IDF chief: Attack in Syria may lead to broader conflict
Yoav Zitun
Published: 24.07.12, 14:57
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1. I am sick of these Peace Now PASSIFISTS in the IDF.......!!!
Sora ,   Israel   (07.24.12)
What has happened to this country??!! All of the big defense guys would rather sit behind a computer screen and watch their stocks than get sweaty and defend Israel. Fat cooshy jobs, big paychecks, outrageous retirement packages... ENOUGH ALREADY.
2. please show "restraint"
Americans & Europeans want Israel to show "restraint" and allow themselves to be chemicalized & nuked so that Obama can win his elections, price of gas does not rise and the Euro does not crash.
3. Good job, Gantz.
Miron ,   USA   (07.24.12)
Does not mean that Israel should stop preparing for serious confrontation elsewhere. Don't listen to these "mermaids". Once IDF foot and tail deep in this mud they will switch vynil to War crime!!! Occupation!!! War crime!!! Occupation!!! War crime!!! Occupation!!! It's an old story we most recently saw in Lebanon. Thanks for the offer to repeat, but no thank you.
4. No war on Syria. Let them kill each other as much as they
want to   (07.24.12)
attacking Syria will give Syria the chance to use its chemical weapons on Israel before Israel can find the real locaton and destroy them. Maybe the Syrian opposition is making up this lie to make Israel think they know where the weapons are and make Israel attack them. As soon as this attack happens, Syrian opposition will join Assad and other Arabs and attack Israel.
5. This operette General reveals all the difficulties and probl
ab   (07.24.12)
ems . faced by IDF. It's his damned job to deal with it,not tout it to everybody.
6. GANTZ is a crying baby who is afraid like a little girl
Frederic   (07.24.12)
7. Which way is the wind blowing this moment?
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (07.24.12)
Gantz is very correct. Not only is it very dangerous for the IDF to attempt to control the Syrian WMDs, but any mistake could easily lead to the WMDs blowing into Israel. When things are blown up the debris clouds go where the wind takes it, which could very easily be toward Israel. Not only that, but who might also be effected by the wind-born death? Note that Russia is close to Syria and may become very angry having its citizens gassed by Israel. Gantz is very correct to remain very cautious because Israel could easily cause a massive war that it can not win.
8. IDF chief afraid of strike
Iletzter ,   TA- Israel   (07.24.12)
If the IDF finds it difficult to make pinpoint strikes against Syria who is closeby - how can they contemplate a strike against Iran thousands of km's away ??????
9. Good point #4
Yael ,   Gush Etzion   (07.24.12)
nothing unites rifts and factions like a common enemy does. If Israel attacks, all arabs unite against Israel and the world will be blinded by the real story of whose guilty of war crimes and genocide.
10. That's why the USA should do-it...
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (07.24.12)
The US could launch F-22'S & B-1'S & B-2'S and strike hundreds of targets within a number of hours utilizing a small number of planes. The Syrians couldn't do a damn thing except complain to the UN knowing that they can't touch the USA and no one would care since the Syrians has said what no country has done in decades, which is to openly threaten to use chemical weapons. I say it's time to light the fires and kick the tires. If we went to war in Iraq over suspected chemicals, We should go after verified chemicals that are in the hands of a very unstable regime.
12.  military, mouth closed.
Jusanz77 ,   Vzla.   (07.24.12)
Who is wrong, who is right. Barak, a few days ago says something. Ganz, shortly after the opposite. It was Ganz, who said he was confident that the leaders of Iran were responsible people. While Barak said something different. The military should learn that silence is an essential part of their work. Something that seems that the military in Israel have forgotten.
13. # 10 Typical "israeli-firster" place US military and ....
USA First   (07.24.12)
money at risk, not israel. US isn't a sabbath goy.
14. Need for strong Generals
Brod ,   USA   (07.24.12)
A General who seems concerned of the aftermath of a strike is not a strong General. Israel needs strong and brilliant Generals. War is war. Past Israel's Generals were strong and brilliant. And they assured Israel's survival. It is time for Israel to have similar Generals who can assure victory and not question Israel's defense.
15. Some of the posters are frankly delusional
Sarah B (No not her)   (07.24.12)
Prehaps because they will not be in the frontline when the cs**t hits the fan. These armchair generals talk about surgical strikes, zero blowback as if it is some kind of game. There is a reason why we have not attacked Syria before now and that is Syria's wmd's and a lack of preperadness on the homefront. You want a war then come here and be part of it, if you don't want to be in the frontline then shut up
16. You think Gantz doesn't know what his doing?
David ,   Israel   (07.24.12)
With all the news reports you believe you are all far more informed then a Lieutenant General who has decades of experience and is flanked by other generals with their experience further more backed by divisions of military intelligence personnel and technology. You all should STFU and leave it to the ones who truly know the situation and earned their commands rightfully
17. To # 10....
Israeli ,   Haifa   (07.24.12)
The U.S. won't do it. Obama is more concerned about getting re-elected than dealing with chemical and bio-weapons that threaten us. We are corban for his personal ambitions.
18. You think Gantz doesn't know what his doing?
David ,   Israel   (07.24.12)
With all the news reports you believe you are all far more informed then a Lieutenant General who has decades of experience and is flanked by other generals with their experience further more backed by divisions of military intelligence personnel and technology. You all should STFU and leave it to the ones who truly know the situation and earned their commands rightfully
19. coward.
J McKinlay ,   Israel, The Golan.   (07.24.12)
I think Gantz is like all the rest of them that came After sharon Cowards !. Gantz give the job to someone with BALLS !.
20. Is Gantz playing chess or what?
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.24.12)
More than ever in G-D we trust.
21. To nr 15 and 16
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (07.24.12)
Having absolute faith in Gantz and other generals is a mistake since they are as human as we are and despite their military training Israel is geo-politically in deep sh*t since we are surrounded by 22 hostile Jew hating Arab states, a hostile Jew hating Iran and a hostile Jew hating Turkey and on top of that surrounded by Syrian WMD and rockets in Gaza and Lebanon and we have 1.4 million Jew hating Arabs in Israel and additional 2-3 million Jew hating Arabs in Gaza, Judea and Samaria and Israel at the narrowest point is 15 km wide. All of these things have taken place because Israeli generals and politicians are so incredibly smart that their intelligence and intellect by far outperform the average guy in Israel. Right.... I suggest the both of you shut up. This is called democracy. Only because Israelis call for more tough and aggressive methods doesn't mean Gantz or the government will listen. Silencing people in the name of meritocracy is a nasty habit of many Israelis/Jews that need to stop at once here and now. I'm sick and tired of hearing this nonsense that "you don't live at the frontline and therefore you should shut up". People inside and outside of Israel who call for Israeli actions against Syria do so because they care about Israel and they understand that Israeli passivity will literally kill our people. Israel is a democratic society and will remain a democratic society. Freedom of speech and freedom of opinion should be encouraged - even if it hurts your egoes and the ego of Gantz. Personally, I think Gantz is a bloody idiot. It is his job to protect Israel and not to chicken out. If Israel doesn't attack Syria, Syria will definitely attack Israel. And by the time Syria has attacked Israelis with chemical weapons, it's too late to say "oops - I'm sorry. I was wrong. We should have attacked Syria after all and prevented it from happening."
22. Soon we'll have a public voting on "to war or not"?
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.24.12)
23. @ 13
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (07.24.12)
You are out of touch with reality. If Israel strikes Syria it would draw the US into a wider conflict with Iran etc. The only nation that could strike Syria effectively and possibly contain a wider conflict is the USA. Also If Syria uses chemical arms on Israel how do you think Israel will retaliate? that's right think the unthinkable and that will cost the world trillions, if we ever recover from a regional nuclear or global nuclear conflict.
24. 21 What is stopping us?
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.24.12)
G-D HELP ISRAEL. We need a big miracle.
25. #18,what "experience" ? As Chief of IDF Training=Lebanon Deb
ab   (07.24.12)
acle..or is it his stint as Military Attache to Washington you count among his "Military" experience ?
26. "Do something Doctor-even if u kill me!" Ganz isright
Alan ,   SA   (07.24.12)
27. Gantz can show that he is great..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.24.12)
that Israel s interest is prioritair to his ego..... by asking Ashkenazi s help.
28. 23 - A nuclear blackmail ? ,...
split ,   US   (07.24.12)
It didn't work in the past and won't work today - BTW, Russians got their dog in that fight too if you happen to miss it ,...
29. Gantz must be replaced immediately.
chaim ,   Israel   (07.24.12)
Remember when Israel was known, by friends and foes alike, as a gutsy little state? How things have changed. Now we have Gantz telling us we shouldn't save ourselves because it may cause a war. Cowardly and despicable Gantz must be replaced immediately.
30. BTW 2 ,...
split ,   US   (07.24.12)
I love the Germans, they keep you afloat by paying for care of your old and sick and by subsidising your military doing the same think the Nazis did to occupied nations. They pad you on the back, expose your wickedness and prove that you're not much better than them during WWII ,...
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