadmill, ISS   (07.18.12)
...the assassination of Iranian civilian scientists by Mossad, or their proxies in Iran, encourages the assassination of Israeli civilian soldiers, scientists, anywhere in the world.
9. Burgas
Zvi ,   Bat Yam   (07.18.12)
To the morron #1 If your mother would be killed in the terrorist attack you wound dismiss the news as not serious By the way all the media outlets reporting this incident
10. I've said it a million times for heavens sake
Al   (07.18.12)
Stop travelling the shit holes of the world looking for adventure. Damn we have enough problems at home. Condolences to the families. Damn
11. #2 you are one friggin idiot now piss off
Al   (07.18.12)
12. dummy
charles ,   mtl   (07.18.12)
Did any one tell you that you are an idiot.
13. Muslims with some help from anti-semitic insiders
k ,   US   (07.18.12)
Most likely would not surprise me if these "boycott Israel" people are responsible for this
14. Jews should only go to Israel or the US
k ,   US   (07.18.12)
those are really the only countries that are safe for Jews or who do not have a history of allowing Jews to be killed
15. #2: How often have buses been known to explode on their own?
Henry from New York ,   Currently in Israel   (07.18.12)
What kind of malfunction do you think happened exactly?
16. Bus Bomb
Phil ,   London   (07.18.12)
Gregg Other sites are reporting a suicide bomber. How many buses explode like this due to a 'malfunction' Or are you trying to be ironic and dont get the point
17. no...
ME ,   ISRAEL   (07.18.12)
they r watching channel 2 and they are getting their info from them!
18. to Gregg
1   (07.18.12)
we love what? it seems u love being stupid!
19. #2 Gregg
Df2 ,   Beer Sheva, Israel   (07.18.12)
Interesting your comment. Haaretz has reported it both in English and in Hebrew - calling it a terror attack in the English edition and a pigua in the Hebrew edition. Jerusalem post has reported it in breaking news saying it was an explosion but no article on it. Interesting you try to poo poo it. Before jumping the gun and then having to retract stuff, which you never do, why don't you wait before jumping to conclusions. Might save wiping the egg off your face.
yael ,   ISRAEL!!!   (07.18.12)
It is a terror attack !! its all over the news, not just on Ynet!
21. #2, you're right, 3 random buses explode at the same time
happens every day.
22. מוות למחבלים!!!!!!!!!!! עצוב!!:(
כגכד   (07.18.12)
23. 3 killed in terror attack in Bulgaria
rachel ,   Arad, israel   (07.18.12)
Ynet is not the only one reporting. It's on yahoo as a headliner. and running under breaking news on other sites. Yes, 3 are dead with 20 injured, some badly. Yes, mostly young people.
24. Blast in Bulgaria
Madeleine ,   Rehovot Israel   (07.18.12)
this is what the Jerusalem Post say:, I guess we'll know in good time.
25. It's true :(
Pavel ,   Sofia,Bulgaria   (07.18.12)
A bus exploded with 40 Israeli tourists...No official data, but few journalists said it's unlikely to have survivors by looking at the remnants of the bus :(
26. Swede?
Helena   (07.18.12)
A Swede again?
27. I heard about it on FoxNews
Gail ,   Boston   (07.18.12)
28. Iran strikes again
Dan Goldman   (07.18.12)
Iran strikes again. So what do Obama, Ashton, Meir Dagan and their peacenik & liberal friends say now ? Wait till the mushroom clouds bloom over Tel Aviv and Israel keep yapping "all options are still on the table".
29. #6 - no evidence?
William ,   Israel   (07.18.12)
Man boards bus Bus blows up Bus explosion has all hallmarks of internal explosion by means other than equipment malfunction. Something Israelis have experience with from Arab terrorists. Seems like terrorism to me.
30. #8 - Iran admitted they had no evidence to support that
William ,   Israel   (07.18.12)
They admitted back then and still today that they have no evidence the Mossad (Israel) was involved in the death of their scientists. They made the assumption based on the question "who would benefit?". Hardly evidence that stands up in any court. So - in response to an attack on scientists working on an illegal military program (not classified as civilians by the Geneva Convention), the response is - blow up a bus load of innocent civilians? No, the latter is terrorism and a war crime, but very typical of the depraved Muslim mindset.
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