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Qaedat al-Jihad claims responsibility for Burgas attack
Roi Kais
Published: 21.07.12, 17:49
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1. Just a fabrication to take the heat off Hizbullah and Iran.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (07.21.12)
2. The religion of peace at his finest
3. "The month of Ramadan is a month of holy war and death for A
MR   (07.21.12)
Very nice. Our president blessed them for their Ramadan. That's one of the differences between us and them.
4. the "Land of Islam"
MR   (07.21.12)
can they show us a map of the land of Islam? do they have an anthem? maybe they can still aply for the olympics.
5. If israelis take no responsibility for the killing of our
Arash ,   Tehran-Iran   (07.21.12)
Scientists, then we can also do the same. Its very easy. Come up with some phony name and make it look like we had no hand in it. In the mean time, its best you do keep in mind that for every iranian killed by your people, many more of your kind will suffer.
6. the exrement of humanity....
les ,   canada   (07.21.12)
just an other bunch of deranged, blood thirsty barbarians pretending to be human beings.
7. No Matter The Name Ultimately They Are The Same Dogs
emanon ,   USA   (07.21.12)
8. More work for the Mossad.
Jusanz77 ,   Vzla.   (07.21.12)
More work for the Mossad. Right now they are rejoicing in his work. When starting to appear executed corpses of this supposed new radical group, will come out, as they always do these group to accuse Israel of applying, eye for eye, tooth for tooth. Executioner does not ask for clemency.
9. It's not right to be tolerant to intolerant ideology
David ,   Israel   (07.21.12)
10. This is how Iran and Hezbollah
Mira ,   Vienna   (07.21.12)
try to hide their involvement now in front of the international outcry. How dumb you think we are; Mullahs?
11. Quidat Shmaidat... Its Hez +their Iranian Bosses
Alan ,   SA   (07.21.12)
12. #5 Beating your chest like a baboon
Cynthia ,   USA   (07.21.12)
You have no proof of Israel's involvment yet you come to this site and threaten people. Why should Israel take responsibility for something that was likely an inside job? It's rather amusing to imagine Mossad agents freely roaming the streets of Tehran in broad daylight without ever getting caught or one piece of evidence found. Perhaps you should begin counting all the murders, rapes, torture sessions, false imprisonment of Iranians by the regime and let us know what punishment they deserve.
13. lies,lies,lies..........................lies.........
lebanese patriot ,   USA   (07.21.12)
the terrorist murderous crime gang ''hezbollah'' responsible for all . i want to see them all gone ,rot in gehannam ,amen .
14. The More You Squash ... The More The Jihad Metastasizes
World Citizen ,   the world   (07.21.12)
It grows every time your government assassinates some so-called terrorist or murders an innocent Palestinian, Lebanese, Egyptian, Iranian or Syrian person. I've been at this site long enough to watch as the average poster laughs and gloats over the latest Israeli state sponsored murder. You people don't have any clue as to the damage you do to your nation. What I can't understand is the lack of introspection you Israelis and Jews in general have. You will never end the endless cycle of violence until you realize that your attitudes are a major part of your problems. G_d help you.
15. Iran very bad
Teddyboy ,   France   (07.21.12)
Be quiet shut up You shame of the World
16. My 2 cents worth
Marty ,   Toronto Canada   (07.22.12)
I am baffled why the West (and Israel) go out of their way to advise their troops to be respectful of Muslims during the month of Ramadan when those who are actually observing the holiday use it as an excuse to escalate violence. It's OK in the bizzaro world of Muslim logic to attack Israel during Yom Kippur (back in '73) but Israeli soldiers are to refrain from eating, drinking and smoking in sight of Muslims during Ramadan.
17. because we are better than them
alsky ,   Toronto   (07.22.12)
18. Where are the grounds of this article?
kiivi ,   bulgaria   (07.23.12)
Dear Ynet journalists, saying that your article is based on "a statement released in Western media outlets", you should be able to give a link to those Western media outlets. So, where is the link? If you fail to give references, it will mean that YOU fabricated the "news" about Qaedat-al-Jihad's "statement", claiming responsibility for the Burgas attack. So, WHERE IS THE ORIGINAL STATEMENT?
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