No answer to terrorism
Eitan Haber
Published: 19.07.12, 11:14
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1. REALITY: It is not safe for ANY human to live on Earth
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (07.19.12)
It is 100% impossible to protect any group of humans from random acts of violence. Seeking someone to "blame," other than the person that did the actual violence is pointless and doomed to failure because the person that did the violence is often dead and took their secrets (delusional or real) to the grave. The best society can do is mourn the dead and get on with their very unsafe lives. No human can avoid death because we ALL DIE. Fearing death is a waste of time and all forms of death are equal. When you are dead, you are dead. The human reaction to seek vengeance ultimately is a waste of time and energy and often just gets more people killed. Tit for tat never works.
2. They do the same to each other & around the world
3. The best way to protect your people:
Albrecht   (07.19.12)
make peace with your neighbours and learn to respect the Arabs in your country.
4. Haber is delusional
NYC Girl   (07.19.12)
If Eytan Haber can find a way to "live with the Arab world" while their goal continues to be the annihilation of Israel...somebody should give him a freaking Nobel Peace Prize. Or maybe they should give him the one they prematurely bestowed on Barack Obama...since he hasn't done a damned thing to deserve it.
5. No answer?
frauss ,   Jerusalem   (07.19.12)
There is an answer to terror - FIGHT IT! Will it be perfect or hermetic? No. That does not mean we should give up fighting it. Remember what Jerusalem looked like when busses were blowing up every day? We fought it with feet on the ground and a fence. How many busses blow up now? You fight an enemy until he loses the will to fight you or no longer exists. What is happening to El Qaida after America's war on them? They are seriously diminished and look for easier targets like the anarchic rotting countries of the Middle East and Africa. "And until we find a way to live with the Arab world"... It's about time they found a way to live with us! Until then, we fight. It only makes us stronger. Any other way, you can go to the Diaspora and become a helpless Jew again. Been there done that!
6. israel has choices
ganbarpour   (07.19.12)
It can as barak and olmert did to make tremendous concessions at its own peril to become part of themiddle east only to wake up one day to find itself like the copts in egypt or the sunnis in syria being masacred by the alawites. I am not so dumb as baidetz, ashkenazi and even rabin to return the golan as israel has to control its own borders by itself and forget about sharing arrangemntes with the hosnis and yusefs. One difference as the security cannot protect all israelis as haber says is for eveyr israeli to become his own policemen to be armed where appropriate to have martial skills(especially the haredi) so they can jump a suspiticous character or to block the bus from being boarded if they see something odd. Israelis still have better lives than under the nazis. In return, israel has to exact tremendous pain on the iranian bastards.
7. #5 You are ABSOLUTELY Correct!!!
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (07.19.12)
No one could have said it better. Rather than cower in fear as Jews have done for centuries making us very easy targets for anyone, we need to stand strong and fight. Future generations are depending upon us and what we do now.
8. Foolishness at Haber's level requires academic title!
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.19.12)
9. No answer to terrorism? Haber!
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (07.19.12)
B"H Of course there is an answer to terrorism! Deciding to win the war instead of trying to appease the terrorists, which is the liberal Rabin/Haber/Obama way. Just because your tactic didn’t, doesn't and will not work because it cannot work, you must not assume that there is not a single winning tactic! Your failure to admit you were wrong all along is costing Jewish lives, Haber!
10. #1 solution = STOP RETREATING
jack bauer   (07.19.12)
it has brought nothing but death
11. Albrecht How many times does Hamas have to say no peace ever
So that even you can understand? They cant stop killing each other, why should they spare infidels? No wonder slogans are your level of iñput.
12. #3 - Clueless leftist idiot
David Hartman ,   Raleigh, NC   (07.19.12)
Yes, It's all Israel's fault right? Never mind Hamas', Iran's, and others credo and pledge to 'wipe Israel off the map'. Never mind The Quran, which teaches that Jews are the most fervent enemey of Muslims, and came from apes and pigs. Yeah, the entire problems is Isreal's fault. Idiot.
13. right on
mohson   (07.19.12)
haber belongs to the rabin barak beilin shchool of oh my god will it never end. It will never end until the arabs are reeducated cause many of them do not know the truth. They have been fed lies and animal dung from the mosque since infancy. 24 israeli arab satellite tv is necessary as well as changes in the israeli arab curriculum. The nakba is really the taking of the land from the jews by the arabs in the 7th century and many of the arabs don't know it.
14. "find a way to live with the Arab world".
Harry Wright ,   UK   (07.19.12)
Haber, haven't you noticed that the Arabs in the "Arab world" have not yet found a way to live peacefully with each other??? If they can't live peacefully with each other, do you think there is a chance of them living peacefully with others including Israelis who are on the top of their hatred list??? You seem to put the onus on Israel. I guess you have removed all responsibility from Arabs to "find a way to live with the Jewish world". Haven't Jews exhausted all possible ways to "find a way to live with the Arab world" all of which were rejected? Even the Jordan and Egypt experiences are shaky. For all your ramblings in the article, your last paragraph defines your mindset - Israel is at fault for not finding a way to live with the Arab world yet - as if there is a way. The reality is, they want you dead. It is rather impossible for you to digest that, isn't it!!! It is either you find ways to repel and survive their onslaught or you get eliminated. That is what you have to live with. Please try to digest that.
15. Moronic Author, MORONIC ARTICLE
Daniel ,   NY, USA   (07.19.12)
Same mentality as being led to the gas chambers like sheep to the slaughter. Mr.Haber, terrorism is not something we need to learn to deal with and accept, as you suggest. Jewish blood is NOT free. Strike at the heart of the perpetrators and instill fear in them. Why do Jews have to always look back behind their shoulders and anticipate a terror attack? Give the peace-loving mooslims a taste of their own medicine- let them travel in fear and worry about their safety. Haber, you are a DISGRACE!
16. beat terorism?
yosef ,   williamsburg   (07.19.12)
The author is right. How do you win a "game" being played and orchestrated, directly or indirectly, worldwide by national powers?? Maybe it is time to seek the Truth in Torah.
17. #5 No Answer
Harold ,   USA   (07.19.12)
Yes there is an answer. Israel must make peace with its neighbors, go back to its 1948 borders and stop humiliating the Arabs and Muslims otherwise I believe this situation lasts forever and no one can end it. GIVE PEACE A CHANCE.
18. Of there are answers to terrorism
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (07.19.12)
Even a dead terrorist can provide information. Find out who they were, where they came from, who helped them, etc. Then hit back hard. Take a 1,000 for every victim and that will be our answer. If they have any brains they might learn, if not - there will be a 1,000 less next terrorists.
19. How to Avoid being a Terrorist Attack Victim
mimi jacques ,   oob,usa   (07.19.12)
Burgas.Bulgaria airport laxity for entry/exit- this US Passport owning (US alleges fake) suicide bomber- 36 yrs old looking like a passe hippie Irish is generally not tought with terrorism. anymore. In Bulgaria- a foreigner (meaning ME/Afr/Asian)had caused a second look since today's terrorists seem to be of that origin. Be aware of your surroundings at all times -for terrorists,for robbers,for assaulters. What Israeli tourism agencies can do in guaranteeing some safety is to follow El Al safety procedures at the landing sites ( professionals' precautions for transport to and from- hotel security) on the beaches and sand sculptures- one designated look-out.
20. Releasing terrorists as "confidence building measure" (suppo
ab   (07.19.12)
rted by Haber) is certainly not an answer
21. #3
John ,   UK   (07.19.12)
The best way to protect our people is to harm all our enemies where ever they may be.
22. #19.mimi Mind you, EU has open borders
Tom W ,   USA   (07.19.12)
In the European Union it's impossible to implement US-type strict security procedures. Once one is landed in a EU country, free to travel everywhere. No more border ID/Passport check within the EU. On top of it there is a large radical Muslim population in every country providing safe houses. Europe is lost cause just like Dearborn.
23. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.19.12)
Israel doesn't get mad. Israel gets even. If that is your idea of "tit for tat" in the face of terrorism, then you are indeed one sick puppy. It's not a question of "being dead is being dead." It's a question of means and method. Don't you know ANYTHING?
24. it's time to change the rules of the game
tom ,   toronto, canada   (07.19.12)
terrorists will stop their attacks when the cost of continuing is too high, so israel must find a "price" that will deter them. as a start, if 3 illegally built arab houses were demolished in judea and samaria for each person injured by terrorists, and 10 (or 100) new housing units were built in judea and samaria to commemorate each fatality, further terrorist attacks would be undermining their own cause. (and pulling the rug out from under the american state department's anti-"settlement" agenda.) there may be better deterrents available (such as hitting "symbolic" targets that are of greater value to the jihadists than "mere" human life), but the important fact is, the rules have to change, to take away the advantage from the terrorists.
25. #21
Harold ,   USA   (07.19.12)
Your plan encourages all types of terroriest to do more and lasts forever. Peace is the answer and stop humiliatting Arabs and Muslims and end all kinds of occupation . Listen to John Lennon - GIVE PEACE A CHANCE.
edy ,   Miami , USA   (07.19.12)
yes , is possible to protect.- don't let israelis travel to countries with big antisemitics roots .- for example trucholandia(argentina)
27. to #17: why?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (07.19.12)
what's magical about the "1948 borders"? except, of course, that it gives the arab armies a tactical advantage to start the next war with. those "1948 borders" leave israel less than 10 miles wide, just outside tel aviv. there is nothing legally binding about an armistice line, and the united nations, in resolution 242, specifically DID NOT require israel to withdraw from the territories captured in a defensive war, because that's NOT international law. the real source of the conflict is the very existence of israel, not the details of where the border lies. the plo was founded in 1964, when israel was within the "1948 borders", so which "palestine" were they intending to liberate? as for the cuckoo notion that withdrawal leads to peace, 15,000 rockets from gaza would seem to say otherwise. SEVEN YEARS later, it's fairly safe to say that the "withdrawal experiment" didn't work. but never let the facts get in the way of a simplistic slogan!
28. Halting terrorism
Bertram ,   London, UK   (07.19.12)
One day, the ruthless Provisional IRA which had carried out bombimg campaigns throught the UK had an epiphany. They had a complete change of heart, saw the error of their ways, decided to disband and, through Provisonal Sinn Fein, joined the conventional political process Was that how ancient enmities ceased? Of course not. It took much hard bargaining and painful compromises on both sides, ovefr many years, to reach what appears to be a politically workable outcome (apart from the few actions of fringe elements who want to keep the conflict going). If this had not happened then, such terrorism might still be with us. Haber was being realistic - no more, no less. It's not a right or left position. Of course, security measures must be reviewed and improved where possible; new strategies and tactics must be applied where they can. But while there are those who are still convinced that acts of terror are justified in the name of a holy or national cause - however fictitious you may believe such a cause may be - the violence will continue. However many heads are cut off the hydra will still grow them, unless some miraculous Jewish equivalent of Hercules makes an appearance.
29. simple logic
EZ   (07.19.12)
The current equation is that Israel only responds to successful terror attacks. The terrorists get to try as often as they want and can fail numerous times with little to no consequences. That is a major problem. If you raise the cost for attempts that you prevent, then the number of attempts will drop dramatically.
Moshe of Rockville ,   Rockville,MD USA   (07.19.12)
Israel has been at war with its neighbors since its independence in 1948.Gee,I wonder why? Well,when the neighbors denied the historical Jewish connection to Judea,Samaria,Gaza, the Golan and the rest of the British Mandate west of the Jordan River, overlooked the Koran's clearly expressed acknowledgement of the Jewish contiguity with the present land and declared as their objective the destruction of the Jewish State and completing the Nazi extermination of world Jewry, the peace that Israel has pursued from the beginning of its existence (and even before) will never be achieved. Simply, it takes two to tango, and the Arabs are not willing partners.
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