Israel ups security on Syria border
Ynet, AFP
Published: 26.07.12, 20:27
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1. P5.1 & Ashton are fooling Israel.
David T   (07.26.12)
P5.1 & Ashton are fooling Israel. Moscow was supposed to be the final talks, but now it seems to be getting extended indefinitely. By the time these P5.1 scoundrels finish their "meetings, consultations, expert-level, deputy-level, confidence building measures, yada yada" and other such time-wasting tactics, mushrooms clouds will be rising over Tel Aviv and Israel. The Iranian centrifuges are spinning non-stop and nuke work is going on at breakneck speed. The Zone of Immunity has almost been reached. Its time for Israel to act, before its too late. Obama, the Europeans and Ashton can jump into the nearest sewer.
2. Why do the IDF still wear those silly bags on their heads?
3. Prayers
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (07.26.12)
Prayers for Syria. The IDF is prudent to watch this border so closely.
4. #2. As I understand it, the "bags" break the
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (07.26.12)
helmets silhouette. Just call it extra camouflage
5. Not silly
dAN   (07.27.12)
It is not silly. When enemies are looking for you, they would look for a round figure. That would make it harder. Especially in a bushy area.
6. And Intl groups will attack Israel for this action
William ,   Israel   (07.27.12)
and demand the Jewish State allow the flood of thousands of hostile Arabs through its a humanitarian gesture, of course. But will remain silent when (not if) terrorists cynically use humanitarian gestures to carry out war crimes against Israeli civilians. Will they send aid to help Israel? NO. Will they work with Intl Govts to work against these terror orgs and ensure they are labeled as terrorists and hosts are heavily sanctioned? Again - no.
7. #2
Those are not bags fool, those are the IDF version of a kippa at war....
8. #2 because it looks cool
9. syrian border
spookey ,   birmingham uk   (07.27.12)
just keep them out dont let your heart rule your head you could be letting in terrorist sleepers
10. Be careful Israel re.....
Elizabeth   (07.27.12)
the Syrians fleeing their ravaged country. It is sad, yes, and I do feel sorry for them, but Israel, at this point in time,specifically this point in time must think of their own security. These Syrians are muslims and the Westerners know very well what that means.
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