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Rebels: Assad moved chemical weapons to border
Published: 24.07.12, 09:10
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1. " Unlikely"?Depends if Assad listens to his Iranian brothers
who urge an attack on Israel hoping it will change the situation in Syria and the equation in the M.E. and the wider Moslem world. It did not work for Sadaam either.
2. in case of foreign attack
observer ,   Egypt   (07.24.12)
chemical weapons didn't work in the first or the second gulf war.
3. International condemnation ! Is as useless
DT ,   TA Israel   (07.24.12)
as the P5 + 1 talks, Kofi's Peace plan, Ban Ki Moons words of "condemnation and that includes Obama.
4. #1 iran supports assad, it doesnt control him
jack bauer   (07.24.12)
since losing the golan that sector has been the most peaceful in Israel. Lets not fall for the propaganda line hook line and sinker
5. Use of chemical weapons unlikely
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (07.24.12)
Not even Bashar al-Assad is stupid enough to attack Israel with non-conventional weapons because otherwise the sun would go up over Damascus (and several other cities in the ME).
6. Jack.I said IF he listens.Desperate people do strange things
7. The FSA sound like they represent Assad in peace talks
zionist forever   (07.24.12)
" the regime that has not fired a single bullet against Israel during the course of three decades is certainly not going to use chemical weapons against that country " All this talk of not a single shot fired in three decades sounds like we are in the middle of peace talks Syria and the FSA are Assad's negotiators trying to convince us of he has a burning desire for peace with Israel. Those morons who have been fighting Assad all this time might not have noticed Assad feels his rule is threatened right now and a man who feels threatened doesn't always behave logically. Even if he doesn't use them himself I don't see him having any qualms about handing them over to Hezbollah who he has supported for the past ten years. What is the FSA going to do to stop that? What will happen to those weapons if the FSA topples Assad and takes control of the country and the military? Will they just hand them over for destruction or will they keep them as weapons to threaten Israel with the way Assad senior & junior have been doing? I don't see we can trust the FSA anymore than we can trust Assad or Hezbollah. The only viable option for Israel is not to sit it out see how it all goes and hope for the best but to find out exactly where everything is being stored and then start dropping bombs. If the weapons don't exist anymore we know for sure that neither Assad or anybody else will ever use them.
8. 2
zionist forever   (07.24.12)
Saddam Hussain didn't use chemical weapons during Desert Storm, he had been given a friendly warning from the Americans that if he did use them then he would be able to see a mushroom cloud over Bagdad but he had them and could have used them if he wanted. After the war the UN sent people to destroy them but Saddam kicked them out but because the process of destroying them had began and he no longer had the capability to make more. What was left in 2003 had degraded because chemical weapons do degrade over time but there was definitely something left because some Iraqi's did once fire a chemical weapons artillery shell at American troops once but the chemicals had degrades so they did not mix when fired. Assad's stuff has just been removed from specialist storage facilities and have not been left to degrade in the desert for 10 years so there is no comparison between Iraq & Syria.
9. A Prediction: Isaiah 17:1...!!!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (07.24.12)
Easy money! My bet is on the Lord's Good Book!!!
10. 5
zionist forever   (07.24.12)
Assad is not thinking logically anymoreI and he feels threatened because his top men are being killed and the rebels are gaining ground and men who feel threatened sometimes do stupid things. He might decide a war with Israel will unite everybody behind him and he can be the president they all love ( Obama worries about that happening ) so he might use chemical weapons to provoke Israel into a war. If alot of Syrians are killed when Israel responds thats fine by him, the more the merrier. When he knows its all over and he can't go on he might decide to go down in a blaze of glory make his last act firing chemical weapons on Israel. Hit a major city and cause mass casualties he will be a remembered as a hero in the arab world, the man who killed thousands of Israelis. Trouble is you never know what he will do until he has done it and when there re chemical weapons involved you can't take chances and just hope for the best.
11. Syria - Chemical Weapons
jeff ,   Ra'anana, israel   (07.24.12)
Note: the conclusion was that Saddam Hussein never had Chemical Weapons, but, Syria has the largest Chemical Weapons stockpile in the Middle East. Perhaps, Saddam transferred his chemical weapons to Syria before his downfall. I remember several news stories, but, never saw any follow ups. My bet is these weapons are from Iraq and this will prove that Saddam did have weapons of mass destruction.
12. Jeff # 11
Eaglebeaj ,   Left Coast, USA   (07.24.12)
They probably are from Iraq but if we were not told the truth then we probably won't be now. There is little truth anymore in our news. So often its slanted, twisted, or just covered up.
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