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Celebrations, defections follow Damascus blast
Roi Kais, AP
Published: 18.07.12, 20:02
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1. Panetta and Hammond: Talk about the
DT ,   TA Israel   (07.18.12)
"politicians of the insane" ! As if Assad is in control and capable of doing anything now. If he is not gone within hours it will be by W/end.
2. Assad
dovid ,   new york   (07.18.12)
I can't wait to see photos of Assad strung upside down on a lightpole with bullet holes like Swiss cheese a la Benito Mussolini.
3. Good luck with the "political solution"
Sarah B ,   U.S.   (07.18.12)
For heaven's sake, you're dealing with Arabs. Violence is the lingua franca of the Arab world. They aren't exactly what you can call "evolved." Except, perhaps, for Asma Assad. It appears she knows all about Dior, Versace, Armani and Ferragamo. In some circles, that's actually considered "evolved." There's a future for her (assuming she survives) on "Arab Wives of the Rich and Famous." Of course, odds are that she'll end up just like Clara Petacci. She may wish to consider donning pantsuits for the foreseeable future.
4. looks like syrians are havin a greatime despite the blood !
Raffa ,   EU   (07.18.12)
5. syria
spookey ,   birmingham uk   (07.18.12)
troops running and throwing away there kit some army
6. November 7 its all over for Assad
zionist forever   (07.18.12)
Assad is not going to step down just because the US wants him to do the honerable thing even if he wanted to he can't 1) Steps down gets a show trial & execution in Syria. 2) Steps down tries to find somebody that will take him in knowing he can never leave that country without finding himself up in front of an international court for war crimes. I can sure see Assad taking Panetta's advice on this one, at least now he commands an army and can keep fighting and attempt to beat them into submission. I doubt Assad will use his chemical weapons but he won't let threats from Panneta like he will be held responsible scare him. He is reaching the point where he has nothing to lose it he does use them. Short of his using the chemical weapons I imagine that once the US election is over in November if Assad is still killing then the US will lead a NATO operation. Right now Obama doesn't want to get into another Middle East conflict this side of an election. Right now though Obama is terrified to do anything because if there is going to be a WMD hunt that means boots on the ground and US troops getting shot at by Assad loyalists so the Syrians are going to have to wait a while for the troops to come save the day. If for no other reason the US wants to take control of those chemical weapons before either Assad uses them or they fall into terrorist hands. As far as Israel is concerned once Assad is gone if Syria descends into civil war then thats great because they will have no time for fighting Israel if they are fighting each other and it will make sure they don't elect an Islamist government.
7. Best scenario
real vision ,   usa   (07.19.12)
is that they all kill each other and completely destroy their country and a new gene pool is introduced that may actually have a brain and a heart
8. Not a big surprise...
Carl ,   USA   (07.19.12)
This very same Syrian regime helped create and train the Islamic suicide bomber! The student has now turned on his teacher.
9. to DOVID at 2
UNCLE JOE ,   CT , USA   (07.19.12)
add to him athma ,all decorated with her jewls .
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