Social protester who set himself on fire dies
Carmit Reuven
Published: 20.07.12, 15:44
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1. Terrible news to wake up to. Poor fellow.
Michael ,   California, USA   (07.20.12)
May he rest in peace. What an avoidable tragedy. I hope his grievances will be seriously heard by the responsible parties in Israeli government.
2. Burned Up
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (07.20.12)
Life is a golden gift from God himself. In that gift we celebrate the joys and do our best to face the obstacles that I believe God has set for each of us to overcome. Life is a struggle but also something to be eternally cherished. "Social Justice" is a slogan of the Left that sounds good but means nothing. There is no way that mankind can solve all the ills that befall humanity. That is why we wait for Mashiach. Stilman swallowed the Kool-Aid and the Left has his blood on their hands but we all are diminished as we never stood tall to push back and debunk this "Social Justice" nonsense. Stilman threw his life away for nothing.
3. Connection and Community
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (07.20.12)
Prayers for Moshe Silman. When despair leads to desperation terrible things can happen. It is not that difficult to fall between the gaps and get lost in many "civilised" societies. A good nation will provide a decent safety net, and on this front the State of Israel does not do too badly, but the state cannot do everything. The connections of community, friends and family are vital to physical, emotional and spiritual health. A BBC documentary shown a few years ago depicted some South Pacific people from an island near Papua New Guinea who were transported to the streets of London. They had real trouble understanding the homeless people's plight that they witnessed in the street. On their island a person who had suffered a fall was always helped in some way.
Raptor   (07.20.12)
1. Condolences. 2. A few more BMW's for the Ministers. 3. A burden on someone's conscience.
5. Moshe Silman
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (07.20.12)
B"H 15-20% third degree burns are potentially lethal, 95% is unsurvivable. In view also of the latest suicede attack on Jews I would however have preferred if he put his death to a better use for the Jewish People..
6. sad news
avi ,   givat zeev   (07.20.12)
It is very sad indeed that someone in Israel should feel SO unheard so angry and so helpless that he commits suicide ! As the Co Director of OhrLeNefesh a Mental Health Community Support Organisation in Jerusalem I am asking people in this situation in the Jerusalem and bet Shemesh and Modiin areas to please get in touch at 02-6223294 and see if our service can help them and thus prevent another tragedy. Politics is one thing that I cant change and I leave it to the politicians ! As a mental health social worker I can help to change peoples lives !
7. Re Burned Up
moshe ,   haifa   (07.20.12)
DAN Moshe obviously felt very strongly about his case just as you do about waiting for Mashiach ! Right Left Centre , We are all guilty of not helping him ! Please dont cheapen his death!
8. That's a shame...
Aharon   (07.20.12)
9. Poor sick guy...where the hell was his family?
Al   (07.20.12)
Everyone wants to blame the government. The government is not anyones wet nurse. They are in the business of helping themselves. They are not in the business of helping you. I wish people would start understanding that.
10. RIP Moshe stillman
jerry diamond ,   Highland beach Fl   (07.20.12)
20 years ago this could not have possibly happened. Israel in the beginning cared for its people and the people cared about Israel. But the new generation to day its all about greed and its a dog eat dog world like every other country in the world. Jew helping jew today forget about it the times have changed this country for material and greed. The rich have raped the middle class and the poor have nothing, no hope, and no help. At least I have a memory of how it use to be.
11. I agree with Dan #2
Sue ,   Los Angeles   (07.20.12)
Silman z"l was a troubled soul whose emotions were inflamed by the "social justice" movement. Israelis must understand that this movement is part of a radical leftist plan to destroy Netanyahu - and Israel. The way to enact change in society is through elections and legislation, not through street violence and anarchy.
12. #7 Bleeding Heart
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (07.20.12)
Get this very clear. Moshe Silman cheapened his own death and threw away God's greatest gift for absolutely nothing. Obviously you too have swallowed the Kool-Aid and believe you too can run around screaming "social justice" but not know one thing about what you are screaming hysterically about. We are each commanded to improve the world a little bit at a time to prepare the world for Mashiach. We are not commanded to make the world a paradise nor throw away the most valuable thing we possess....LIFE. Wake up before you too one day realize as I am sure just before he died Silman realized that you are throwing your lives away for nothing.
13. Baruch Dayan Ha Emet
Efraim ,   in Virginia   (07.20.12)
14. There's no excuse for stupidity!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (07.20.12)
I don't feel sorry for someone who throws away the gift of life so needlessly. Also, it's pretty pathetic when people glorify and make something out of something so sick in thought and action. The guy was mentally deranged; and, there's nothing noble about what he did--period!!! Again: idiot!!!
15. Poor man and condolences to his family.
peggy ,   uk/israel   (07.20.12)
It was a horrible choice of protest and with such injuries, it was probably a blessing he did not survive it, his suffering would have been so much worse. May he rest in peace and his family know no more sorrow.
16. the new social justice poster boy
zionist forever   (07.20.12)
Already it seems that the protestors are turning him into a martyr for their cause with this rabbi saying "We urge the governent to consider this horrifying case and do everything within its power to help Israelis who are in need of ( financial ) assistance. I wonder if Leef has got enough self respect not to mention him or if she wants to take advantage of this mans death like this rabbi seems to be doing or will she be on her megaphone telling us how Moshe died for social justice waving his picture around? Moshe Silman was an extremist protestor with a mental disorder of some kind if he was calling for violent revolutions and was willing to set himself on for the cause.
17. Who will be served with the expensive hospital bill?
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.20.12)
In Israel, debt is inherited and bequeathed. Someone is gonna be slapped with Silman's debts, and National Insurance ain't gonna chip in.
18. #16: Your comment is disgusting!
David ,   Kamril, Israel   (07.20.12)
Obviously you are selfish and greedy rich person who just doesn't care people are eating out of the trash and living in squalor! You appear to be the kind of person who would step over a person dying in the street because you don't want to get involved. You are no Zionist! On what do you you base you allegation that "Moshe Silman was an extremist protestor with a mental disorder of some kind if he was calling for violent revolutions and was willing to set himself on for the cause"? You obviously don't watch the Israeli News and you swallow the propaganda of people like MK Miri Regev who calls Black people a cancer! Indeed, the calls for a "Welfare State" are stupid, but, as a confirmed capitalist, I also believe the the State must assist those who are in real need. There seems to be plenty of money for those who do not work and leech of the land but only bureaucracy for everyone else. Moshe Silman worked hard all his life but fell on hard times. Is this a reason to insult and belittle him? I hope that you never land up in Silman's situation Just remember, what goes around comes around!
19. #12 He had a STROKE
N ,   N   (07.20.12)
It's no question that he did terribly wrong. But he has NO GULIT! He had very poor health and no money and was expecting to get homeless. And a stroke can diminish normal reasoning, too Stop the personal blame game.
20. #19 Where were you?
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (07.21.12)
Another bleeding heart leftist. What is "Social Justice"? Well according to most peoples definition it is COMMUNISM where you are totally dependent upon the state for everything, everybody earns the same and all outcomes are equal. No one excels and that particular society withers and dies. People were not lined up to immigrate to the Soviet Union, China, Cuba or Venezuela. In your fantasy world where were you, his family other left wing nuts to help Silman out? You bleeding heart left wingers are a sham...a fraud...and all want the state to change your diapers.
21. I am divided. On one hand I feel for his family,
leo ,   usa   (07.21.12)
on the other hand I feel nothing for him, but disgust.
22. David @18, I cannot speak about Israel, but in US
leo ,   usa   (07.21.12)
people like you disgust me. What have you done to help people who are eating out of trash and living in squalor? [On what do you you base you allegation that "Moshe Silman was an extremist protestor with a mental disorder of some kind"] - how about based on his self-immolation act. Do you really need more to know to pass such judgement. BTW, your condoning the act will lead to more of copycat acts.
23. In the US postal-workers-desperation leads to wanton killing
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.21.12)
of former collegues & bosses (No, not in every case!) Do they blame their govt? Even when the Prez was the much hated Bush jr.?! At least he did not take it out on somebody else and that's the only positive thing that can be said about this pointless act.
24. second time Ynet!! and at no 14
Gabriel ,   Leiden, Netherlands   (07.21.12)
If he was mentally deranged, as you so eloquently put it, then how can he be held accountable for what he did. Geesh, this is about the same reply as I made to another cruel post about a week ago when this tragedy occured. Also, who's talking about glory? Most talkbackers who are symathetic to the man are so inclined because they grasp the existential tragedy of a man who feels he has nothing more to live for and finds life on this earth so unbearable that he decides to end it. That's the only thing that counts. Words like 'idiot', written with exclamation marks in your shameless display of cold heartedness, are grossly inappropriate. If you are that incapable of internalizing the inherent tragedy in actions like this, then I wonder who exactly should be called pathetic. Even the most basic kindness present even in some mamals other than us apparently cannot be taken for granted in some individuals around here. Sad. Shabbat Shalom. Post scriptum: Avi from Givat Ze'ev, best of luck in your endeavors.
25. I hope he was unconscious most of the time.
nibor ,   israel   (07.21.12)
I shudder to think how he suffered. Once he set himself on fire, there was no hope of every being okay again, and the one who saved him increased his suffering and made it worse.
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