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Syria: Chemical weapons only for foreign attack
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Published: 23.07.12, 13:35
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1. Syria claims it is being attacked by"foreign agents".!
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (07.23.12)
Does that mean they are ready to use their chemical weapons when the said "foreign agents" come close to victory?
2. What Arab WMDs?"Peacelovers"only agitate against Israel.!
They want to tie Israels hands while the neighbours have WMDs which they ignore or shout down & loudly proclaim rights for Iran''s Mullahs
3. really?
ej ,   tlv   (07.23.12)
And this coming from someone named "Jihad," lol! And its ok to use non-conventional weapons against the civilians of another country (i.e. Israel, Turkey, etc)?! Syria, a totalitarian autocratic regime should NEVER have been allowed to create/buy non-conventional weapons! The failure of the West in allowing Syria these weapons is now coming back to haunt it. Who's to say Assad or a even more insane ruler who will replace him won't use it against Italy, Germany, or France, let alone Israel? What's worse, is that pinko Obama and The EU are allowing Iran to get away with developing even more devastating and far reaching weapons!
4. Yet again
Sarah B (No not her)   (07.23.12)
Netanyahu is caught out to be a liar. How long and how many times before he loses all credibility with our allies in the West?
5. Fake Sarah.A clear admission you have no credibility of your
your own , so you hijack Sarah's name and hope some will believe your mendacity.
6. Spokesman prepared possible cover for use of chemical weapon
Joe ,   Canada   (07.23.12)
Not reported in this article is that the Syrian foreign ministry spokesman stated that the anti government fighters might resort to chemical weapons in order to falsely accuse the Syrian army. This might become the gross cover which the Assad regime would use to hide its hand in case it decides to imitate Sadam Hussein in Irak.
7. at least he admits Syria would use them
zionist forever   (07.23.12)
THE COUNTRY'S CHEMICAL WEAPONS STOCKS ARE SECURE AND WOULD ONLY BE USED IN THE CASE OF A FOREIGN ATTACK. He is pretty much admitting that Syria would be willing to use chemical weapons if the circumstances were right and with all the craziness going on in Syria who knows what it would take to make Assad use chemical weapons. He might want to go down in a blaze of glory, or thinks that a war with Israel will rally the people around their president and anyway as far as he is concerned the more Syrian casualties in this war the better because its less opposition to his reign. We just do not know what Assad is capable of at this point but we do know his days are numbered and once he does go the Syrian military is going to be divided up and many of their most powerful weapons will find their way into terrorist hands potentially including the chemical weapons. Do we want to sit this one out and put the lives of 8 million Israel's in Obama's hands, especially as he he has more important things than Israel's security to worry him right now like winning an election. War is not fun but sometimes you got to do it and right now we would be negligent if we do want to just sit this out Come on Barak prove you got some balls and act like a defense minister should by doing what is needed to protect Israel.
8. to#5 Peter
Marcelo ,   BA/Berlin/TLV   (07.23.12)
what could you expect from arabs? they stole the story of Isaac and put ishmael instead of, they invented a country and a folk, they said jews have nothing to do in Yerushalaim or the land of Israel, they invented a holy book, stole many jewish stories and claimed their own them, wouldn't they take a name in a blog?...come on...
9. wait for Hizbullah's confirmation for chemical weapon secure
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (07.23.12)
Soon Hizbullah will confirm WMD was secure!
10. Well, that's not exactly comforting
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.23.12)
For one thing, high-ranking officers in the Syrian army have been defecting to the rebels in droves. For another, there is no unified rebel movement -- there are quite a few factions representing quite a few interests. Under the guise of restoring order, Iran is there, bolstering Assad, but ready to change sides at any time. Hezbollah and some very violent Islamist and non-Islamist terrorist organizations are in the mix as well. Moreover, whoever is in charge of the WMDs has control of a very marketable commodity. It wouldn't take much.
11. Saddam Hussein
Joseph ,   London UK   (07.23.12)
Could these be some of Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction, that everyone knew he had and used on the Kurds, but which disappeared when the USA and UK invaded Iraq?
12. To: Joseph at No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.24.12)
Exactly. They were trucked over the border into Syria almost immediately. Although Syria had its own stocks already. Obama made quite a bit of political hay in the run-up to the 2008 election by ridiculing Bush -- I remember Obama speaking of "phantom" weapons of mass destruction. You'd think that Obama would issue a public recantation, but he just doesn't have enough class.
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