Bodies of Burgas terror victims return to Israel
Moran Azulay
Published: 20.07.12, 01:52
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1. When will we put an end for good to this?
David ,   Israel   (07.19.12)
2. Condolences To The Families
emanon ,   USA   (07.19.12)
My prayers and heart is with you all.
3. Hashem yikom damam!
Jew   (07.19.12)
Ad matai Elohai?? Ad matai??
4. This time we really really will do something
Ehud Barak ,   Western Al-Quds   (07.19.12)
But not really dear terror friends, as you know, I am all words and no action. Love, Uncle Ehud
5. A real shahid (Sic)
Nora Tel Aviv   (07.19.12)
He killed a pregnant israeli tourist while blowing up a bus in Bulgaria.
6. Heartbreaking
North Star ,   North of Israel   (07.19.12)
We have lost so many precious people over the years - to brutal, senseless, inhuman terror. My tears fall and I can't stop them. This is so sad. My deepest condolences to the families. All we can do is never forget the victims - and continue to fight for the survival of this crazy lovable little state.
7. Baruch Dayan Haemet
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.20.12)
Condolences to the families of the victims & refuah shlema to the wounded. Am Israel Chai.
8. Prayers
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (07.20.12)
Prayers for the deceased Yitzchak Kolangi, Amir Menashe, Maor Harush, Elior Preis, Kochava Shriki and the injured people from this terrible attack. People just wanting to enjoy a holiday break in a new place should not have been subjected to such an evil assault. The Bulgarian authorites also look like they are doing all they possibly can to help the victims and identify the perpetrator/s.
9. #8 paris
this was an antisemitic attack. !
10. Iran strikes again.
Amos J   (07.20.12)
Iran strikes again. So what do Obama, Ashton, Meir Dagan and their peacenik & liberal friends say now ? Wait till the mushroom clouds bloom over Tel Aviv and Israel, and still keep yapping "all options are still on the table".
11. bomber recruited by Iran
Frank Baum   (07.20.12)
He is a hardcore Islamic terrorist of Middle-Eastern descent, recruited by Iran & Hezbollah. The bomb and instructions were handed over to him by a Hezbollah agents in Bulgaria.
12. bomber member of Hezbollah cell
American officials on Thursday identified the suicide bomber responsible for a deadly attack on Israeli vacationers here as a member of a Hezbollah cell that was operating in Bulgaria and looking for such targets, corroborating Israel’s assertions and making the bombing a new source of tension with Iran.
13. Ahmedinijad admits Irans hand !!!
Tomar Berg   (07.20.12)
Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gloated publicly on Thursday over the deaths of Israelis in a terror bombing in Bulgaria, and hinted that Iran was responsible for the attack. “They have indeed succeeded in inflicting blows upon us more than once, but have been rewarded with a far stronger response.” So what is Israel waiting for anymore ? Attack Iran NOW !!!
14. ברוך דיין אמת
15. Persian barbarians are proud of this.
16. Guantanamo had jihadists from all over,his
controller is hidden behind a maze as is their funding. They will pay,their useful idiots will cry victim
17. New York Times-Stop Protectung the Terrorists
Dina ,   New York, USA   (07.20.12)
Hopefully, "All the News that's Fit to Print, New York Times" will put this on Page 1 Not 10 as they usually do to show the world what we Jews have to put up with when we want to visit other countries. My heart is with the victims and their families- Am Yisroel Hai!
18. Deepest condolences + word of advice
Flavio ,   Sao Paulo, Brazil   (07.20.12)
First of all, I want to express my heartfelt condolences for the families of the victims, this attack was terrible, vicious and coward!! This is not to be understood as a criticism, but I cannot help remarking that Israeli tourists abroad should avoid places like Turkey, Bulgaria, Central Asian countries and other underdeveloped places where security is overlooked. Frankly, what is so spectacular to see and to do in places like Burgas, or even in Turkish beaches? I believe that Spain, Italy, Malta and Cyprus, to name a few, are much, much safer places to visit. There's no sense denying the reality of the world we live in: unfortunately, there's a lot of people who hates jews in general and Israelis in particular.
19. Our hearts go out to you, brothers and sisters of Israel
Hebrew ,   Earth   (07.20.12)
20. Beautiful people, young people. What a shame.
Michael ,   California, USA   (07.20.12)
May they rest in peace.
21. With Bin Laden 2.0 ( with Service Pack 1 ) in White House
Miron ,   USA   (07.20.12)
Israelis are very brave to travel abroad. Let me correct, Jewish Israeli. Let's keep electing the neo Fuhrer so that if history ever wanted to give us benefit of a doubt, we smashed it with pride.
22. At this time let us not forget that a Bulgarian was murdere
John Phee ,   Sydney AUSTRALIA   (07.20.12)
Don't forget the Bulgarian driver. He was also innocent. He also had a family & people who loved & cared for him. Think of all the victims of Islamic terror.
23. Iran admits hand in bombing
Frank T   (07.20.12)
Israel has suffered ‘a response’ far greater than its ‘blows against Iran,’ said president Ahmedinijad yesterday about the Bulgaria bombing. So what further evidence is needed ??? Tell Obama, Ashton & P5.1 to jump in the nearest sewer. Bomb Iran now or be nuked very soon.
24. Flavio - cheap price is the attraction
Donna ,   Netanya   (07.20.12)
for people who can't afford to shell out more. Italy and Spain are expensive these days.
25. lets have prayers not protests on saturday night
zionist forever   (07.20.12)
26. I shall do .... nothing!
Ehud Barak ,   Western Al-Quds   (07.20.12)
But I shall speak with harsh words! Then do nothing. I've done it before (eg Thailand) and I'll do it again, it's my job, I keep the goyim and the hizbollah happy and collect the money! Love, Uncle Ehud
27. @4 tell him 2 do what PM Shamir did in February 1992!
a survivor of terror ,   Israel   (07.20.12)
remember? no? that would be the targeted killing of Al-Masuwi in Lebanon. the response to PM Shamir's actions was the terrorist attack against the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires (29 dead, 189 injured) and that was followed by the terrorist attack against AMIA in Buenos Aires (89 dead, 300 injured) and that was followed by a series of wars until we got to the 2nd Lebanon War and that was followed by the targeted killing of Mughniyah and that was followed by the terrorist attack against Israeli Tourists in Bulgaria... indeed go on then tell Barak et. al. to behave as PM Shamir did... let's see how much more violence is reasonable and how many more people we can serve up as collateral damage.
28. Here at least, is a little good newsfrom Director of Ichilov
Alan ,   SA   (07.20.12)
Some of them may need long-term treatment, perhaps for several months, but most of the injuries are not complicated, and none will be (physically) disabled as a result of their experience.”
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