TA Nakba day rampage driver convicted
Naama Cohen-Freidman
Published: 19.07.12, 12:50
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1. Nakba day rampage
Can I be the hangman. I will do it free of charge
2. Capital Punishment Now!!
Art ,   Haifa   (07.19.12)
Time has come
3. to #2 For both the convicted terrorists and
jason white ,   afula, israel   (07.19.12)
their lawyers!
4. #2 & #3
Mickey ,   Sydney, Australia   (07.19.12)
Death penalty not a good idea because they will think that they will get 70 virgins as martyrs.The death penalty will be an incentive not a deterrent.
5. he will just go on hunger strike & be released
zionist forever   (07.19.12)
Ever since the government caved in on one hunger striker and released him all the arab prisoners have been using the same tactic and they are all getting released. Just a matter of time before this guy says I am innocent, goes on hunger strike and Peres pardons him because we are worried what the world will say if he dies. in 1981 Peres was going to go public about Begin's plan to bomb Saddam's nuclear reactor because he was worried about France would think. In 1973 despite the fact military intelligence told her was was a matter of when not if Golda didn't want to preempt because she was worried about image, she wanted Israel to look like a victim so she ignored everybody and more soldiers died than needed, I imagine as soon as this guy goes on hunger strike and it makes the headlines when he is on the verge of death the government will cave in.
6. #4 Mickey - Death penalty is the solution
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (07.19.12)
Otherwise they just might release him in the next or future prisoner exchange
7. Unfortuently the death penality is not the answer
Haim ,   TA   (07.19.12)
Lets ditch the village mob mentality and deal with the facts. It has been proven that the death penalty does not deter would be terrorists or murderes they are going to commit the crimes whether for religious , nationalistic or passionate reasons. As much as it might satisfy the village mob to see a hanging in the village square on a saturday night, it will only encourage more to become martyrs to their cause. Unfortuenelty all we can do is lock these deranged individuals behind bars for the rest of their natural lives in solitary confinement.
8. #7 - YES, death penalty IS THE ANSWER
Asher ,   Israel   (07.19.12)
In cases like these where someone was killed in a terrorist attack and there is no question about who did it. This solves all problems. They can never be released or negotiated for. The Israeli taxpayers should not have to feed and provide luxuries for them for the rest of their lives. They are found guilty? End of discussion. Deterance is not the main reason.
9. Peres will pardon him in a jiffy
ab   (07.19.12)
10. 2 & 7
zionist forever   (07.19.12)
I like the American idea of chain gangs and no frills supermax prisons where prisoners are kept in their cells most the time and no luxuries like they get in Israel. They are not martyrs in the eyes of their supporters because they didn't die a heros death they are in a jail doing hard labor and locked in a cell most the time, doesn't exactly make you look like a martyr.
11. Deterrence?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.19.12)
Who said anything about deterrence? The death penalty is not intended to deter anyone. The purpose of capital punishment is the imposition of justice for a particular offense. Period. Full stop. Don't read anything more into it than was ever intended.
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