Ben Gurion's shed facing closure
Mati Siver
Published: 23.07.12, 22:21
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1. I think ,many people will volunteer..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.23.12)
to live in Ben Gurion s hut for free.
2. Ben Gurion Hut
Ameridane ,   Aarhus, Denmark   (07.23.12)
There is no doubt about it, the money saved by closing the hut can be used for the purchase of a BMW or 2.........
3. Ben Gurion's hut
yoel ,   Israel   (07.24.12)
This heritage site is very important and should not be neglected in any way- gov funds must be found to maintain it.
4. Take sharon off life support, use that wasted money.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (07.24.12)
5. Historically, a very valuable site, deserving funding.
Michael ,   California, USA   (07.24.12)
Learning Israeli history is along with knowing Hebrew language and respecting the kibbutz settlements essential to being an Israeli. Nothing exemplifies it better than the hut into which Ben Gurion settled after retiring from politics to work at the kibbutz Sde Boker and write his memoirs. The importance of Sde Boker is especially pronounced since it exemplifies how settlement of Israel has the chance to thrive. This also was the reason why Ben Gurion settled there. Ben Gurion's hut has to be saved and it will be.
6. # 4
Philip . ,   Afula Israel   (07.24.12)
Close your filthy mouth.Whilst I did not agree with Sharons politics I shall \always remember that he was one of Israels greatest generals. When we were in dire straights he was there to save the day. So great shame on you.
7. #4 AND #6 - While indeed Ariel Sharon WAS a great warrior...
Patriotic Israeli ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (07.24.12)
and general, ALL THE GOOD THAT HE HAD DONE - he wiped away when he gave our HOLY SOIL to our enemy and today we see the folly of his stupidity. Having said that, Bunnie It is disgusting that you propose the murder of a Jew!
8. Ben Gourion's hut
Floriane ,   Israel   (07.24.12)
Where to give money and volunteer to help? Please Ynet find out the answers, thank you
9. Ben Gourion
Floriane ,   Israel   (07.24.12)
Wouldn't Sharon's expenses paid by his family anyway?
10. # 9
Philip . ,   Afula Israel   (07.24.12)
Dont start with petty accounting, the man saved millions of lives so who cares about the money really ?. In any event if you really want to seek for the great and useless money sink we all know where it is . Wink , wink, its got something to do with those that dont work or even sere in the armed services. From here I think you can work it out for yourself.Just leave the grand old soldier out of it , he did more than his fair share in maintaining our existence, so give him all that he needs in his last battle.As you can see he does not surrender easily.
11. I'm sure there are plenty of Jewish oligarchs
Sarah B (No not her)   (07.24.12)
who could pay for this. When you got people burning themselves to death on the streets of Israel because the alternative is to starve to death. The State ought to have different priorities. Although with the current useless government deciding to pay people 6000 shekels a month to read a book, I won't hold my breath. Although a lack of a gas mask means that is probably what I will have to do
12. I (signed the guest book) there in 1983 with Ulpan Akiva
DAVID   (07.24.12)
13. 11 Sara "made in China"
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.24.12)
Your sources,please ! ! .
14. #13 various Israeli publications
Sarah B (No not her)   (07.24.12)
but essentially the fact that my son will be required to fight and prehaps die for Israel at the age of 18, whilst the Haredi will be allowed to read a book until they are 26, and recieve 6,000 shekels a month in order to do so. Our politician's priorities are all wrong, everyone should have to pay their way, and what is wrong with attending a Yeshiva two days a week whilst holding down a job?
15. 14 To your information,they ..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.24.12)
receive 800sh.a month and not 6000 as you wrote .The rest of your post is as untrue. Israel can not win this war without G-Ds help and Tora study.The Arabs seem to know that better than you. It is thanks to the Tora students that they do not attack us.
16. #15 your argument doesn't wash anymore
Sarah B (No not her)   (07.24.12)
Torah studies are no more likely to smite our enemies as their Koran studies are anymore liklely to smit us. You can read your book on a weekend, in the week you pay your way like the rest of us
17. 16 Sara who?
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.25.12)
Try to be true to what you are, and have your own name. Then you can try to make others what you want them to be.
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