Haredim: 'No one will drag us into IDF'
Itamar Fleishman
Published: 26.07.12, 22:32
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1. If we do not move from ...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.26.12)
confrontation to negociation,it will end up in a wild goose chase.
2. torah predicts shnei
alexi   (07.26.12)
ask the 6 million how torah predicts the so called haredi. Don't give me this crap. You will go into idf or martial services or you will be sanctionned one way or another. 67 years after the holocaust and this dumb putz spouts olmert rubbish. all of the haredi who are fit have to go in.
3. We need to rid Israel of these aliens.
jason white ,   afula,israel   (07.26.12)
Either they all go to the I.D.F. or we imprison the lot of them. Ten years hard labor for each draft dodger,male or female, Jew or non Jew, religious or non religious. Cut off all funds to them both public and private. Tax each member of the family and make a two child maximum law for them.
4. Debate has anti-Semitic feel to it?
Steve   (07.26.12)
I have heard the term "Jewish anti-Semites" but it is usually applied to Jews who either do not recognize the state of Israel or Israel's right to exist or those Jews who actively support enemies dedicated to Israel's destruction.
5. ".... not concerned".
Ehai ,   Kfar Saba, Israel.   (07.26.12)
There you have it ladies and gentlemen. The learned Torah scholar says "I'm not concerned" if the State of Israel has to foot the bill either for his army recruitment, or legal battle to encourage him to serve in the IDF, or........... to fund his Torah study. A sickening comment from someone who aspires to converse with the universal sovereign of all the people of Israel. If the man wants to be conscientious objector......... let him plead his argument in a court of law. If he fears that he might end up serving in the army under a government he dislikes or which practices a strategy he disagrees with let him do some non military national service. But somebody please show this selfish dunderhead what the Arabs are studying under HAMAS, HEZBOLLAH, ISLAMIC JIHAD etc, etc. The Torah can not defend you against them. It can only be presented as part of a conscientious objector's argument against doing military service. Scrap the Tal Law. Set a definite date in the future for the abolition of all state funding to Yeshivas. This will give them enough time to reorganize the yeshivas according to a financial plan independent of state funding. If you want to protect the Torah through study outside of the synagogue route go to university and study it. Go to a private school and study it. But stop holding the people of Israel to moral ransom over what you call your divine right to knowing all that it holds in authority or power. The archaeology departments of Israel's universities have done more to illuminate the Torah than these........ "I'm not concerned" ........ so called experts. Amen.
6. Why is it that YNet always casts the opinions of a few
Henry from New York ,   Currently in Israel   (07.26.12)
people in one group as the opinions of everyone in that group? They do that or they just say that everyone in a certain town, area, ethnic group, etc. all think and act as if they are one organism.
7. No Room!
TZ ,   RBS Israel   (07.26.12)
The anti-religious are deathly afraid of a majority ideologically Jewish army. There are waiting lists now for the haredi units. If the IDF would work to make suitable accommodations, thousands of young Haredim will sign up! Thank G-d, Boogie Yalon is working to create a "Haredi Hesder" - this is a fantastic idea - I would encourage my sons to join up!
8. Haredim joining IDF is DOUBLY DANGEROUS as for secular
Haredim are G-d fearing religious Jews. It has been proven that in Israel's G-dless anti-Torah army almost 25% percent religious youth come out of there irreligious.
9. Their beliefs of superiority are destructive
Avi   (07.26.12)
Their beliefs of superiority and that god protects them and their unacceptable, maintainable way of life is destructive to the state, the Israeli people, and the economy. Their numbers only increase greatly, nearly entirely due to the situation which we created over 60 years ago. This situation not only takes responsibilities from them and finances them, but also keeps them ignorant and poor. All this creates what is known as the highest birth rate in the world of above 4% per year. It is not sustainable, but you cannot reason with these people. Show them the numbers, show them reality, and they'll just retreat back and claim that somehow those that do study that book are protecting the universe through mystic magic. A force must be applied to break, shatter and obliterate the status Que. To turn all Haredim into secular hard working men that contribute to the economy and serve in the army, that respect women and increase Israel's exports.
10. Go to where you are accepted!
Keren ,   IL-BR   (07.26.12)
"This has been revered throughout the generations; only in the State of Israel it is not appreciated." So,go to where you are appreciated! These people DO NOT DESERVE RESPECT! Any government of respect would cut ALL benefits of these people who by mistake have representatives who act as bandits on their behalf inside the Knesset.These representatives do not represent the Jewish religion,faith,history and culture.They represent economical interests of a selfish and nasty parcel of the population who refuse to share with others. Israel can not have inside its parliament representatives who divide Israel in sectors and who dry Israel in resources to maintain such sectors who have applied for VERY INJUST things. They,haredim,and Arabs must get the heck out of Israel if they don´t respect this land. This people are not representatives of Jewish people and their " prayers" are a CURSE to Israel! They can´t be Jews!They must be something else but not Jews!
11. #6
Keren ,   IL-BR   (07.27.12)
These people act as an ILL organism and they refuse to cure themselves! They (with few exceptions)are obsessed with the WRONG idea that their prayers save Israel and that they must be payed for that! That´s wrong and hypocrital because what they say IS NOT JUDAISM in any form ,colour or taste. Judaism is about prayer,study and PRACTICE!
12. @8
Avi   (07.27.12)
They take sample opinions from the groups in question. Do you expect them to take opinions from tens of thousands? You can be sure his opinion is shared by the majority of Haredim. This is not just Ynet, this is done by every media agency.
13. The person quoted misunderstands ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.26.12)
.... He's not going to be dragged into the IDF. He IS going to be dragged off to prison. Bye-bye stipend, bye-bye non-existent Torah classes (although I suspect he can do some actual Torah study in prison). Indeterminate sentence -- he stays in prison until the first to occur of his agreement to serve, his performance of some form of national service or his death. Don't the charedim understand that no one is buying their "persecution" argument? If anything, they are benefiting from the hard-earned funds of the Israeli taxpayer (whose children do serve) while managing to avoid military service or national service. Disgusting, really.
14. Don't draft them - just cut the benefits.
Ariel ,   Europe   (07.26.12)
15. "our studies also have value"
Carl ,   USA   (07.27.12)
I would think that those studying medicine, science, engineering, agriculture, and all sorts of other professions or trades have much value to the Israeli nation also. Endless study for its own sake less so.
16. why cant you pray and serve
Ilana   (07.26.12)
Haredim who dont serve use studying in a yeshiva as their excuse. As if 3 years in a whole lifetime is impossible to give to the country that protects you! WHy shouldothers die for them to study?
17. God's holy army
moshe ,   stamford hill, londo   (07.27.12)
Let me say, the Haredim protects and defends eretz yisroeal, with their love of torah and their hearts. We must encourage the haredim to continue in this holy tasks and have more children for this holy army.
18. #3 - How can a citizen of Israel be an alien?
Henry from New York ,   Currently in Israel   (07.27.12)
That goes against the whole idea of what an alien is. Also, wouldn't mass-imprisonment be a huge drain of State resources? I mean you'd have to build new facilities, hire personnel to run those facilities, provide food and other necessities to the inmates, etc. Seems like even more money would be spent don't you think?
19. They Don't Have To Join
Dan ,   USA   (07.27.12)
If Israel is overrun they will be the first to be killed, that is, if they don't cut their hair and change their garb first.
20. Mission Impossible
AbY ,   Canada   (07.26.12)
The biggest enemy facing the Jewish state is the split in its own society. It weakens all values of the social fabric, plunders the treasury, and turns brother against brothers. The Arabs don't need the bomb, just good seats and more patience as they watch you self-destruct. What a vexatious people you are.
21. God will not help those who don't help themselves.
Avi   (07.27.12)
Haredim are kofrim.
22. What do they contribute?
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (07.27.12)
I'm very sorry but I just don't see what their studies contribute. How does it help the Jewish people in any way? What the Haredim have taught is disrespect of women, and disrespect of the state. What new religious insights have they developed? So far there has been nothing brought to the Jewish people from this group except negativity. Serving in the IDF or National Service will at least keep them from being total schnors on society.
23. Complement to #10
Keren ,   IL-BR   (07.27.12)
Prayers should unite people in love to one another and what they do make desunion of people. How can that be called prayer?
24. Draft for Haredim
Jonathan Ottenstein ,   Brooklyn, NY   (07.27.12)
I think that there should be a volunatry serice in the Israeli Motivated soldiers who want to be in the army are the best Someone who doesnt want to be in the army will not make a good soldier
25. has it come to this?
postroad ,   USA   (07.27.12)
Refusing to serve one's nation,to defend it so you can carry on with your beliefs, and if your nation says you must serve, they are then anti-semitic? Want to see antisemitism? Let your Israel fall into Arab hands.
26. Just what has all this "study" produced?
Sidney ,   USA   (07.27.12)
In every other area study produces new understanding? Just what do we know now from all this study that we did not know 1000 years ago?
27. Cowardly Fools!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (07.27.12)
An embarrassment to God and the Jewish Nation!
28. Study
Secular from WI ,   Kenosha, usa   (07.27.12)
They say that their studies have value. Other than to themselves, who? Not me. If you studied in your free time before or after work, it would be okay, but it is not a profession. It is welfare.
29. May they protect us whit the shtraimel as a shield again...
NATAN ,   ISRAEL   (07.27.12)
Bombs and terrorism because at this time there prayers only give them parnasa and to the state of Israel troubles, and economic disaster.
30. Religious freaks rule the Israeli theocracy
Marcus   (07.27.12)
The Haredi do what they want, when they want, and get paid to do it. But that doesn't include serving in the IDF, and the government won't legislate to enforce anything if it means losing votes and power. Somewhat of a dilemma for a state that declares itself to be the only democracy in the Middle East.
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