PM on Bulgaria terror attack: All signs point to Iran
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 18.07.12, 21:22
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1. And what about Turkey ?
cb   (07.18.12)
2. Israel is best served without Obama's thoughts and prayers
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (07.18.12)
3. That's the problem: Israel should have thoroughly burnt...
Rafi ,   US   (07.18.12)
... the Iranian terror hand 18 yrs ago in Argentina.
4. larijani, on the target list
iraj   (07.18.12)
ari larijani is now a target as he enables kameinei across the military and industry. He is now on the list.
5. correction. not apprehended but eliminated
mohammed   (07.18.12)
iranian filth, killers of nada will be eliminated. Barak is too k ind. But they will be taken in eventually. kameinei, make your getaway plans to moscow now because your persian subjects with outside help will tear your head off./
6. bing mistake nasrollah
ishamel   (07.18.12)
we know you will use syrian missiles loaded with chemicals and biologicals. No one will live in your areas after retaliation. You willbe burned toast. You were lucky that you faced olmert and livni, 2 pacifists especially olmert. Now Israelis want to spill your blood. No matter if you even throw nukes, israel will set you on fire.
7. warmongering
roger ,   zurich   (07.18.12)
dangerous warmongering talk from Netanyahu. I don't think he realises what is at stake.
8. A kosher mushroom cloud over teheran
jason white ,   afula, israel   (07.18.12)
would be the proper response. Why is bibi waiting?
9. Naaaaah Netenyahu, you are wrong here...
A few clumsy tourists is no revenge for nuclear scientists... Keep looking over your shoulder...
10. He who sows the wind shall reap the whirlwind ,...
split ,   US   (07.18.12)
I have seen it coming. You can't go around killing innocent people, human rights observers, peaceniks on ships, scientists, journalists or suspected "terrorists" by extrajudicial and targeted killings and feel safe ,...
11. All who clap hands are as guilty as perpetrators
Roland Seener ,   London England   (07.18.12)
12. To the PM..Stop making 15 sec soundbite coments
Al   (07.18.12)
This is not a CNN moment. Your endless talk of "Israel will react to it with force", rings hollow. At a time like this its best to stop talking and start preparing to walk the walk. Syria is imploding..Assad is out and Iran is about to pounce thru its proxies in Lebanon and Gaza. They have nothing to lose..Its a hail mary with two min left in the 4th quarter.
13. Yes, Mr. Bibi.
Israeli 2   (07.18.12)
What are you going to do about it? Worry about your next election? The Haredim? What action will you take?
14. The head terrorist of the Zionista must be careful.
Persian CAT   (07.18.12)
I realize his is hysterical, but what evidence does he have to make such idiotic claims?!
15. Netanyahu licking his lips
eldar ,   Haifa   (07.18.12)
Taking a cue from George W on how to go to war on any pretense. Before anyone new any details about the attack, our prime minister shamelessly uses it to promote his plans to attack Iran. Where did America's war on Iraq lead it? Where will Bibi lead our country with his adventures?
16.  iran
spookey ,   birmingham uk   (07.18.12)
would not be surprised attack on bus , about there style of doing things time to up the anti mr premier
17. Response needed like after Munich massacre but stronger!
David ,   Israel   (07.18.12)
18. The chickens are coming home to roost.
Chas. ,   Los Angeles   (07.18.12)
The message is clear, stay home Israelis and do what you do best, thump on the Palestinians, it's a lot safer than wandering around the free world.
19. SO -? -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (07.18.12)
I Quote - PM on Bulgaria terror attack: All signs point to Iran After seven killed in attack on Israeli bus in Burgas, Netanyahu says 'murderous Iranian spreading worldwide.' Comment - It is the Revenge for the Iranian Nuclear Scientists Further - Barak: We'll apprehend perpetrators Comment - We have heard the option on the Table for a Decade now. Arn.Sweden
20. Look for hizbullah Scum
lebanese with Cypriot Passports? Bibi Needs To send the little bearded monkey A STRONG Message!!!!!!!!! ASAP!!!
21. To: No. 18
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.18.12)
"Thump" on the ersatz "Palestinians?" Oh! Do you mean in response to suicide bombings and 15,000 thousand missiles fired from Gaza? How about random stabbings of Jews by ersatz "Palestinians" at bus stops? How about the massacre of a sleeping family of five by two Arab teenagers? Or hurling boulders at Jewish-owned cars? Do you have any idea the amount of force that Israel can bring to bear against these miscreants? Contrast that with Israel's measured response. For that matter, how do you care to account for the one million Iraqi civilians who were killed by indiscriminate NATO bombing? How about the seven million Afghani civilians that were killed by indiscriminate NATO bombing? Of course, if I REALLY wanted to put you in a hole, I could ask you to account for all those dead Vietnamese civilians, all those dead Japanese civilians and all those dead German civilians -- you know: napalm, fire-bombing, two nuclear devices and carpet bombing ..... You need to shut up and acquire an education. How DARE you presume to suggest where Israelis may or may not travel?
22. To: No. 14
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.18.12)
Well, now, let's see. Iranians arrested for plotting against Israeli interests in India. Iranians arrested for plotting against Israeli interests in Thailand. Iranians arrested for plotting against Israeli interests in Kenya. Duh. Are you truly that addled, pussy cat? But the monkey in charge of your nasty country had better watch his step, now. He crossed a red line, and Iran WILL be made to pay, and pay dearly.
23. #8: I Would Not Recommend That Option
emanon ,   USA   (07.18.12)
Go visit Hiroshima or Nagasaki before you voice that opinion. Visit the museums. See the people still dying from those blasts . . . Now if you want to talk about leveling Iran with conventional weapons, I'm right with ya on that score! Laying down a bunch of Daisey Cutters on the proper targets ought to do the job just fine!
24. To 18. To say, that you are an i diot, is to say nothing
Oleg ,   USA   (07.18.12)
Wait till your beloved terrorists target your bus and they will. But you won't even understand this, because you know who you are... exactly -- AN I-DI-OT!
25. iran
martin ,   durham usa   (07.18.12)
you cant just go after the guys that carried out the attack we know who ordered that its the head of the iranian guard with the approval of the iranian govt so whos going to attack these guys the us wont so i guess its up to israel but i doubt anything will be done
26. What about Russia? China? Egypt ?End
Nora Tel Aviv   (07.18.12)
27. Ynet: who's side are you on?
Tom W ,   USA   (07.19.12)
Have you noticed the avalanche of Jew haters who appear on these forums while most of pro-Israeli posters are regularly deleted. War is approaching fast. Ynet people should chose sides: do they want to be the spokespersons of the resident antisemites like "split" "edithann" and others.
28. if this was Hamas or Hezbollah it must mean war
zionist forever   (07.19.12)
Once the victims have been dealt with we need to find out who was responsible and if it turns out it was Hamas or Hezbollah then it must result in a large scale military operation to teach the world that we don't accept Israeli tourists being murdered and walk away.
29. to my friend MOHAMMED at 5
UNCLE JOE ,   CT , USA   (07.19.12)
amen .all the power to you brother .GOD bless the green IRANIAN revolution .i hope the mullahs and ayatollas will be next on the way to extinction after the fall of the tyrant bashar ,and his thugs in SYRIA . bless you ,and bless THE GREAT HEBREW STATE .
30. Rererere
George ,   Bulgaria   (07.19.12)
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