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Syrian rebels: Bashar will be next
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Published: 19.07.12, 08:19
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1. monitoring?
mike north ,   karmiel israel   (07.19.12)
The White House is monitoring...what are they monitoring?Monitoring how many people have been killed in this bloody conflict?Every month since February last year over 1000 people have been killed and still the world watches and does nothing. Recall how the USA were "monitoring"the death camps in the 2nd world war when they could have bombed the railway lines into Auschwitz. /
2. this is the beginning of a new and wonderfulSyria
HaifaGuy   (07.19.12)
3. The White House ?
j mckinlay ,   israel   (07.20.12)
The White House are good at monitoring, there not much good at anything else when it comes to the middle east. Women are being raped,and murderd together with inocent children while the USA stands aside. If they want to be the sheriff of the world then start sheriffing NOW !.
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