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US Air Force: Bunker buster ready for use
Published: 27.07.12, 00:08
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1. There is no bunker busting explosive force
Tim ,   Brighton   (07.27.12)
That matches the anger and frustration of the Iranian people
2. Has israel ever paid for GBU-28's?
US Taxpayer   (07.27.12)
3. Okay...good, and now USE them !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (07.27.12)
4. you idiots ever heard of opsec
*shaking head*   (07.27.12)
its hard to have the element of surprise if everything you have and plan runs in the media
5. to #2
jackjew ,   brooklyn   (07.27.12)
US govt give Israel money with the demand that they use that money to purchase US military hardware thereby promoting and improving the US economy, particularly one of its largest sectors: the military-industrial complex!
6. to 2: who cares ?
cb   (07.27.12)
Another US taxpayer who paid more tax than you.
7. when?
marcelo tuchman ,   RIO,BRAZIL   (07.27.12)
Now, it is not a question if its going to happen but when. After Olympics,but before US elections?
8. Thunderstruck
Kevin ,   Las Vegas, USA   (07.27.12)
I wonder if Thunderstruck will be playing as the real Thunder strikes soon
9. #2 US Funding of arms
Genesis ,   RSA   (07.27.12)
Israel has been the greatest "testing ground" for US armaments since 1967. Because of the fact that we have been at war since the day the state was proclaimed has mention that the need to survive has been the overriding factor of the Jewish state. The USA also gives military aid to Saudi, Egypt and many others but it had only been Israel and the ingenuity of the Jews that has given immense and valuable military information back to the USA regarding their equipment. Most have been modified and improved through their usage in battle. The USA therefore got it's money worth in return not to mention it's most steadfast friend and partner who also does a proxy job for them in the region saving over the years a fortune in US tax dollars. I would say it was a bargain!!
10. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.27.12)
Yes, Israel has. Probably as part of the three-pronged foreign aid structure in place with respect to U.S. foreign aid to Israel (military credits which must be spent in the United States). But you know what? I'm a United States taxpayer, too. I wouldn't mind the GBU-28s being gifted to Israel. I mean, if the United States can pour $3 billion CASH, plus military equipment, into Pakistan -- a country which shielded Osama bin Laden for a decade -- then what's a few GBU-28s to a genuine ally?
11. Maybe He Would Prefer 1 Megaton Bombs
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (07.27.12)
A poster asks if Israel ever paid for the busters? My queston is, how much worth to the USA having Israel as an ally and not a foe...( Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan). which is using OUR troops to rid the countries of it's Muslim fascists. 1m Israeli troops are ready to fight for US..aided by US funding, which creates jobs for (our) weakened economy, not to forget all the intelligence supplied by Israel, of Muslkm and Russian weapons. Yes, the US credits Israel with 3b year, (mostly Jewish taxpayer money), 20% of our pop. pays 60% of the budget. But like the Christians fighting the lions..perhaps he would prefer Israel use its supplies of weapons..on 6 platforms...2-4 1megaton bombs and its all over but the 72 virgins..lots of them.
12. #2
DavidR ,   USA   (07.27.12)
There are some things in the world bigger than your tax nickel. Please keep it. Stupidity. Don't you know that you are fighting against an ally?
13. Reply to us tax payer on bunker busters
Real US Tax payer ,   Washington, DC   (07.27.12)
Alleged US tax payer: Show us that you have paid your full tax liability before you malign the alias you use. Israel has delivered more value for the US over the last fifty years than you ever will provide or more than you could ever conceive, Sir.
14. Rightly, the terror regimes should be made to pay for this.
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (07.27.12)
15. Common sense says Iran position is
lydia ,   Brisbane   (07.27.12)
We attack Iran with bunker busters and unleash the ''Mother of all Wars' . One flank of the invaders is a flash if 3 IRGC marksmen target each and every warship/aircraft carrier,in the Persian Gulf.. Drones/Robots will offer no deterrent .since Iran has already hacked into the electronic control.
16. 2
of course they did. israel gets nothing for free except loans that they must pay back into the usa after delivery. all the military equipment israel gets from the usa and pentagon is completely paid for by the israeli government and not by YOU! unlike other countries that are enemies of the usa such as egypt, jordan, saudi arabia, lebanon, etc... tjhat get all military hardware for FREE. so much so that israel was instructed by the usa war machine and pentagon and department of defense as of 1973 (when the usa first started to sell weapons to israel for the first time) that they are not allowed to build, manufacture and sell israeli military hardware and munitions. they have to buy it only from the usa. this is how the usa makesmoney off of israel military needs. you think it is free? you must be so dumb and clueless. read books and facts to know what is going on before you blabber what you really really do not know. hameed aboughaze, iranian
17. obumma won't use them but Israel.........
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (07.27.12)
18. Persia
Reza D.   (07.27.12)
Persia declined into a third world country after Islam took over the great empire. May all Persians shake off the shackles of Islam and regain its greatness, somehow.
19. Yea Baby Can You Say SHOCK AND AW
So next we will here from either the little bearded monkey coming up with more persian arab Fantasy? Or their supremeless lead no where aka ayatollah Cockamamie? Either way Hopefully Soon The Malignant Tumor in tehran Will Be Excised From The Planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It Couldn't happen To A More Peaceful, Accepting, Loving group of people?
20. #1 little timmy I Think You Mean The
Frustration Of The ISRAELI People and The Israeli Government!!!!!!!!!!! If this happens soon the pathetic 5+1 would save Their tax Payer's Oodles of money wasted on jet fuel for faux negotiating with Complete Liers!!!!!!!
21. GBU 28. Israel has no aircraft that is
DT ,   TA Israel   (07.27.12)
capable of operationally delivering a bomb of that size so I assume Israel is a "staging post" ?
22. #2 Why do you ask? We usually get not free gifts from USA
Israeli Taxpayer   (07.27.12)
23. # 1
Exiled Iranian   (07.27.12)
What exactly should the Iranian people be angry about if not the fact that the Shah of Iran was toppled by the Islamist nutcases in 1979 and reversed the modernization process of the Shah and lead straight to hell? Iran was about to become an advanced country under the Shah. Former US President Carter screwed my country and my people and made no resistance to the rise of Khomeini and the ayatollahs. Look at Iran today. Miserable economy, medieval society, many ordinary Iranians need 2 jobs just to survive, no democracy whatsoever, people publically hanged or beaten up. Iran doesn't need nukes. Iran needs freedom and democratic rights. Many Iranians want to live in a Western society. Millions of the brightest and most educated Iranians left the country in 1979. What a terrible waste of people and talents. I am an angry and frustrated Iranian because the West is DOING NOTHING to dismantle the Islamic regime, the West ignores that Iranians are butchered and killed by their government. And the West "has forgotten" that Ahmadinejad was never voted for office - he was guilty of election fraud. I hope Israel and USA attack Iran because then just maybe can I get my country back.
24. more American lip service
Amos J   (07.27.12)
They wont be used. America never came to help during WWII despite knowing millions of Jews were being exterminated., they only entered the war when Japan attacked them. America talked peace when Saddam was building Osirak reactor, but after Israel did the hard work, was able to invade & take over Iraq easily. America is 10,000 miles from Iran, Israel is next door. America is more worried about their economy, Israel their survival. Israel - do what has to be done....before its too late.....Attack NOW !
25. P5.1 & Ashton are fooling Israel.
Dan Goldman   (07.27.12)
P5.1 & Ashton are fooling Israel. Moscow was supposed to be the final talks, but now it seems to be getting extended indefinitely. By the time these P5.1 scoundrels finish their "meetings, consultations, expert-level, deputy-level, confidence building measures, yada yada" and other such time-wasting tactics, mushrooms clouds will be rising over Tel Aviv and Israel. The Iranian centrifuges are spinning non-stop and nuke work is going on at breakneck speed. The Zone of Immunity has almost been reached. Its time for Israel to act, before its too late. Obama, the Europeans and Ashton can jump into the nearest sewer.
26. Bomb Iran now or be nuked
Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad boasted publicly on Thursday over the deaths of Israelis in a terror bombing in Bulgaria, and hinted that Iran was responsible for the attack. “They have indeed succeeded in inflicting blows upon us more than once, but have been rewarded with a far stronger response.” So what is Israel waiting for anymore ? What further evidence is needed ??? Tell Obama, Ashton & P5.1 to jump in the nearest sewer. Bomb Iran now or be nuked.
27. Can Anyone Smell That?
That's FEAR, Straight From the ILLEGAL regime in tehran.
28. Our call, #3
Cameron ,   USA   (07.27.12)
29. Stupidity
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (07.27.12)
If the US really want to act in the Iran issue first they must recognize and support the kurds, arabs, beludsis, azeris right for independence. It is much easier, the Dolly Baby will enjoy it. And not so dangerous and expensive as the bombings.
30. To #10
AlbertoGA ,   St.George, USA   (07.27.12)
I love your is a very good analysis of the situation... BUT . . . With " dear OBAMA election " a MEGA question mark ? WELL ! we will see soon. I HOPE
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