Jerusalem Police chief suspected of sexual harassment
Omri Efraim
Published: 26.07.12, 15:13
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1. Good stuff
Yisraeli   (07.26.12)
I dont really know these Police Chief characters personally but from what I have read in the past they seemed more like sturmtroopers against Jews whether they be on the Temple Mount or evictions from here and there. Abusing under age settler girls whilst held in detention. Too many stories over the years whether due to the commanders I dont know, but under their watch for sure. Perhaps they would be better suited serving in Syria or Jordan where they can legitimately serve the arabs, no doubt Assad is looking for some friends. To every dog comes his day, sounds like these dogs are having their day now.
2. Case under gag order?
Avi ,   Israel   (07.26.12)
It does not need a nuclear scientist to realize that it is either theft or a sex offense...
3. Another one punished
Catches up with them ,   eventually   (07.26.12)
for being heavily involved in the cruel Gaza Expulsion in 2005 and destroying the lives of 10,000 of their Jewish brothers.
4. the guy beat and abused jews and later got
promoted 2 commander   (07.26.12)
5. no jewish values
mo ,   ynot yericho   (07.26.12)
It's only themselves that they must police. Secular non jewish Israel run by these a-moral blee sechel cowards. Still wandering in the desert... now at least another 40 years to go till they become jews and not canaanites... and turn their back on the calf they bow to.
6. Is he Haraidi?
Mo ,   London   (07.26.12)
7. Interesting
Mark ,   Israel   (07.26.12)
Can't help but wonder if asking women to sit separately on a bus is worse than this kind of sexual harassment. (On the other hand, maybe gender separation would prevent this kind of thing.) Also an interesting thing that the article did not point out that the guy is secular. If he had been haredi the word "Haredi" would have been in the article's title.
8. This is defnitly the hareidim fault
Jason ,   Howell USA   (07.26.12)
They caused this righteous police man to sexually harass woman!!
9. Mess with the Haredim
Mess with Haredim   (07.26.12)
Go ahead! Invoke the wrath of the One Above.
10. what's WRONG with israeli officals MORALITY ?
hot snow ,   tlv   (07.26.12)
11. If the reporting officer
Shimon ,   New York   (07.26.12)
did so because he was 'passed over', he needs to be dealt with after his testimony is obtained. The entire thing stinks, but the truth will out.
12. Police ? Chief ?
Jack ,   BROOKLYN   (07.26.12)
I think that he had no problem killing Hareidi Jews hence he had no problem committing adultery. Now why do I not wonder that they did not write that he is a Chiloni.
13. To all who think this is punishment from above
Stan ,   Israel   (07.26.12)
You all make me sick! Religious and ultra religious are involved in sexual crimes as often as seculars. Recently Bibi's head of staff had to resign pending a trial ( A nice Jewish boy wth a kippah) As for punishment by G - D ......Why did six million die in the holocaust? Why did a family of 8 die in a car accident in Tiberias on their way home after dedicating a new Torah scroll. (6 weeks ago) Why every time something bad happens, some rabbi, says it's because "they didn't keep shabbat, or they did not change a faulty mezuzah" The most terrible example was about 27 years ago when the then Minister of Interior rabbi Yitzchak Peretz said after 24 children died when a train hit a bus at a level crossing that the parents were to blame. ( The reasons I stated above)
14. Jack #12 because it's obvious
secular media only mention rare cases like when haredim commit a little crime
15. #12 jack (re: #13 stan)
solomon ,   bklyn   (07.26.12)
“Killing haredi Jews”?! Where did you find that one? Probably in your empty head. Read post #13; an excellent post.
16. Shaham
RLY ,   Givatayim, Israel   (07.26.12)
I was surprised that the report failed to mention that Police Chief Shaham was caught on camera in 2005 using extreme brutality against anti-disengagement settlers, recommending that they be beaten violently, burned etc., and cursing the settlers using obscene disgusting language. Far from being penalised for such behaviour, he was shortly afterwards promoted to his present high position. The Hebrew version of the report gave us these details, with the comment that we can read the story in English, but this English version left out the part about Shaham's brutality towards the settlers.
17. Katav will have new pal soon.Maybe
Dyslexic.. ,   Israel...   (07.26.12)
they will put them in the same cell.
18. 13 Stan Orthodox people believe..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.26.12)
in G-Ds intervention,regarding punishment and reward. The modern world believes the same in other words. "What goes around comes around" Believing in reward and punishment ,is to believe in righteousness.
19. #15
yosef ,   williamsburg   (07.26.12)
13 is a good post for you heretics!
20. Wasnt he the one who told Gush Katif IDF to brake the bones?
ROBIN   (07.26.12)
please tell me if I am wrong? but i think he was on vidio telling his men to brake every bone of settlers who were in gush katif.
21. #18 ora, #19 yosef (re:#13)
solomon ,   bklyn   (07.26.12)
I find it interesting that neither of you specifically answer Stan's post. Not one of his examples was addressed by either of you. I for one always wonder about the Holocaust. I am joined in this by many others (Elie Weisel is one), many who are religious. If HaShem would punish us for everything, as you say, their wouldn’t be any happiness. And what of non Jews, who don’t have to observe all the commandments (just the Laws of Noah)? You are as blind as you think we are. Stalemate.
22. 21 solomon ,If because the Shoa..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.27.12)
we Jews lose 'has vehalila" , the most precious thing we have , that keeps us unbeatable, our faith in G-D, then hitler has won. That is not what is going to happen. Very soon,ALL Jews will wake up and follow G-Ds Tora laws and so being a strong AM EHAD getting rid of the most powerful enemies,as annoying insects. One spray of insecticide,and that s it. The writing is on the wall. SHABAT SHALOM.
23. #22 ora (re: #13)
solomon ,   bklyn   (07.27.12)
You still do not directly address Stan's post. How did our faith in G-d keep us unbeatable during the Shoa? Yes, we survived...barely. But that doesn't count as unbeatable. We must again agree to disagree. Shabat Shalom.
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