Blast rocks Egypt's gas pipeline to Israel, Jordan
Published: 22.07.12, 08:16
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1. Anarchy.Can Egypt be relied on to honor commercial contracts
Unchecked anarchy does not stop here.
2. Not paying enough for the fuel?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.22.12)
Do the idiot Egyptians realize that if Israel takes back the Sinai, we won't be paying anything for the fuel? Except, of course, for the lives lost because Egypt pushed us to war, and Israel will exact that toll, in spades, from the Egyptians. Probably a good idea, anyway -- Egypt is dragging its feet on policing its border with Israel. We have seen the emergence of terrorist groups in the Sinai. One or another way, that must come to an end.
3. Gaza Without Gas - Where Are The Peace Activists??
Eric ,   Denmark   (07.22.12)
Two things you learn from this: 1. Muslim Arabs dont care if there brethren are without natural gas in Gaza! 2. Peace activists are only concerned for the welfare of Gazans when Israel is involved!
4. Egypt gas pipeline to Israel
Egyptian burning gas for free instead to earn money to feed the hungry Egyptians. What a crazy nation
5. Idiots
FANGS OUT ,   U.S.A.   (07.22.12)
Let THOSE in Gaza burn the dung supplied by jamás!
6. Eric, DK
Barry ,   Tokyo   (07.23.12)
Well said. That's why the Arab nations will always trail behind the rest of the world. Stupidity compounded with even more stupidity spells chaos.
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